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For the past month I've been harassed by these scammers claiming to represent Cash Advance USA. The first call I received kind of shook me up since they had my social security number. I know I never borrowed any money from this company but I was still concerned with so much ID theft going on these days. After I argued with the rudest representative that I ever came across, I contacted the genuine company at their toll free number listed on their website and was reassured that they don't have any record of lending me any money much less sending my info to a collection agency. I received another call today from someone that called himself Justin Crowe and I patiently listened to him and took the fax number which he provided for me to send my credit card number to make payment for the $400 which he claimed I owe (last week they said it was $640.21). He said to include my billing address and a note 'apologizing to the accounting department for being delinquent with my payment'. I did send a fax but it did not have any credit card info or billing address. I wrote a single spaced note full of all the curse words that I've retained over the years. Believe it or not, this guy called me back and asked me to read the note to him which I politey did. He called back after I hung up and called me a [protected]@#%@ and said that he no longer wants my money but he is willing to have phone sex with me to settle my debt. Every time he called after that I answered the phone with my usual politeness, told him to have a nice day and hang up. He hasn't called in a few hours probably due to the time difference between the US and India (where he's actually calling from although he claimed to be in New York). I guess he got tired and had to go to sleep since the last time he called it was 2:00pm EST time here and it's about sometime after midnight where he is. Everyone, please beware, these people calling you with the poor english accent and english-sounding names are all fraud. They are actually calling from India. I work with a company that outsources our service desk over there so I have to communicate with them on a regular basis. I know some of them on a first name basis and trust me, they rarely have english first names much less last names. So the next time you get a call from a poor-english accent individual from the so called 'Cash Advance USA' and he/she claims his/her name is 'Diana Martin' or 'Gary Jones' ask if they're sure it's not 'Srikanth Lakshmikanth' or 'Sasikumar Solaikuppan'. Also make sure that you invest a few bucks a month with one of the credit monitoring companies just in case they try to apply for credit with the data that they have for you. They know my social security number but there isn't much that they can do with it since they have to provide additional confirmation which can only be acquired directly from me.

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  • Vi
      Jan 31, 2011

    You have lots of confusion about indians..they taking your offshore jobs doeesnt mean they are into credit card frauds also...

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  • Sh
      Feb 23, 2011

    Next time you hear from them, let them know from them moment you identify yourself that you are recording the phone call, also let them know any other communications & all phone numbers from this point on will also be recorded because you feel threatened and that you feel you are being scammed and until they can provide you with legal documents proving who they are and what they are trying to collect you will not send them any money per the FBI . (this is what I was told to do by the FBI) This deters alot of these scammers from calling over and over. Get a cheap recording device and use it! Call your local police and file a police report as well as the 3 major credit bureaus and the social security department cause they have your numbers. The FBI website also has an email link on their site to identity theif crimes. You can email them as well. This is a classic scam where you have sent your information online to someone and these people have it.WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT SEND THEM A PENNY!

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