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I took out a loan with cash call 4 years following my divorce. I was having financial difficulties and thought this was the answer to my problems. I was very wrong! According to my calculations I have paid out over $15k to cash call (original loan amount was $10k) and the balance of loan has only gone down less than $800.00. I have called several times and requested statements providing a breakdown of where my money is going. Every time I have called they promised me they will send the statements and they never do. I assure you if I had known the interest rate was going to be approximately 92% I would have never taken out the loan. I do not remember reading that the interest rate was that high. Even in my desperate situation at the time I would have said no way. I really hope we can get a lawsuit against them because this has to be illegal. I also noticed that the amount of my monthly payments have changed over the years without any notice regarding why.

identity theft

In the afternoon in the afternoon I received a call from my bank inquiring whether I had an e mail address and what it was. I questioned this as my bank would have had it as I have had the account for two years and have e mailed them often.

Well, it turned out to be an aattempt of identity fraud as my bank, which is a credit union, could not be accessed and I had my account locked and was to call the bank with a new user number and password.

The bank advised me to not ever give, but that I knew, but never confirm as I thought it was the bank. I looked on my caller id and the only disturbing number was a toll free number and when I called it with the police here, it came up as cash call. All the recording sent was automated, then a man's voice came on and asked for social security number and said it was and will be used to manage the account!

The rest is history as this has been docimented by stockton california police department as they dialed the numbers from my cell phone and the same thing happened, just wanted your social, and then the same automated "you do not qualify" basically they get your social and it leads to an attempt of identity fraud.

Beware of cash call

Kim j.

harrasement, and unethical interest rates, unfair notification of interest rates

Cash call gave me a loan, which I was grateful for, and more than willing to pay back. After the process had begun, I realized that they had misrepresented the apr, it was not 9.95%, it was 99.5%, no joke. I was locked in, and had no way out. I made my payments every month, until I lost my job. They continued to take the money out of my checking account, even after notifying them that I had no money. They cost me over a thousand dollars in overdraft fees, I lost my car, and got thrown out of my house. They called my phone, and the numbers of my references over a hundred times in ten days. I notified them that they were harrasing me, and the person at cash call cussed at me and told me it was my fault. They were totally unwilling to work with me, and have now sold my debt three times starting the whole process over again each time. Instead of the debt being off of my credit in seven years and 180 days, they are keeping it on my credit indefinitely. I have already paid them what I borrowed, plus several thousand dollars, please help. I would love to be involved in a class action law suit against them if any attorney is willing to help the hundreds of thousands of people that have been unethically treated by them.


I contacted cashcall about lowering my interest rate from 59.99 % that I had been paying on for 2 years and they told me that there was nothing they could do. Upon completion of my phone conversation with them I pulled up the better bussiness bureau of delaware and filed a complaint with them. Well today I recieved a call from cashcall, they informed me that the better business bureau had contacted them, and they where sending out some paperwork for me to fill out and return. Upon recieving the new paperwork they where going to lower my interest rate from 59.99% to 24.99% dropping my payments from $254.00 down to $140.00 a month.

So evidently the complaint to the better business bureau did some good in my case. Here is the link to the delaware better business bureau


Good luck to all that has dealt with cashcall


Ok I have been reading some of this post on here. I have to say that I am in the same boat. Three years ago my car broke down so I got a loan for 2500 since I had bad credit I didn’t have any were else to go I went to cash call. I payed them 252 dollars a month for 2 years. I was losing my job I called them and asked to help with the interest, they said that they wouldn’t and I still owed 2500 on the account. If you add up what I payed it was over 6000. So I closed my checking account and know it is in collections.

So I have an idea, I think this company is guilty of predatory lending because I think they pray on people with bad credit and the poor. I know that was the case with me. And I think that rich people and people with good credit could get a loan with a good company. I say that we stand up as a group and lets file a class action law suit. I would like to get everyone that had a loan with cash call that had bad credit together and let’s fight this. We could all put money into a pot and get a lawyer. Together we can do this lets stop cash call. So email me and lets go [protected]@yahoo.com

Ps.. To those that say that cash call is in the right. Screw that man yes we signed a contract but that still does not give cash call the right to screw us over we needed the money they preyed on our bad times.

  • Tn
    T_Nov Feb 11, 2013

    So what happened with your loan after it went to collections?
    Has there been any talk of taking you to court?

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terrible company

I had been making payments on my account for almost two years. I didn't make one months payment, and they sent me a letter offering me a 'settlement offer' for 30% off of what I owed. I took that offer and made my first payment on it the very next morning, which was october 29th. Then starting november 2nd I got phone calls all day long telling me my payment was late. This went on for over a week. Everytime I returned their call and informed them that I was on a settlement plan.

Then I started getting letters in the mail telling me I was late. I just ignored those, and then went and made my second payment of $275.41 on november 29th. Then again starting december 1st, I got another phone call telling me I was late. And this time it went on again for several days. Then I got a call from a real person who wanted to know when I would be making my next payment. I told her that my next payment wasn't even due till december 29th. She told me she knew that, but wanted to know what time I would be making it. I couldn't believe she was asking me this, so I told her on the 29th and hung up.
Then I started to wonder if there was really such a thing as a 'settlement offer'. So I wrote cash call a letter on december 16th. I told them that I questioned whether or not there was an actual settlement on my account. I also listed dates and times that I was receiving all of their calls, and emails, and letters. I even included copies of these in my letter to them. I told them that I was sick of this harassment especially since I had been making all of the payments on time. I then told them that I would no longer be making any payments to them until I received something stating that I was in fact on a payment plan, and that my account would be paid off on march 29th 2008, with nothing owing to them. I stated that I didn't care if they mailed, faxed or emailed me a new contract or a letter simply stating that I was on a settlement offer. And I stated that if I got this, that I would in fact make my december 29th payment as expected. I also sent this letter out certified return receipt, and yes they did sign for it.
But I never got a letter or a copy of the updated contract. And I have never heard another word from cash call. They never called me, I haven't gotten any letters, and no emails. So my questions is, was I in the correct state when I told them I wanted a copy of the new agreement? And if I was in the wrong.. Where did they go?? I don't want to wake up one day and be served a summons. Could some one tell me if I was correct in asking for these documents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

fraud and scam

I used cash call to get a quick short term loan to use as some float money from them to hold me over on a real estate sale. Made my payments on time for a long time. Auto draft from my bank account.

But once the economy took a nose dive it affected the company I was working for and ended up loosing my job. After awhile I couldn't continue to make those payments, but the auto draft was in place and they kept taking out money. I closed my account to get them to stop otherwise I was going to get hit by the bank for overdraft fees.

They started calling me right away. At first I would answer the calls. They would just hound me for my information. Soon I stopped taking their calls as I knew the common phone numbers they were using. They would call anywhere from 6 to 10 times a day. First it was my cell phone and then to my home phone. Luckily I have phone records of every call. Then they got smart and started using a local phone number.

Their collection agents will not listen to you. If you talk to the collection agent long enough the collector will eventually give up and transfer you over to a supervisor who then tries to get at you.

They are relentless to get their money. Their tactics I think may violate the fair debt collection practices. You can hang up on them and they will call you right back if not a couple of hours later. And they do it every day. I also noticed that they changed my interest rate without notifying me. It went from basically 25% to over 60%.

After 4 months of not paying them because the collection agents said they would not accept partial payments I got a call from one guy who was nice and seemed to care about my situation. I found out he had lied to me about how much I could pay and when I could pay them.

A week later I get a call requesting payment and then they try to say that I lied to them and refused to keep my end of the deal.

Cash call is nothing more than legal loan sharking.

At one time I had an auto repair business and some clients were offered in house credit. The amount of interest I could charge was capped at 10% by law. How does cash call get away with their interest rates? Who do they have in their back pocket that allows them to get away with this?

scam and cheating

I'm being sued by cashcall, has this happened to anyone?? If so can you please give me some advice on what's going to happen in court. I borrowed 2500 from then but paid it all back. After I paid it back I had some problems with my bank account and closed it down. I never gave them my new bank information. So a year later I get served with papers at my job and they want to take me to court in january for the 99% interest that I owe them which is $2, 000. I paid 280.00 for 12 months so I think that's well over $2500 that I borrowed. I also sent a certified letter to them asking for my contract and terms or take it off my credit. I never received a response letter and the mark was also removed off my credit. And I never knew that my interest rates were 99%. I would think the judge would agree that that's a little outrageous, but its the law so you never know. Also they said that in my contract I signed it stated that the interest rate was 99% and I would end up having to pay back 5500, but trust me I never knew that or I wouldn't have signed that stupid contract. I also asked the man that helped me with this loan and he also didn't inform me of the high as hell interest rate. Should I just settle with them or go to court. I really don't want or need a judgment on my credit. Please help!!! If you've been in this situation or have problems with cashcall any advice would help.

cash call

O'donovan et al. V. Cashcall, inc. United states district court, northern district of california - case...

misrepresented interest structure

I took a loan with cashcall 2 years ago for $5, 000 at 59.95% apr. I have made 23 consecutive on-time monthly...

interest charges & harrassment

I saw a commercial about cash call and I happened to have many medical bills.. I called and they sent me an application on line... The person I spoke with said the payment would be $216.55 per month but had 376 months to pay it.. I felt I could do it in less than a year... I signed the contract and then they sent me a copy of the contract. It said annual percentage rate 99.23%, amount financed $2525, finance charge $6, 714.64, total payments $9, 239.64. I have paid them for two years a total of $4264... I have had hard times with my daughter losing her job of 22 years and I am 79 years of age so I asked them to give me a deferrment for two months to allow us to get back on our feet... Refuse and get constant phome calls... Threatening and telling me to sell some of my things to pay them... I live in an apartment, my furniture must be 30 years old and I don't own a car.. What can I sell? I believe they should be stopped - that interest rate must be illegal. I am at a loss as to what I can do.

  • Jo
    Joey Feb 01, 2009

    This falls under the usery laws...I would file a complaint with the SEC as well as the attorney General. I would refuse to make any further payments and report the incident to all three credit reporting agencies. Cut off all ties to this company sending them a certified letter stating not to call you ever again. They will probably try to sue...respond to the law suit with a counter suit of unlawful interest to be returned. There is no judge in the country that will allow this interest charge in court. All this is a hassle, but if we don't stand up and fight back for ourselves, then who will fight for us!!!

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overcharge per month payments, instead of once a month steal from cking acct for 2 unathorized payments!

Had borrowed a personal loan, arranged payment amount to be taken once a month only. Has continued beyond scheduled payments they won't send a statement to verify account activity, have harrasing phone calls 24/7 from multi-people from multiphone numbers. Calls with menacing agendas like "fraud with your social security we must speak with _ or you'll have to appear in court and pay court fees plus interest.. Etc..." "this is a lawyer... This is a court appointed _ if you don't respond we wil pass it on to judge _" 24/7. From gazillion numbers listed to unknown to [protected] with hang ups too.

awful experience

Cash call is definately a rip off. I just happen to go through my e-mails today and found my reminder e-mail...

business practices

I tried for 3 months to straighten out my bill, and all I got was a % notice that my rates are doubling!!! This is the worst company to work with!!! They have no service!!! They think everyone is an idiot!!! Please stay away from this company!!! You will regret it!!!

  • Un
    unoitbro Jul 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i have a question for all who have been through this nightmare with cash call consumer loans out of ca.
    hopefully someone out there can point me in the right direction
    i live in pa. and the laws here are strict on payday loans now
    thanks to reform
    is there any such laws in ca.?
    who do i contact?
    the situation now is i am being sued to repay this money and i need to hear from anyone else that went down this road to get some direction on the course i need to take
    i am researching this and will be so please contact me at [email protected]
    thanks to all and good luck

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too high interest rates and never getting the loan paid

I have been dealing with cashcall for one year. i have been paying very large monthly payments on this loan and the loan has not gone down yet due to very very high interest rates. this company came during my vulnerable time because I was having financial difficulty at the time. i had no idea that they charge you 90% interest rate. this company is a ripp off. now I am not able to pay my monthly payments and they are harrasing me by calling my job and embarrasing me. Is there any one that I can contact on this matter?

allegied unpaid loan

The representative stated that I took out a loan with cashcall in aug of 2006, in which was never added to my account. The rep stated that several emails were sent in an attempt for repayment of a loan that I never received.2 years later on sept 26, 2008 I receive a call from rep phillp colbert stating that federal charges were going to be placed against me, under court order if I did not pay a settlement of 1328.00 and it must be done by 4pm of the8-26-2008.

robbed when down and out

I have been paying on my loan for almost 2 an 1/2 years and paid triple of the amount on what they lent me. I...

scam and cheating!

Cash Call hounded me to take a loan. When I got the terms I told them 'no'. The money went in my...

rip off!

I to am a client of cashcall (big mistake) as others have referred to them they are loan sharks. I don't...

threats, of lien on my property

These people are crooks and need to be shut-down now!! They promise to "help" w/a deferrment, but only if you pay the past due amounts. When I told robert (a 30/90 day past due collections superviser) that I would try to pay b-4 the end on february only if he faxed me the agreement I would get the deferrment. To date I still have'nt received the fax from him. I paid on time for 6/7 months on time and was injured and was on disability. I called them and asked for help a got threats. I stopped their access to my account and they went nuts. Threats of leins on my property and sueing me for the full amount. If there is legal action against them, count me in.

  • Vi
    Vik3 Sep 27, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too am being threatened by CashCall to file suit against me in court...claiming I said I was refusing to pay...NOT TRUE! I admit, I am in default, went through a divorce, lost my job and my house, now living with someone. They called my references non-stop...when I finally got the message I immediately called them back and said I was unemployed and would like to make arrangements. I told them what I could afford and they turned it down...said it was going to the court. I was willing to make arrangements with them but it wasn't good enough for them. Their interest rates as everyone knows are outrageous...I knew it when I took out the loan but I as many other people was in a desperate situation and I fell into their trap.

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