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I fell into some hard times around the christmas holiday, and like a fool due to poor credit, I turned to sky financial for assistance. They provided me with a $1, 000 loan in which they consider "personal". I've have dealt with payday lenders, and checked my state for authorization, in which payday lending is illegal, however sky financial states "we are not payday lenders". Upon approval of the loan, I noticed after signing the contract, that there was a fee of over $500.00 added in addition to the $1, 000 deposited into my checking account. I still don't know to this day why a $500.00 documentation fee is needed to get a loan. I recieved $1, 000.00, and I will pay them back $1, 000.00. What cash call is unaware of is that I work for the legal system, and I know what they can, and can't do. So i'm recording every phone call they make, and will be filing a harassment lawsuit against them, if the calls continue. Also all be aware sky financial is "cash call. I found this out approx. (2) weeks after recieving my loan through the mail. Keep in mind I believe if you borrow money you should pay it back, however within a resonable intrest rate, and without the illegal tactics. So to you callers from cash call continue calling me all day from multiple numbers including trying to block your number, and trying to trick consumers with 5-6 digit numbers. Remeber they are all documented. Why not try working situations out, in order to get your money back. You'll lose more in a harasment lawsuit.

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  • Al
      Feb 09, 2011

    you noticed the fee AFTER you signed the contract, and now your trying to cover your behind with legal tactic. Harassing phone calls is one thing, but not agreeing to terms after you signed off on a loan - stupid.

    Shame on you for not reading an agreement before signing - tell me, how does someone in the "legal system" as you claim to be in - do this?

    No wonder you fell on hard times...

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  • Sh
      Feb 09, 2011

    The fact is if you do a loan in person you follow the rules of the state you are in . If you do a loan via the internet or by phone you must follow the laws that the lender is in. Perhaps someone with your legal background should check this out. This is how people in states suchs as georgia where payday loans are banned still wind up with them directly wired into thier bank accounts.

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  • St
      Feb 14, 2011

    To those who sent these ridiculous comments, this was intended for individuals who have been violated, and harassed by Cash Call. Regardless of what the contract states, we all have rules, and regulations to abide by. I never stated that I didn't owe the money. Ok good one Janitorial or mail room. I can bet you I make more than you...

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