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I saw a commercial about cash call and I happened to have many medical bills.. I called and they sent me an application on line... The person I spoke with said the payment would be $216.55 per month but had 376 months to pay it.. I felt I could do it in less than a year... I signed the contract and then they sent me a copy of the contract. It said annual percentage rate 99.23%, amount financed $2525, finance charge $6, 714.64, total payments $9, 239.64.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Tampa, FL I have paid them for two years a total of $4264... I have had hard times with my daughter losing her job of 22 years and I am 79 years of age so I asked them to give me a deferrment for two months to allow us to get back on our feet... Refuse and get constant phome calls... Threatening and telling me to sell some of my things to pay them... I live in an apartment, my furniture must be 30 years old and I don't own a car.. What can I sell? I believe they should be stopped - that interest rate must be illegal. I am at a loss as to what I can do.

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      Feb 01, 2009

    This falls under the usery laws...I would file a complaint with the SEC as well as the attorney General. I would refuse to make any further payments and report the incident to all three credit reporting agencies. Cut off all ties to this company sending them a certified letter stating not to call you ever again. They will probably try to sue...respond to the law suit with a counter suit of unlawful interest to be returned. There is no judge in the country that will allow this interest charge in court. All this is a hassle, but if we don't stand up and fight back for ourselves, then who will fight for us!!!

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