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I really regret going to CDI College, but as a confused teen I really didn't know what to do with my life after highschool. So, I heard CDI College offered great programs, and that they helped you find a placement all in less than 1 year. "Great" I thought...boy was I wrong.
Here we are 4 years later and I still don't have a job in what I studied. I took the 8 month acc&payroll admin course, cost $11, 000 and let me tell you, I took accounting in highschool (up to grade 11) and I didn't learn anything new at CDI (except for payroll, but I'm sure that's covered in grade 12). This school gave me absolutely NO confidence for entering the field, it was like joke, everyone left early, sometimes even the teacher didn't know what she was talking about, we ended later than scheduled because of CONSTRUCTION going on in the college so we were cancelled for 2 weeks because of dangerous fumes from the construction!
I now really wished I had gone to a REAL community college, it would had been cheaper and I would have gotten a real education. A correspondence course would have been better since 80% of the time I spent at CDI was with a textbook and a computer in frot...I hardly got any teacher student time like they promised.
I'm writing this so no one makes the same mistake I did by going to this joke of a college. I wish I had read some reviews before applying, but it's too late for me, please save yourself from CDI aka Everest!

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  • Ci
      Jul 08, 2010

    I had the same experience with the "business administration" program. The course material was GENERAL LEVEL high school material at best and all of the modules only covered the basics of each topic. I too have no job in my field and it is not for lack of trying either. It was basically a wham-bam-thank you mam course. was also confused, down on my luck and was suckered in by their false promises and glossy ads. When I went to the school initially it was called Toronto school of business...then CDI and now Everest. All basically the same package. Fast food education that doesnt deliever the goods.

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  • Ra
      Nov 01, 2010

    They told me I qualify for the Addiction Worker course, even with a criminal record. When my funder wanted that in writing, they changed their story. Now they are refusing to return my registration fee. Going for an interview at CDI college is much like walking on a used car lot full of lemons, riddled with desperate sales people with low morals.

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  • Je
      Feb 13, 2012

    I am currently attending the APA program at CDI Calgary North Campus. Everything was fine until we got to the accounting part. I was put with a teacher who cannot spell, does not read from any book and has such a strong accent myself and other students cannot make out what she says. I approached the person in charge and have been forced to change my program to BAT, I am going to have to pay back all the grant money and I got told by the school that I am racist and have caused physical and verbal altercations. When all I did was report a teacher. I have been told if I talk to any student or teacher except the ones I am supposed to that I will be kicked out of school. So if you do choose to attend CDI do not complain while you are there. There is barely any teacher instructing, it is mostly all self taught by reading books and using their computers. They payroll section of my course, I am being charged 5000$ and you can do it yourself online through CPA for under 2000. I am so disappointed with CDI. I will make sure to tell everyone my experience and that I would recommend any other REAL institution not this make shift pretend college!!!

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  • Xc
      Mar 22, 2012

    I too had issues with CDI College the teachers are past CDI students that couldn't get jobs.So I had an English teacher who took Oil and Gas didn't get a job read out of the book chapter by chapter . I thought we were in college not preschool. I'm supposed to be on a practicum right now as they had promised but no help and no results. I had to fight to get them to call one of the practicums and even then there was no follow up on their end. I took the BAM program at he Calgary North Campus. I also had a teacher who was fasting for her faith. She stated that she was so hunger that she couldn't concentrate SHE IS OUR TEACHER we pay big bucks for our schooling.. This is what we pay for uneducated teachers.

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  • Mi
      Apr 05, 2012

    After hearing my daughter's story about attending CDI for only 2 months and the money she has to put out for loans to pay for this bs of a school with un-certified teachers and feels she has learned nothing from this. She has learned more from legal studies in high school! I am appalled that the government of Canada has NOT stepped in and investigated this "school". They are scamming poor, individuals as trying to make their life better with an education. THIS NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT. It HAS to be STOPPED!

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  • Sc
      May 19, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    CDI College is a fraud, a scam, and a joke. Do not waste your time or money on any of their worthless "certificates."

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  • Ad
      Jun 12, 2012

    well i am attending cdi and they told me its all hands on and easy to do next thing you no i get surprised with certificate exams. i attended this skool because i thought it was good i dont even have a computer im on disibility they wont pay for a computer and osap asked me to get quotas for computers and 3 different stores i did and they would send me a check to pay for a computer then 3 months later they say they need proof of my disibilitys what more do they want now im in a class were you need a computer theres to text books. i feel like ive been lied to and manipulated what else can i do any suggestions email me at [protected] any hints or ideas let me no any way to get my money back

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  • Ad
      Jun 12, 2012

    ive been dicked around here and its not fair. and to top it off in my first class attending this course 5 weeks later the teacher say heres your pass for labsim and voucher to do certificate i was told hands on all abunch of crap. and if you fail your certificate exams you need to pay 175 that shocked me alot i was so surprised any one help me

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  • Mr
      Aug 09, 2012

    CDI College SCAM -

    I will be creating a website called - stay tuned, once its up, i will let you all know. here is what happened to us.

    My wife got admission in CDI college a month ago, she is immigrant and was excited to get admission in CDI College, after getting rejected to get admission from university for not having pre requisite, , She found CDI college and went to get information, after that they called her and persue her to get admission, they did all the paperwork and got her loan approved for $18000 for 1 year course, same course in university cost only $8000.

    There was entry exam that 5 year old can passs, and they gave her admission in Pharmacy Technician.

    Anyway, they made her sign alot of documents which she signed without reading, becuase 1. English isnt her first language, 2. If student is going to College, they gonna trust college and not worry about reading details, in which one page say, if she withdrawn or terminated, while 1 to 10% of course, she pay 25 % of fee which is $6000, if she complete 10% to 50% of course, she pay 60% which is about $12000, and over 50% completion u pay full $18000.

    So after a month she came home and told me that CDI ask her to leave because she failed exam twice and there was a claw that if you fail twice, you cannot continue the program, she is 2 day more than 10% so she is at 10.2 % so she comes in 60% category and have to pay $12000 to the govt as govt student loan already paid the CDI. I MEAN WOW>.

    sooooo now we are in debt of $12000 of govt student for going to CDI for 30 days, , and not getting any certification or any good education. oh and yeah, IT WASNT EVEN A DIPLOMA, it was certification course.

    1 teacher was teching all the courses.. BAsically my wife's education career is gone, becuase now she would have to pay the $12000 student loan and dont even get any education and have nothing to show for it.

    She had 5 exams and 15 quizzes in a month in which she failed 2, and they kicked her out and kept all the money and now we have to pay $12000 to govt student loan.

    I know a guy who came from Pakistan, he was looking for job in IT and came to me for help to find him job in IT as i work in IT, 2 weeks later he told me he was hired by CDI college as teacher, he had no teaching experience, and no teaching degree... This is what their teacher standard are. but if you are in a class FOR A DAY and you quit, well u pay 25% feee, and i have that in record voice from the Director of CDI College which i will be sending to media soon.

    I will be protesting outside the CDI college Edmonton downtown with a board sign, will distribute flyer mentionning their policies, and how they destroying student lifes, I will have 2 IPADS, showing videos from Global Trouble Shooter on Youtube - IF I CAN SAVE FEW STUDENT GETTING TRAPPED IN THEIR SCAM, I THINK THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

    I f anyone want to join me, please contact me, @ [protected] and i will give you my phone number. Thanks

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  • Un
      Oct 01, 2012

    I have to agree in regards to CDI, I was in the addictions program this year for 5 months before I was dropped out of the program due to my low marks on the last 2-3 exams. There modules were a complete waste of my time & money. Now I'm stuck with a 15k loan that I must start paying back. I feel as though I was in a place full of empty promises, false information & claims. I wish I'd done my research about this "college" before getting sucked in.

    Luckily, now I understand that when something's too good to be true, it usually is. I do plan on going back to school in the near future, but a public and more respectable school, so I can graduate with a job. I found it interesting that CDI is aka Everest & there credits can't be transferred to other schools either. Anyways I hope no one else falls into their trap and sees that based on all the information found here will show future students to stop before it's too late.

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  • Ta
      Nov 20, 2012

    I currently am supposed to be attending CDI South Campus in Calgary, AB but I have complained to the instructor director and student relations with no results but being told just pay the $900.00 so you can transfer to the North East Campus. Well I asked for a break down of why they needed the money well I wasn't given one. I went to the director well the director just basically told me that i had the options of dropping out staying at the campus or transfering well i chose to transfer. I am wanting to get with a few people on this and file a lawsuit to get the justice we deserve from these scammers.

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  • Ta
      Nov 20, 2012

    We need to band together and fight this education injustice against us as students and as human beings...I am planning on starting an investigation into the South Calgary Campus because I was lied to numerous times not only by representatives but also by the school themselves...

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  • Pi
      May 15, 2013

    I TOTALLY AGREE!! I go to CDI Edmonton South and i take "Oil and Gas Administration" My campus has been on the news 3 times this year because of falsely giving out diplomas for Nursing! AND how were promised hands on training and all this ###. I Paid 16000 for nothing. I sit in front of a computer. no training, no real teachers.. Im supposed to be on my practicum AS WE SPEAK! but yet i sit here playing on Facebook and typing complaints about this place because i have nothing else to do.. A dozen teachers have quit as well as many students have dropped out.. if it wasnt for the crazy amount of money i paid to come here maybe i would have dropped out a long time ago too. CDI COLLEGE IS A SCAM save your money and spread the word about how much of a waste of time it really is!!!

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  • Yi
      May 15, 2013

    To the person above. How ignorant are you to call down the place you will have a diploma from the rest of your life? It's really sad how many of you feel. I guess our society needs it's fair share of losers and jerks, not everyone can be a positive contributing and successful person!

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  • Ch
      Jun 13, 2018

    @yikes23 piss off you [censored]

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  • Am
      Jul 16, 2013

    I attended CDI college as well . I'm not sure how much I am aloud to say but my opinion is its a horrible school and a major rip off. I have called my loans investigation department didn't receive much help I got a hold of the investigation department at the school also no help. I am paying off a loan that should have been refunded because of the situations that occurred at the school and why I quiet. Really the best advice I could give is avoid CDI

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  • Fo
      Aug 02, 2013

    I have been a CDI employee (instructor) for almost 10 years now, and will soon be happily unemployed. Why? Because I cannot stand to work for such an unethical company, president, regional VPs, and campus directors... to say nothing of all the lies told to students by the admission reps.
    When I was first hired - it was with the old CDI (Canadian owned and grown), before they were bought out by Corrintian College Inc of the US. It was then micromanaged into the ground only to be sold to the Eminata group whose owner has a fake (honorary) degree - and just uses the local companies as a front to rip-off the Canadian government (via student loans that will most likely never be paid back) and to send the money to Korea to show what a wonderful "Christian" he is.
    The old motto used to be: "When student's succeed - We succeed." Which meant the business success was built on helping students do well and then refer their friends and acquaintances.
    The new motto of: "We change lives through education." Basically means for a lot of students that they get a second rate education (at best) and end up with a huge student loan to pay back. Yes, a big lesson learned.
    If the students are fortunate to get a great instructor (and there are lots) their instructor will probably get minimal support from the college hierarchy, and will probably not last long. When I was first hired, the person who had been there the shortest amount of time had seven years seniority. Now, the students are lucky if their instructors actually stay to teach the whole program and most instructors only teach a few courses or only last for a few months until they can find a better job.
    I could say a whole lot more, but will be saving my ten years worth of dirt for possibly a wrongful dismissal law suite.
    How did such a great company go so wrong? I think when the focus changed from quality to greed - with the new owners - everything was doomed from that point on.
    Do some students succeed? Yes, absolutely based on their own efforts. Any degree or diploma is just a foot in the door to a job. From that point on, it is always up to the student to prove them self and their learning. I just wish the college would become more student focused again, and actually help the students succeed, rather than the graduates not even being able to get practicums as "CDI is not or (no longer) recognized." (A very common experience for students to hear from prospective employers.)

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  • Ps
      Aug 12, 2013

    I attended CDIs addictions course a few years ago at a lower mainland bc location. While attending I became pregnant and could not finish my course. I found the instructors I had were both fabulous but the school it's self was crap. I had to pay 14000 for my course but was apparently only approved by student loans for 12000 of it. (I will obviously be looking into that a bit more as the tuition never touched my hands but every penny went right to CDI) For withdrawing I never received any sort if refund even though I didn't even receive all of my text books etc. I actually in their eyes still owed over 2000 (the difference between my tuition and what student loans approved) which was sent to collections. I hope someone takes these ### Down.

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  • El
      Sep 11, 2013

    CDI treats it's instructors like peons...they are totally unprofessional in every way. It should be names: Mickey Mouse U...don't waste your time and money go to a real government college in the province of your choice. A real goverment college or university will be able to provide you with transferal credits that can be used to turn your college diploma into a college or university degree. I don't think that is possible with CDI.

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  • Da
      Sep 30, 2013


    They are telling you to work has a team, so you do ... here is how they grade us(in each [censored] module) first you will have to do a first test thats counts for 30% then you will have to do a final test that counts for 40%... ure team work will count for 25% and ure participation for 5% ... OH and u have to pass a least ure last test with 50% ... but let see ... if i get 15/30 in my first test 20/40 in my last test i have cummulated 35/70 ... now even if do [censored] all in my team work the teacher will give me 20/25 ( trust me me and my boddies did it on purpose) and then thewy will give u 5/5 in participation even if i did [censored] all in the course and even if i didnt show up ... guess what 15+20+20+5= 60 !!! so i pass !!! oh yeah !!!

    they want u too pass so they have good statistical number ... basicly this school [censored] garbage

    + in qc city campus they never clean the classes i have trow chips crumbs on the ground last month and they are still there !!! this summer our class temp was 30 degree and up always the a/c was never working ... ( i'm paying 11800$ )


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  • Du
      Oct 23, 2013

    CDI sucks

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  • Da
      Oct 26, 2013

    I hate cdi it is a joke not a college!

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  • Ne
      Nov 12, 2013

    I'm currently attending CDI college Edmonton downtown Location for their Network Systems Administration program. I've been in the course just over 3 months now. At first it was pretty good got the hang of everything because I went into the course already knowing lots but now I'm doing my core oWindows server 2008 and I am LOST. I feel helpless and stressed out because I can't grasp anything.. I ask my teacher for help and he snaps at me and makes me feel like an idiot because I don't understand. He will humiliate you in class when you ask a question, he humiliated this one poor guy in my class constantly which made him eventually drop out and never come back. 4 people have dropped from my class already and many students are talking about doin the same. I feel like my teacher has no teaching skills he however knows his content but doesn't know how to apply to so we can understand it better. We just got a 14 chapter mid term!!! Which I failed as did many other people. My teacher gives us absolutely no guidelines of what's on the test. He literally reads out of the book and expects us to grasp what's important from it . How should we know?? We're the ones that are learning . I took out a 20.000 dollar loan and my corse was 17.000. I got 1, 000 to live off of for five months and then get another 1, 000 in January. Are you kidding me!!!?? The school doesn't even have a proper place to eat, for lunch. I'm to the point of where I don't know what to do, I'm so far into the course I could never drop out, I don't want to let my family down because they are so proud of me this school seriously needs to start focusing on their students more and less about their pockets before they get shut down.

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  • Ca
      Dec 27, 2013

    I hated CDI I found CDI to be dry and lifeless, the vain and vapid ladies who run the place are more worried about their pockets than anything else. Ask them for help and it's never received. I ended up with a HUGE debt I didn't have 2 months before. I am fearful of my educational future!!!

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  • Ro
      Feb 17, 2014

    CDI College was the most unpleasant experience I could have ever had!

    It was the same things, walking through the doors of CDI west, faces full of temporary smiles and friendship. Once I got into my studies, it wasn't so bad. But half way through, if you miss a day or have some what of a dysfunctional life and have to perhaps take time off, you then start feeling the negative vibes, and the no desire to help any longer. And I suppose that some people don't care for those who choose to waste their time, but I had legit reasoning for missing a day, I always called in and let them know what was going on.

    Then It came to my work practicum. That was a mess, and it was that I those who do not know how to explain to one and do there job that they applied for and took an oath on helping those achieve great things within their time at CDI college.

    I became pregnant, and very sick while on my work practicum. I planned on keeping this baby, but I got so sick, CDI got annoyed with that and gave me an ultimatum. Which was I either had an abortion, or I get kicked out of school? They wanted their all from me, so me being stressed and with all that was going on knowing I could be kicked out and have to pay money back for years, I chose to abort my child! Sad I know! They wanted their hundred percent out of me, and didn't want their student giving CDI College a bad name. Well you have one and have had one. I am short 40 hours on my work practicum and they won't even try to help one bit.

    But it's funny, they have this I like you but not you idea with student and have helped out girls by allowing them to do administration within their facility to make up for when it does not work out at the clinics they have been chosen to practicum at, but they won't help me?

    CDI your a bunch of dumb ###, and it watched you help out crack heads, knowing they are and they have missed months of school. So if I had a dope problem you'd help me, feel for me, take me under your ###ing wing?? Pretty sad. Your a bunch of flaky, sick, demonic, self helping with the life taking ###. You make me sick. I wish bad things for most of CDI staff and hope you all burn in hell ###!!!

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  • Ml
      Mar 13, 2014

    I am attending CDI North Campus Calgary now. I am taking the NSA course - which is supposed to end September 2014.
    I know of a number of students that have dropped out due to the lack of 'hands on' experience that was sold to us when we enrolled into this school and some have dropped out because they didn't know computers or understand how to operate a basic desktop.
    Right now I know of a peer of mine that is having issues and I am so disappointed for a number of reasons - this person is not getting the assistance they need to be able to excel as they should. We are supposed to have virtual labs (resources), It has now been 10 days into a 15 day course and only 2/10 of my peers have these promo codes to be able to access the virtual labs. I have the promo code because I paid for it. After paying for it my instructor (who I went too a few times in regards to the access for virtual labs) actually tried to give me trouble for paying for it out of my own pocket! I am sorry but I choose this school because of the fact that they sold me on the idea of hands on experience. Which in the last 9 weeks I have had in total 5 days of hands on experience! To help ensure that I do well in my courses I have been actually buying the textbooks off of - which come with the vouchers needed to obtain my certificates to get a decent career in the IT field. (If I would have known what courses I needed to obtain these certificates I would have ordered these books a long time of go and did this on my own time) The idea of the iPad is great for the MS Office courses - not a great idea for having to study a book that is 1200 pages.
    The instructors are not helpful - they show up when they want, or what works to their schedule; you ask questions and half of them do not understand you or they look at you like you have three heads. They reinforce that this is supposed to be like real life work environment -- BS! In real life work environment if your hours are 8-4 you show up for 8-4 not 8:30-4:00 with a number of lunches/breaks in between.
    I am spending a lot of money to get what I am hoping is going to be a step into the IT field. They honestly only want your money. Student loan sent me money that was supposed to go to the school (I didn't realize) when the school found this out they put a hold on my studies - would not release my next e-book to me and then pulled me into the office and asked for the $3000, then advised if I didn't pay it by April 2014 I could be terminated -- I am working almost full-time hours and going to this place full-time and still trying to take care of my kid - I told finance where I worked they looked at me and said 'don't screw that up' I am not 16 years old. I am over 30, I have gone to another private college 10 years ago - that private college was a lot better and they actually enjoyed watching their students succeed, they were not just money hungry.
    The practicum - I was told when I enrolled that I needed to find my 'own' place to do my practicum - then half the instructors are telling people who don't worry the school will help you find a place to do your practicum - there is a lack of communication in this place.
    It is sad to think that people want to come to this institute in hopes and dreams of obtaining a great career - which yes some people have excelled and other not so much - but in reality you will be lucky to walk out of this place and actually obtain a entry-level position.
    When you make the choice to go back to school - you weigh out a lot of pros and cons and you need to budge and refinance things - paying a school $16, 000 to come sit in a room and talk about the latest celeb's or to read (it is self based learning - which they forgot to mention to me) - it is a bit step for anybody of any age to make.
    I am extremely disappointed and hope that I can make it to the end of my course so I can go and use some of my certificate's for SAIT.

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  • Cd
      May 27, 2014

    I graduated Edmonton CDI North. Couldn't get a job had really bad experience it is waste of money and time. Now I have to pay $20, 000
    student loan. PLEASE DON'T GO TO CDI COLLAGE !!!

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  • Ju
      Jun 07, 2014

    My family wants me to sue CDI College for misleading me, lying and financial fraud. What can I do? Should I sue, or is there anything else I can do?

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  • Fr
      Jun 10, 2014

    What financial fraud? All for profit schools have recruiters that work for fees. Like a used car salesman, they will tell you anything you want to hear.

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  • Na
      Jul 24, 2014

    I had attended CDI college almost two years ago i went for professional legal assistant. it was the only college that would accept GED. I attended 52 days, that includes weekends, holidays, and Christmas break. my first week was a class called SSS where i worked on project, a slide show of the 10 weirdest animals in the world... oh yea and i got graded on it. if i failed i would have to start over. but i passed with a 95%. i moved onto Microsoft. where i had to pay 1000$ to borrow a book for 2 weeks and then pay extra because it was a 4 week class. my "teacher" never went up to the front of the class we had this book that had you go through step by step how to use Microsoft. We never turned anything in, we never got marked, at the end we had to go on a site.. online kids games. so that way it would time how fast we could type. if you got over 40 words a minute you got a certificate. i had 70 words a minute and my certificate cost me 140$. its blue, it has cartoon computers on the bottom, and its inside a see through binder organizer... yea. after this lame useless class i moved onto "business" now in this class i noticed a group of girls who were in school 4 months prior to me being there, for the same course, and get this GRADUATING THE SAME DAY!, so they were getting more courses then i was. but in my business class, he was also my SSS "teacher" he admitted to us he isnt a teacher, his background is working with the government. he had no clue how to teach. half the time we were googling. or arguing with him he was wrong. WE WERE USING AMERICAN BOOKS! for grammar and spelling and all that, but we were being tested Canadian, surprising its actually VERY VERY VERY! different. we all failed. had to come back on january 1st. re write. we passed and moved onto "law". for 3 days she ONLY talked about how stressed we would get, all the bad stories about people from our school going dressed like hookers, or pissing off companies, i still have my notes.
    OH and i got kicked out of class for wearing tights with a sweater dress and winter boots, because it was and i quote " absolutely disgusting, this is a professional school, and what you are wearing is appalling."
    ALSO my computer wouldnt turn on and she started the lesson without me and so i was recording the class to type up later, and she noticed she told me i had 2 seconds to shut it off or i would be kicked out of the school.
    after 3 days i left the school i was so disgusted, on my way out i over heard a teacher telling a group of students that CDI in calgary was under investigation for fraud for the 3rd time in 10 years.
    i had left the school and right away was owing 10, 000$. a girl who started the same day as me and left 4 months after. was only paying back 5, 000$. its is now 2 years later i refuse to pay, its sitting at 23, 000$. AND their still trying to take out tuition. and CALLING the student loan they dont wanna hear it they want their money so i want to get a group of people and take down the school its not fair, my credit is so bad i have to put a 900$ down payment to get a cell phone now.

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  • Pe
      Aug 06, 2014

    I attended CDI college in Vancouver back in 2009-2010. I already had a bachelor's degree with a pyschology major but I needed some hands on training. I decided to sign up for the Addictions/Community Service diploma. In retrospect, at the first signs of trouble, I should have ran the other way. But I've never been one to quit something I started so I followed through. Three months into the program, our professor was fired. There was no explanation from herself or from the school. For weeks, our class was left hanging with no instructor until they finally found a replacement. Furthermore, the school advertises that they're going to help you find a practicum. This is a lie. They send you out on your own to find one. I struggled for almost 2 months after finishing my course to find a practicum with no luck. Finally, somebody made a phone call for me and got me in at the Salvation Army Harbour Light. The practicum there was a whole other joke entirely. Nobody seemed to know what exactly I was supposed to be doing there. When I finally finished the required hours at my practicum placement, I inquired about getting a job there and was told that I needed a Master's Degree. I eventually moved on from the entire career path, trying to erase it from my mind like a bad memory. A $14, 500 bad memory.

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  • Cd
      Aug 15, 2014

    hello guys
    Every review is true, its not happening in one branch of cdi college, its everywhere.
    i am in surrey branch, and i m facing the same problems.
    We have one stupid Lab Assistant who is keep talking all the day. He is really a looser, he studied in this college and didn't get job and he used his links and get this job in same college(i don't know he doing practicum or he get permanent job).

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  • Pe
      Aug 27, 2014

    Do not take any course in, cdi college cause just wasted your time and money specially about pharmacy assistant / technician program because this program iis not accredited on if you want to become registered pharmacy tech you can do anything you have to retake course again .

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  • Pe
      Aug 27, 2014

    Do not take any course in, cdi college cause just waste of time and money specially about pharmacy assistant / technician program because this program iis not accredited CCAPP. so if you want to become registered pharmacy tech in future you are not able to do it. you have to retake course and study for 2 years in another college.

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  • Sl
      Jul 22, 2015

    I taken a travel and tourism course here is Calgary. First things first, very unorganized. You learn literally NOTHING at all in this course. Its mostly for travel agents, and that's the only thing they seem to care about. I wasted $17000 on textbooks that i haven't even received. I took this course because I wanted to become a flight attendant. From the beginning i have talked to a very nice lady who told me this course would really help you out if you wanna get into the airline and hotel industry. And now im stuck at a travel agency doing my practicum. THEY DO NOT HELP YOU WITH JOBS. The staff there have a lot of attitude and it just seems like a scam. Don't go here.

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  • Mi
      Oct 05, 2015

    I attended CDI College in Edmonton, I took the CMT/NT course and have been working ever since. Maybe you need to look at your resume? I know it is easy to accuse someone else for your shortcomings but I sincerely enjoyed my 900 hands on course and I found my instructor to be very knowledgeable. I have worked for Telus Advanced Communications, IBM Global Services and other high end companies. Typically when you have problems getting a job, it is due to your resume, which CDI College helped me write. Another issue I see with new grads is over expectations and they apply for jobs that are looking for experienced candidates. You should be looking for entry level positions to gain the experience you need to get the more senior jobs.

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  • Jo
      Nov 08, 2015

    I go to cdi Calgary south and the only black person in teachers always make fun of my color saying im too black so if I don't remind them every day that im in school they will mark me absent...I reported to the director and she called the teacher in her office..he came over and told me im a virus a useless human being and no one will even hire a black man anyways if I graduate and all I got from the director was a sorry...all my classmates have been really mad over the situation and been on the director since and due to that they been tryanna kick me out now.. they called student grant to cancel my grants and every day im been accused of some stupid is.. they always set me up just for me to walk out myself but I never do...this is the most difficult time ever in my life I cant even sleep because I don't even know what they gonna be doing to me next...

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  • Mi
      Nov 18, 2015

    How does CDI still operate to this day? I've had similar issues with everyone here and I took Oil and Gas Administration. Apparently my Microsoft Office work was never recorded by my instructor so they are saying I need to redo those courses and pay even more than what I owe. My tuition was approximately $16, 000 but apparently I received student grants that they promised me I wouldn't have to pay. So now I owe approximately $20, 000 to federal and provincial and if I wanted my certificate it would be an additional $7, 000. How are they getting away with charging this much? I looked at my community college and Petroleum Land Administration was a little above $4000 for the same amount of time (10 months). They promised me they would find me placement and all I had to do was write up cover letters to my top 3 companies that I would want to work at and write them an essay as to why I would want to work for those companies. Then at the end when I was doing my core courses they said that they are not able to find practicum placements as we did not have a counselor to provide those services so we would need to find our own placement. Then they requested to have the contact information of the companies that would be willing to take us... Which seemed a bit fishy. I don't even want to get started with my core courses "teacher." He didn't know English so all we did was view power point slides and were not allowed to take notes. But all his tests were the slides word for word. Long story short a lot of people walked out to never return and I was one of them. Has anyone tried to file a lawsuit against this "school"? If so can someone please help me? I really don't want to be owing the government $20g and would rather put that into an accredited school that would be recognizable in my resume. If anyone could please help me out with this I'd really appreciate it. [protected]

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  • Sh
      Jun 19, 2017

    @missCJ did you file?


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  • Gr
      Feb 09, 2016

    I attended CDI College in 2012/13. Got scammed ! The "professor " if you would call him that knew nothing of the subject in Hospitality. Never got any papers graded, marks back etc. Never received my diploma either. Now I'm in DEBT for 20, 000 dollars for absolutely nothing . Can't find a good paying job . I still have no education and am back to where I started with a huge debt. I need Help!! Who can I speak with ??

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  •   Aug 10, 2016

    To whom it may Hello, i would like hereby inform you by explaining how I was robbed and abused because of my naiveté . Was manipulated me by using my name, my lack of experience and my ignorance about educational institutions and private colleges. To put you in context, I am writing a brief summary of what happened to me . My lack of knowledge of the government system of education, legislation and measures to follow in order to be well directed in the right places to make the runs that was offered to me by the Government of Canada dedicated to long-tenured workers who have lost their jobs and therefore ( the diploma study is outdated. ) I have done a diploma in secretarial 1990-1991 and graduated . And as you know, this time the computer was not at the forefront . I received a thin computer base. I worked as a waitress for several years since I had not found me a desk job . But in 1998 I got a job as secretary to Cover Industries inc. At this point we had our house software. I worked 11 years for it. The cause of loss of employment , restructuring since we lost our biggest customer . In September 2009. I had to go to the office of unemployment insurance. Shortly after I received a letter from the government who taught me that I was capable of action which I did mention if you top up . What luck ! I had meetings with groups to assess my situation and had all the points that supported me in my approach. And as I explained to another paragraph , computers are incomprehensible to me and I do not have . I had to go to the village library where I could have access to my file online. December 24, 2010 watching the options available to me , I could see advertising CDI College And it is this same access as Mr. Michael Bedard contacted me to tell me about their college training. And that I was innocent and hopeful , this one called me for a interview just to show me the way, premises, staff etc . M spoke to was tested to see if I was eligible or not. I would have loved the course of an attendant bénéficière lasted 900h . But he introduced me 2 programs , asking me ( is what you love best do housework or caring for people ) ? I asked him several times if the course and facilities were built in the bank program of unemployment insurance. To reassure me He told me , yes we have several students who already have their unemployment as revenue and loans for studies. He even showed me a header with their college enrollment Quebec government once again telling me how going out with this course , I would be spoiled for choice to work in the hospital. Knowing that I was a single parent mother with sole custody , it took me a booklet which clearly indicated to me that I was entitled to the amounts to pay for childcare , parking and gas since I lived a + or -60 km from the school . It seemed very interesting. We stayed in the office where Denis Petitclerc , who is responsible for funding and to make a rough assessment of intelligence ask me as my unemployment income etc. . with all these approximate figures told me a bunch of ### that my ear was Chinese, but can it is they who do this job I give them all my confidence. Bad choice. It was at this moment that everything is half a tumble. It looked good this college , then handed me a questionnaire ( admission test). I found it extremely difficult, I did not know the answer most of the questions and the more I write my answers on the wrong sheet. I was wrong HandySheet saw my failure almost assured , but ultimately happy and doubtful at the same time learning that I was accepted. I 'm curious to get my file archives of college to look at my supposed admission test for you to see for yourself that it was impossible for me to attend this program . It was too difficult. Evidence and after 30 h of course , we had the 1st test: the ( course number 252-342 , ) Global Approach to Health . And fail at 2 times the first test that speaks enough about their method of selecting students. On my first day of class is on March 28 in the middle of a course, Mr. petitclerc was crouched beside my desk and with the same leaves that I had signed in January that it would amount my funding. He told me that I had put my initials for the leaves take their course and for the preview of my school costs and revenue ms . And that's what I did. I learned today that the institution is not recognized by the Ministry of Education , and that I was not the only one to have fallen into this trap. The only thing I could see , at this moment this story was of transaction coming and going from my cash account. , They spanked as a good time to score and then they came the same moment .. I could go on for hours but I prefer waiting for a sign from you because I've already lost too much on this great gift of long-tenured worker . Hoping for an answer by your , please accept my best greeting Pj all documents related to this case, I kept everything , even my answering machine messages

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  • Co
      Nov 30, 2016

    So many victims and the Government or lawyers cannot put a stop to this?
    Something does not seem right. I have been a victim as well and paid over $21, 000.
    I would fight this and make sure that even the Prime Ministers' office would get involved.
    I think it is time to stop this madness. They are ruining people.

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  • Sh
      Jun 19, 2017

    @cobra_boxer did you file suit?


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