Cenlar / mortgage/damage claim

Florence, SC, United States
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One of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had to deal with. Started in March 2017. I had a roof damage hail claim and had to submit the check from State Farm so they could co-endorse the check. First payment of approximately $13, 000, no problem. Once the value of the claim exceeded $40, 000 (by only $7) every thing deteriorated. Cenlar changed the process in the middle, which now required me to have them send back the second payment from Statement so my wife and I could endorse it, they deposit and then issue me a new check. Seems simple? Not. Cenlar lost my check from the insurance company, refused to overnight the check so it was either not mailed or lost in US Mail. Now State Farm to re-issue a check. Cenlar refused to pay to overnight the check from State Famr, suprising in light of their errors. There is no way to write therm, can't get through to a customer service manager/supervisor. I have a very upset contractor who wants payment, but has to wait on all the Cenlar errors and lack of customer service to get paid.

May 10, 2017

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