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Cash Advance USA / scam of money owed

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I am reporting a scam call I received today. On my caller id [protected] showed up, on my voicemail they left [protected]. A indian voice HINDU said that I owed CASH advance USA money from a loan I took in March. I didnt take any loan, and I advanced them of this. The man proceeded to laugh and hang up on me. I call back and get another person, He was talking and I was talking he told me [censored] You!... NO professional business tells you they are filing a law suit, swears at you and told me if I didnt want to hear what they had to say then I would be hearing from a attorney about my ssn and credit report. Real winners they are! Please dont provide them any of your information, I am not sure what they have from me, as I didnt ask, but I know I dont owe them any money.

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  • Je
      23rd of Aug, 2010
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    Cash Advance USA - harrassment/fraud
    Cash Advance USA
    United States

    These people have the audacity to call me with the subject of an unpaid loan and possible legal action. They will not give me any documentation as I have never taken a cash advance loan. I had considered the fact that my identity had been breached, so I need documentation to prove it was not me. They refuse to give me any documentation at all. This is the second complaint I have filed in the last six months. If there is an investigative branch of Complaints Board, I would like them to look into this as there has been thousands of complaints. If not, I would like some advice on how to handle these fraudulent scammers.

  • Re
      24th of Sep, 2010
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    Cash Advance USA - received call of payday loan never initiated
    United States

    I received a call on my cell phone from a Ben Martin from the Legal Dept of ACS. He told me there was going to be a lawsuit filed against me in the next 2 hours and he was calling to resolve it before it was filed in my local county. I asked him to what it was pertaining, he was very vague and hard to understand. I asked him for a contact number so I could call him back from a landline. He gave me the number of 347.625.3715. When I called that number it was answered as "Legal Dept". I asked for Ben Martin and was told by "Joseph" that Ben worked his cases and was calling for him. He told me I had taken out a $400 payday loan, had my social security number, address and personal references. I told him I had inquired on a payday loan a couple of years ago, but when I realized the interest rates and such, I declined the loan. I have received many offers in the mail and online, but have never taken a loan. I was thinking someone must have done one in my name. He told me that might be the case, but I would still be required to pay it. When I told him I wouldn't, that there is such a thing as identity theft protection, he gave me a number to call for Cash Advance USA. The number was 561.948.3837. When I tried to call that number, it gives a recording and when you try to leave a message, the mailbox is full! This all made me very uncomfortable. I went online and pulled copies of my credit bureaus and there is nothing reported against me. I think this is a scam, but when someone calls you and tells you that you are about to be sued and they have all your personal information it is scary.

  • Th
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Cash Advance USA - cash advance
    cash advance usa
    United States
    Phone: 7606844554

    i keep recieving phone call like everyone else saying i owe money for a payday loan i took out with cash advance usa tld them never have.they also called my job b/f thank god i had a cool boss said they were taking me to court and were gonna garnish my wages. today i clld back asked if i had an atty where they could send my papers too tld them need more info.then they told said "may god bless you" i kept all they voicemail with the threats that i could. what can been done with these people?

  • Bm
      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    Cash Advance USA - scam calls for cash advance loan
    Cash Advance USA
    United States

    I recieved a phone call from man who said I owe a chash advance loan from March of 2017. When they tried to take out the money for repayment the checks were returned and now I was being taken to court. The man had a very strong accent I could hardly understand him he then told me he was transferring me to his supervisor. The supervisor Nathan Davis got on the line he was also very hard to understand and sounded like the same person I talked to before. I told him I had never taken a cash advance loan in March of 2017 he told me I did and I he had my SSN and date of birth. When I asked what date the funds went into my checking account he said he didn't know it was in March of 2017. I asked what account they were put into and he read me back my bank account information. I told him I would have to look into this and he gave me a number 510-936-1554 when I did a reverse phone search it came up with a landline in Freemont, California. I checked my bank account and there were no Cash Advance deposits at all nor were there any returned checks after that. I called back and the man who answered sounded like the first two people I talked to and didnt even say "Hello Cash Advance USA", or anything like that he just said "Hello" when I said "is this Cash Advance USA", he said "Ummm yes." he put Nathan back on the phone. told them I checked by bank account and no money was ever deposited he told me they did put the money in there and that an investigator would be sent to my work to investigate me and let my company know that I had used their name for fraud. When asked why they don't send one to my home he said, "he can't". I told them that I never even took out the loan he said I either had to repay it now or be in a California court house next Friday. I told them that I wanted proof in 48 hours that I took out this loan and they said that I needed to hire an attorney that will cost me $5, 000 for one time court appearance or pay the money now. I told them I didn't owe the money and they had no proof that I did but I had all the proof that they never deposited money into my checking account. I told them I would be sending a local investigator to investigate this and they hung up. The sacry thing was they had my SSN, date of birth, bank account information, home address and employer information.

  • Am
      4th of Feb, 2011
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    i recently received the same phone call from the same person i beleive... did they ever take any money out of your acct? i'm worried they may do that to me.. i never took out a lona from them so i new for sure they were lying... please email me at [protected] to respond to this...thanks!

  • Sk
      5th of Feb, 2011
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    I have been getting the same phone calls also this past week. The first one was a message left on my answering machine at work. It was a man with a strong accent and I had to listen to the same message at least 6 times to grasp what he was saying. He said he was with the Federal Registration of Department of Justice. His name that he gave was Greg Nelson. He said I had a green sheet filed against my ssn#. That he was going to come to my work in 48 hrs and arrest me. There was no call back number on caller id and the caller didn't leave a number to call back. I called my HR department to have the call traced and it came back as a untraceable number. I did a little investigating myself on this. I didn't know what the caller was calling for. He did have the last four digits of my ssn# and my employers name.

    Needless to say I didn't get arrested 48 hrs later. Today I got a call at 815am my time and this time it was a woman giving me the name Michelle Jones. Again strong accent and it sounded like she was reading a script card. I could not understand a word that came out of her mouth. Some of the same was mentioned in this message as the one left on my work phone. I tried to return the call and it said there was no call back number. So I saved the message. Than around 1256pm today the same woman leaves another message basically screaming in the phone at me. I heard other people yelling in the background and this time she gave a number to call back which was 347-457-3020 which showed up as a New York number. Well, I thought two can play this game so I called the number. A man answered the phone saying "Hello". I said " I have been getting calls from your business and I want to know what they are in regards to". He said "Who is this" I told him that I wanted to know what business this was and he said it was a legal department. I said a legal department for what? He wouldn't answer me and I told him I got a call from a Michelle Jones and I want to talk to her. He told me I could talk to her supervisor. This foreign person got on the phone and he said his name was Gerad something or another. I asked him to repeat his name like several times and told him his english was crappy and I needed him to spell it out. I asked him what this was regarding and he started rambling on that I took out a cash advance and I was no being sued for non payment and fraud. I asked him the name of the company that was suing me and he didn't answer me. He just hung the phone up.

    I was pretty pissed so I called back and got the same person who answered the phone the first time. I told him that his "boss" hung up on me and he said to "hang on". I got this Gerad back and asked him why he hung up on me. No answer. He started in again with this speech. He wouldn't shut up so I thought okay I can play this game too. I said you need to stop and let me ask you some questions. I told him I want the name of the company stating I took out a cash loan from, the date I took it out, the day it was deposited into my account. He got pissed and called me a [censored]b****!!! and said I would get the papers Monday. I told him that this was fraud and that I had all the conversations being recorded and saved all the nasty msgs that were left. He finally gave me the name Cash Advanced USA which I have never had a loan out for. I inquired about one, but didn't take it. I told him I was going to contact the police and FBI for phone harrasament and fraud on their end and he said "Go ahead". He hung up on me again. So, I called right back several times and just got hung up on.

    I googled Cash Advanced USA and got all this information about fraud. In one of the posts I found a number for Cash Advanced USA. 518-635-0704 this was also a New York number. I called the number and some guy with a strong accent answered the phone saying only "Hello" I said what is the name of the business that belongs to this phone number? He asked me who I was looking for and I said Is this Cash Advanced USA and he said "Yes". He wanted to know who I was and I said I wanted information about a loan that supposedly I took out. I told him I wanted the date the loan was taken out, the date the money was deposited in my account and that I needed to verify with my bank on this. He paused and than said to me "Don't call on this number again" and hung up.

    What should I do. My employer said to not answer my phone if I don't recognize the number. I told my employer they are threatening to call you and get wages garnished. She laughed and said not without paperwork. She said 99% of people that call and complain about the employees and bills turn out to be nothing. She tells them to talk to the associate themselves or provide her with legal documents.

    Would the local police or FBI be able to help?

  • De
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    i got a call today, same info was given. His name was something Adams and had a strong accent, he said that i had to appear in New York for court unless I paid 400.00 today. He said if I didn't pay it I was looking at several felonies including theft by deception and fraud tri-state something or another. I could barely understand what he was saying. I told him that I had called the sheriff and he would be hearing from them. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he said he was one and he couldn't give me a company that he was representing.

  • Sh
      23rd of Feb, 2011
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    Next time you hear from them, let them know from them moment you identify yourself that you are recording the phone call, also let them know any other communications & all phone numbers from this point on will also be recorded because you feel threatened and that you feel you are being scammed and until they can provide you with legal documents proving who they are and what they are trying to collect you will not send them any money per the FBI . (this is what I was told to do by the FBI) This deters alot of these scammers from calling over and over. Get a cheap recording device and use it! Call your local police and file a police report as well as the 3 major credit bureaus and the social security department cause they have your numbers. The FBI website also has an email link on their site to identity theif crimes. You can email them as well. This is a classic scam where you have sent your information online to someone and these people have it.WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT SEND THEM A PENNY!

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