Cen Signal Columbus GA / Wholesale alarm system monitoring

As a whole this company does provide a reasonable ok service with the exception that is done on purpose in order to nickle and dime you to death.. As a wholesale alarm monitoring provider, this company is a total rip-off! What starts out as a whole sale alarm monitoring price, ends up 2- 4 times that! What they do is throw in a lot of hidden fess by using secret codes that are deliberately created for you not to understand, alarm monitoring operators are trained to continuously call on the same exact false alarm over and over and over again just so that can add more and more fee's to your invoice. Noticeable agitated pissed off employees (Central station operators) whom are very short tempered and some what rude on the phone from a tell tale sign that there piss head female manager treats them with no respect for her self seems like she truly was raised by a pack of wolves! Need i say more?

Apr 01, 2017

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