Cash Converters Internationalloans customer service

My father recently applied for a loan via the online services so he could attend his brothers funeral interstate approximately 12 hours away. It was approved at 9:50am on a Friday. We had to leave am on the Saturday. He rang customer service to find out when the loan would be in his bank & he was told it would be there at approx 2pm. 3 pm it still wasn't there. He spoke to a lady (& Imuse the term "lady" very loosely). She was extremely rude & told him it will be there when it gets there. My father is distraught over his brothers death & does not need to be spoken to in that kind of manner. He is a 76 year old man that has worked hard all of life & deserves respect! I am livid about this woman's tone towards him. If this money is not in the bank within the next few hours, the loan will be useless & he will miss his brothers funeral. Makes you think twice about dealing with cash converters.

Nov 29, 2018

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