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Cato / Store Manager/District Manager

1 Demopolis, AL, United States

Dear CATO Corporation,
I'm writing to you all because I was a loyal employee for your company for about 2 years. When I first started working for your company your store manager Maleka Watson, and your district manager; Erica Booth were beyond amazing. They showed genuine concern about what went on in the store. Their concern proved to be a mask of deception. About two or three months ago I called Erica to let her know what was going on in her store. Maleka, the store manager was stealing hours, leaving work before she was scheduled to get off, putting things on hold for the store manager in Thomasville, AL., Using her discount for her mother-in-law, etc. She seemed concerned as we talked but she did nothing about it other than tell her she had to work 45hrs each week. The entire staff at the store #322 was about to quit at one point because they were fed up with Maleka's attitude and power to walk over every one. Call EVERYBODY that has quit the store #322 and ask them why they quit. My name is Ashley Walls and what I've lost with your company because Maleka Watson and Erica Booth failed to do their jobs is beyond painful. On 11-27-2017 I was happily pregnant. That day I had to get a lay-a-way. I went up and down the ladder multiple times Maleka was in the back watching. She knew I was pregnant, but wasn't talking to me at the time, so she watched. Long story short I started bleeding afterwards and had to go to 2 different ERs. I was diagnosed with threatened miscarriage and put on bed rest. Maleka was the first person I told this to. Two days later she called and asked me when I was coming back to work. I told her that I would come back when I stopped bleeding, I had already told her this. She replied "T said she has to get off at 4 because she had to get her child and I have a lot to do I can't come in so what are you gonna do?" I felt as though she would fire me if I didn't go in so on 11-30-17 I reluctantly went in to work. The next day the bleeding had become heavy again so I text and told her I couldn't come in and that I would call Benefits and Erica so I could see what I could do to not be forced to come to work until I stopped bleeding. She told me that I was putting the store in a bind and that she would call Erica too. I then reached out to Erica my heart was broken and I was scared. I left a message on her phone, she NEVER reached out to me. Later that same day I had a miscarriage. I had to scoop the formation of my baby from the toilet, I will never be the same. All I ask is that you all DO SOMETHING about this. I WILL NOT MOVE ON until something is done!. Check your records you will see that EVERYTHING I've told you is the truth. I was second assistant manager at the store and recently I quit. It was so hard for me to go in the store knowing that Maleka knows what she did. She NEVER apologized or checked on me when I lost my baby. I have panick attacks now. I can't sleep at night from the fear of the two children I have somehow dying in their sleeps or something. I stay up to make sure they're still breathing. Tuesday of this week Maleka scheduled me for a 12hr shift with no lunch and I would be working with a new girl. I had told her the day before that I wouldn't do that shift. She texted back once with "well don't, quit" after that message she didn't respond to me. When I got to work I called Erica she basically told me to suck it up because managers make sacrifices. She told me to work that day and just quit the next day. I walked out of the store that day because I had sacrificed enough for my position. When I told Erica I couldn't work a 12hr shift she asked me if I had a doctor's excuse for why I couldn't work 12hrs. I almost broke down, because when I was telling Maleka I couldn't come back to work until I stopped bleeding I told her I would have documentation from a doctor for EVERY day I would miss. She STILL left me no choice but to come to work. The day I quit I called Maleka and she still wouldnt answer so I called corporate so they could possibly get somebody in the store. Erica had told me to get either the first assistant or Maleka to come in when she realized I had quit. I called them both. The first assistant couldnt come in and Maleka still wouldnt answer. Maleka is very decieving and manipulative. She takes days claiming that she has to take her husband to the doctor. More than once her husband has called the store asking for her when shes supposed to be with him. Ask the first assistant if you need conformation. I have more information if you would like to reach out to me.I want justice for my baby.

Ashley Walls

Jan 12, 2018

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