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Good day

My name is riedewaan smith.. I have never been humiliated as I was at cash convertas ottery cape town, I went into cash convertas ottery in september to apply for a one month loan, a young lady by the name of shihaam who assisted me, she explained to me that the loan is paid immediately and that we can draw the money at any atm, she failed to explain that other atms occur more bank charges and that we should go to the fnb atm where it is less, the monney was not in immediately and I was charged bank charges for trying to make withdrawals, I then left it like that, she also informed me the first time I get a r600 and the next time it will double to r1200, 00 as I will be tested to see how I pay back the one month loan, she also informed me I can apply for a three month loan aswell I said no its ok I will come again. I then went back the 15th of september to apply for the three month loan and I was assisted by shihaam, we then did the application and shihaam put down repayments dates the payment schedule as the 22/09/2017, 25/10/2017 and the 24/11/2017 after I told her several times I get paid the 25th of each month. The debit then went off the one month loan successfully and the debit she put for the 22/09/2017 bounced as I was not paid on the 22nd but the 25th. I then send a email to the branch which says the following.

My name is riedewaan smith with id [protected], I have two loans with you guys a 1 month loan and a 3 month loan, but you put the debit date the 22nd of september for the 3 month loan and 26th of september for the 1 month loan im 110% sure I told you the 26th as the 25th is a public holiday, now because of this I was charged unnecessary bank charges, shihaam please correct this...

My email was not rude or attacking. I then got a call from a person claiming he is the store manager on the 27th/09/2017 I got a call and a email from heinrich saying the following.

Your loan account was referred to us at head office. We apologize for the mix up with your debit order date for this month, and we will waive additional fees and interest due to this. Please confirm if you are able to make a payment this month still, or should we shift your 3 installments over oct, nov & dec? This will be for the original amounts you agreed to. If so, please confirm your december pay date, and we will reschedule your debit orders accordingly.

I replied by saying

Yes please shift my 3 installments to the 25 october, 25 november and 25 december. The bank charged me plus minus r200.00 for fees for the unpaid debit which has interfered with my budget so thank you for accommodating me and I hope this doesn't spoil or affect my profile with you. Thank you.

I then went to the store the 14/10/2017 to apply for the one month loan, I was a assisted by a trainee and shihaam was standing in the other booth as I was speaking to the trainee. Shihaam pressed her face into the booth saying "ja what did I say"I told shihaam you said if I pay my one month loan I can get double she then denied it and start speaking about my email I sent about the wrong debit dates, I then told her shihaam the dates was wrong I dont get paid o the 22nd but on the 25th, she said its just you that send emails "I tried to help you as my boss said I must not help you anymore"I was not rude I said this isi not a personal attack on you shihaam I was charged bank fees for that debit, so she was carrying on about the email I sent etc, she then told the trainee to hold on and not process the loan application a gentleman came back and introduced him as the store manager saying "yes why do I treat his staff like that (After I just asked about my debit dates that was put down wrong, he then says we going to try and handle it in a civilized manner he went in and came back saying"his boss ettienne says they must not help me and I must go to a other store after he did not even hear the story, I have never been so humiliated in my life as a customer after ettienne never even bothered to show his face and hear the story from the customer as well, I am a very good customer of cash convertas, shihaam has no customer skills she refused to help me saying she did me a favor to help me after her boss said she must not help me, im pushing business into cash convertas, please look into this you can contact me on [protected]. Thanks

Kind regards

Oct 14, 2017

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