CEFCO Convenience Stores / leadership

Collinsville ms, United States

I have been a loyal customer of cefco. I go to 508 in collinsville, ms its a young lady in there working by the name of lashana horton hard worker everytime I go into the store she greets she keeps it clean she is friendly. She has 4 kids no help. Well on friday october 13 I went in to see her cause they always having her there not today I asked the employee on duty she said she got suspended on 2 fraction that where neither her fault. Its just if a head person is friendly buddy buddy with a certain manager that anything goes her way. She has been with cefco for 1 year n 6 months hard hard friendly worker. I seen her saturday she is like its unfair im innocent for this suspended. You need her back at 508 customers missing her

Oct 16, 2017

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