Census Bureauthey are have crossed the line into harassment

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We have been receiving phone calls from the United States Census Bureau of up to three times day for several weeks. They are calling at multiple times, day and night to include Sunday. Sometimes they leave a message and other times they do not. We completed the original paperwork and want an end to the nonsense. Over the phone I have told them to quit calling but they continue. They are have crossed the line into harassment.

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  • Lo
      Sep 19, 2019

    I am not going to name the name of the representative who came unceasingly calling at our door. the survey he wanted us to complete was totally voluntary and yet he made NO mention of that fact - I looked it up on your website and found the answer. He kept calling and leaving notes for first me then my partner. His ongoing line was that he was mandated by congress to do this - when I found out it was voluntary I shut him down by telling him I would offer a formal complaint against him if he continued his harassment. we don't mind doing what is necessary for the census and when one of your representatives tries to pass this particular survey off as mandatory...I leave you to fill in the blanks...his implications of us not being patriotic were thinly veiled and reprehensible. If he is trained NOT to say this was voluntary then the fault lies with the Census bureau. If he does anything or any other representative of yours calls after this I will then make a formal complaint complete with names - he did say he would pas this on to other representatives and they would call on us...

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