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I took out a loan in oct 2010 for $2600. My first payment was $254 amd than was to be 298. I paid this loan of in 4mths (I told them feb I will pay the balance), and my pay off amount was $3012!!! That is insane, the interest is so high you dont even pay toward the principle.. How is this not against the law! Do not get a payday load through them, everyone knows you should pay off payday loads as soon as possible to avoid this type of interest charge but it see that amount in only 4mths. Rip off.

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  •   Oct 14, 2008

    Today is 13Oct08, I called to see if it was possible to have an extension on my loan until the 31Oct08, was told no that, I needed to find the money because the latest date I could have would be the 17Oct08. I explained that my son had gotten sick and that his insurance coverage had been terminated, and that I was currently working on the issue so, I had to pay out of pocket the representative Amber was so rude, and then ask for an supervisor Todd who was even ruder stating what I could and could not have as if the money come from their pocket. I was even informed because they were three paydays in Oct what was I going to do with the up coming payment explained that car payment, car insurance and daycare were due. I was then told to ask for and different with car note, I explained to them that I had done this in Feb08. I felt so degraded today like I was giving my life history for $254.53. I was told by the supervisor to ask and family member I explained to him that it was not possible that everyone I knew was struggling. The point I am trying to make the loan I have had for almost two years I pay, they don't have to send me any threating letters, it has never posted to my credit over thirty days past due, and to treat a human like this when they see and hear what is going on with the economy.

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  • Ri
      Nov 16, 2008

    Anyone who does business with these loan sharks are brain dead or just stupid.

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  • Ex
      Sep 20, 2010

    Cash Call is a Rip Off, This company offers loans at an outrageous intrest rate. I was recovering from a divorce and a damaged credit score. I HAD a great paying job and no problem making payments on the $2600 and intended on paying it off early. I then lost my job and have been struggling for nearly two years. I have paid the company over $6000 and they say I still owe $2000 dollars! Everytime I am late the loan compounds at 96%. I am unemployed and stuggling. I offered to settle by paying $500 (they already made a ton of money on this loan) and they didn't have the decentcy to even call me tell me they would't accept my offer.


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  • Sh
      Feb 11, 2011

    Its not a loan . It is a payday advance disquised as a loan. when you do one all the interest you pay is alot like rent . it goes to nothing or very little to say the least. unless you are paying massive lump sums such as 4 times your interest payment you will never get out of a loan like this. You did the smart thing by paying it off in 4 months. Consider it a lesson learned and next time go to a bank or family member.

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  • Fd
      Feb 12, 2011

    I think the interest rate is around 100%, so yes, it's high as hell.

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  • Sr
      Feb 27, 2011

    the reason why they can get away with this because of it being an internet loan. thats how they conduct their business. most states don't regulate internet loans. as always investigate with the bbb or message boards such as this one. when we fall upon hard times we really don't think about these things but truthfully cashcall will make your situation worse. this company has to be one of the most richest in America. this is beyond predatory. there are lawsuits against harrassment but I haven't seen any against the dollar amount being owed. unfortunately they have been around for quite some time because they do their business through the internet which kind of makes them untouchable. go to court and hopefully a judge will think this is ridiculous and rule in your favor and give them or you a reasonable judgement.

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