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CashCall Complaints & Reviews

CashCall / mortgage servicing

Feb 03, 2019

I have been trying to get an escrow account since august. I've provided everything they need multiple times. They always say it will be set up by a certain date and it never gets done! I call every single day and no one ever gives me the right information! Beyond frustrated! I'm going to...

Cash Call / interest charged unlawful in oregon

Aug 05, 2015

The oregon department of justice entered into a 2015 settlement with cash call and western sky which requires repayment of interest paid to cash call or western sky by oregonians. Although cash call did not admit wrongdoing, cash call and western sky agreed to repay interest and fees paid...

cashcall/westernsky / ripoff

Sep 16, 2014

I virginia took out a loan of!, 000.00 paid back over 4, 000.00 I was ver angry about delbert services them wanting a blank check for them to send them with addition to having them take out electronic debt from my account which I never didi do. I want to know if there is aqny way I can get...

Cash Call / un aurthoried to take money from bank account

Jul 17, 2014

Cash call does not make courtesy calls... If payment is due, and you don't pay, they deduct from your bank account automatically. They said they don't call you owe, you pay. That is illegal. Cash calls do not engage in fair lending practices. Avoid dealing with them. I will follow up with...

Delbert Services/CashCall/Western Sky / illegal loans

Jan 19, 2014

I needed to get a same day loan because we had agreed to match what my son had saved to help him get his first car. He found a car very quickly that was a good deal unfortunately I didn't have enough cash saved to put with his that is where western sky came in. Against my better judgement...

Cash Call / personal loan scam

Dec 12, 2013

This company is not to be trusted. They tell you the loan is approved; you send them "needed" documents (personal info), then you're suppose to receive a call for further instructions. There is no return call. I finally got in contact with a rep & he claimed they "could not approve my loan...

Cash Call / home mortgage

Aug 22, 2013

In march 2013 we applied to cashcall to refinance our home. They made so many errors in the loan documents we could not, in good faith, sign them. My wife’s social security was wrong, and they showed our monthly income at more than $107, 000. We wish! Two weeks later we had another...

Cash Call / harassment


Calling like 20 times a day called my job had to tell them to please dont call at work. Then leaving message with people a loan. This is terriblie lettimg people no your finance. Please let them understand they cant be calling all day long after you spoke to them and at your workplace...

Cash Call / took extra $ from my account and would refund it


I recently paid my loan in full with cash call and they continued to process their monthly payment which I was reassured it would be cancelled when I paid the loan in full. I have been fighting with them for 4 days trying to get the funds returned to me with no success. I have left...

Cash Call / dirty


I took a loan out with cash call after a divorce and I was broke at the time I had a job and could pay it. I was recently laid-off living on unemployment. I was aware of the high interest rate but I could pay more and pay it off sooner now I can't I contacted them about working out a...

Cash Call / harassment phone calls


Cash call keeps calling me at work/cell phone. From different numbers in different locations. I told that I do not have the money, right now. They just don't get it. Every time that they call, I simply hang up. Especially from a mr. Salazar. Who would not even give me his first name but...

Cash Call / be smart about what you sign!


Ok, I understand the aggravation here, but be real!! You have to sign something in order to get the money you seem to have to have now and then you're gonna bag on the comp that gave you the money... My mother is dealing with this company and unfortunately she is going to have to either...

Cash Call / illegal activities to get more late fees


At the inception of the loan, cash call did not take the 1st months payment automatially from my checking account instead they waited a month, then tried to charge me penalty fees and interest. When I instructed my bank not to accept any further attempts from cash call until I settled the...

Cash Call / rip off


I took out a loan in oct 2010 for $2600. My first payment was $254 amd than was to be 298. I paid this loan of in 4mths (I told them feb I will pay the balance), and my pay off amount was $3012!!! That is insane, the interest is so high you dont even pay toward the principle.. How is thi...

Cash Call / harassment via phone


I fell into some hard times around the christmas holiday, and like a fool due to poor credit, I turned to sky financial for assistance. They provided me with a $1, 000 loan in which they consider "personal". I've have dealt with payday lenders, and checked my state for authorization, in...

CashCall / stay away


I have reviewed numerous complaints on the internet regarding usury laws and how cash call is breaking the law in california. My purpose is to create a group of supporters who are interested in contacting the state attorney generals office regarding this issues so called the cash call...

Cash Call / put me in a loan slavery


I received a loan through cash call in 2007 for 2600.00 and have been paying on this loan since. I read about all the people this company has screwed and I can't understand why this company is not under investigation by the ftc, consumer affairs. The governor of cal. (arnold) must have...

Cash Call / greedy company


I was approved for a loan in the amount of $2600. I advised the rep. That I only wanted $1500. He stated that I could send $1000 back and make payments on the $1500. Well... I thought what the heck, and did not send the $1000 back. I am still paying on the loan. Three years later and I...

CashCall / scam


I went to the westernsky finanical website ( and applied for a loan. At the time I had no idea that this company was affiliated with cashcall. About an hour later, I started receiving calls from numbers in california. So deciding to look up the number, I discovered the...

CashCall / late fees


I'm filing this complaint against them because they are a rip off company, I am almost finish paying them in october2010, now they are saying I owe late fees. I pay my late fee which is 15.00 everytime I am late. I spoke to one of the reps I told them they better get it together because I...

Cash Call / loan


I took out a loan with cash call 4 years following my divorce. I was having financial difficulties and thought this was the answer to my problems. I was very wrong! According to my calculations I have paid out over $15k to cash call (original loan amount was $10k) and the balance of loan... / identity theft


In the afternoon in the afternoon I received a call from my bank inquiring whether I had an e mail address and what it was. I questioned this as my bank would have had it as I have had the account for two years and have e mailed them often. Well, it turned out to be an aattempt of identity...

Cash Call / harrasement, and unethical interest rates, unfair notification of interest rates


Cash call gave me a loan, which I was grateful for, and more than willing to pay back. After the process had begun, I realized that they had misrepresented the apr, it was not 9.95%, it was 99.5%, no joke. I was locked in, and had no way out. I made my payments every month, until I lost my...

CashCall / interest


I contacted cashcall about lowering my interest rate from 59.99 % that I had been paying on for 2 years and they told me that there was nothing they could do. Upon completion of my phone conversation with them I pulled up the better bussiness bureau of delaware and filed a complaint with...

Cash Call / help


Ok I have been reading some of this post on here. I have to say that I am in the same boat. Three years ago my car broke down so I got a loan for 2500 since I had bad credit I didn’t have any were else to go I went to cash call. I payed them 252 dollars a month for 2 years. I wa...

Cash Call Inc. / terrible company


I had been making payments on my account for almost two years. I didn't make one months payment, and they sent me a letter offering me a 'settlement offer' for 30% off of what I owed. I took that offer and made my first payment on it the very next morning, which was october 29th. Then...

Cash Call / fraud and scam


I used cash call to get a quick short term loan to use as some float money from them to hold me over on a real estate sale. Made my payments on time for a long time. Auto draft from my bank account. But once the economy took a nose dive it affected the company I was working for and ended up...

CashCall / scam and cheating


I'm being sued by cashcall, has this happened to anyone?? If so can you please give me some advice on what's going to happen in court. I borrowed 2500 from then but paid it all back. After I paid it back I had some problems with my bank account and closed it down. I never gave them my new...

Cash Call / cash call


O'donovan et al. V. Cashcall, inc. United states district court, northern district of california - case number c 08-03174-mej Case type: consumer class action Status: class action complaint filed october 10, 2008 On october 10, 2008, the sturdevant law firm filed a class-action lawsuit on...

CashCall / misrepresented interest structure


I took a loan with cashcall 2 years ago for $5, 000 at 59.95% apr. I have made 23 consecutive on-time monthly payments of $254.03 totaling $5, 851.01. Last month was the first time I was unable to make my payment. I talked to several reps of cashcall. Today I was told that I did not meet...

Cash Call / interest charges & harrassment


I saw a commercial about cash call and I happened to have many medical bills.. I called and they sent me an application on line... The person I spoke with said the payment would be $216.55 per month but had 376 months to pay it.. I felt I could do it in less than a year... I signed the...

CashCall / overcharge per month payments, instead of once a month steal from cking acct for 2 unathorized payments!


Had borrowed a personal loan, arranged payment amount to be taken once a month only. Has continued beyond scheduled payments they won't send a statement to verify account activity, have harrasing phone calls 24/7 from multi-people from multiphone numbers. Calls with menacing agendas like...

Cash Call Inc. / awful experience

Cash call is definately a rip off. I just happen to go through my e-mails today and found my reminder e-mail to pay my cash call loan. I decided to call them to check my balance (thinking my loan should almost if not be paid off by now). To my shock and horror, I found out that I only paid...

Cash Call / business practices


I tried for 3 months to straighten out my bill, and all I got was a % notice that my rates are doubling!!! This is the worst company to work with!!! They have no service!!! They think everyone is an idiot!!! Please stay away from this company!!! You will regret it!!!

CashCall / too high interest rates and never getting the loan paid


I have been dealing with cashcall for one year. i have been paying very large monthly payments on this loan and the loan has not gone down yet due to very very high interest rates. this company came during my vulnerable time because I was having financial difficulty at the time. i had no...

CashCall / allegied unpaid loan


The representative stated that I took out a loan with cashcall in aug of 2006, in which was never added to my account. The rep stated that several emails were sent in an attempt for repayment of a loan that I never received.2 years later on sept 26, 2008 I receive a call from rep phillp...

Cash Call / robbed when down and out


I have been paying on my loan for almost 2 an 1/2 years and paid triple of the amount on what they lent me. I have lost sleep over there way of buisness they are not cooperative and treat you with no respect what so ever. When I had my my mom pass away and some immediate deaths in the...

Cash Call / scam and cheating!

Cash Call hounded me to take a loan. When I got the terms I told them 'no'. The money went in my account anyway and when I called I was told... too bad... when I filled out my app online that was my approval. I told them I was only paying the 5k and then would stop the payment...

CashCall / rip off!


I to am a client of cashcall (big mistake) as others have referred to them they are loan sharks. I don't understand hw they can legally do what they are doing. no ordinary person on the streets can loan out money and collect on high interest without eventually going to jail. I think...

Cash Call / threats, of lien on my property


These people are crooks and need to be shut-down now!! They promise to "help" w/a deferrment, but only if you pay the past due amounts. When I told robert (a 30/90 day past due collections superviser) that I would try to pay b-4 the end on february only if he faxed me the agreement I would...