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My name is Leonard Wilson. My e-mail is: [protected]

This guy (with an Indian accent) says he's a lawyer representing Cash Advance USA and said I took a loan out for $300 (which I did not). He threatened me with jail, etc.

I just looked up your site and similar fraud has been done by these people (with an Indian accent yet-- it might even be the same guy).

What do I do about this?

Please advise asap (preferably by phone as I don't have a computer)
'at: [protected] (I don't have Caller ID, by the way).

Thank you,

L. Wilson


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      Jun 24, 2010

    A company going by the Name APS claiming they represent Cash Advance USA about a loan I supposedly received in January of this Year they told me I needed to have my Attorney call them and that they had all the documents to take me to court and they would see me in court. I told them I have not gotten any documents in the mail they told me it was sent to my email address which I have never gotten anything from this company regarding any Pay day loan I received from Cash Advance USA which I never did complete any loan with any of them.

    I called them several time to talk to a supervisor but got the same answers about having my Attorney talk to them and they would see me in court. When I asked when this so called loan was to have taken place they told me in January and I told them I did not have a bank account with the Bank they mentioned the supposed deposit was made they hung up on me several times. I am checking with the credit reporting bureau's to make sure they can't put a negative and false report on my reports and I am calling my bank to make sure that if anything comes from this company claiming to be some kind of Legal firm can access my Account. Which I doubt as I told them they need to send me a legal document with the complaint and a court order to appear I almost hope they try to take me to court as I would love to sue these people out to scam hard working people and rip them off. And use harassment tactic to get money from them.

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      Feb 23, 2011

    Next time you hear from them, let them know from them moment you identify yourself that you are recording the phone call, also let them know any other communications & all phone numbers from this point on will also be recorded because you feel threatened and that you feel you are being scammed and until they can provide you with legal documents proving who they are and what they are trying to collect you will not send them any money per the FBI . (this is what I was told to do by the FBI) This deters alot of these scammers from calling over and over. Get a cheap recording device and use it! Call your local police and file a police report as well as the 3 major credit bureaus and the social security department cause they have your numbers. The FBI website also has an email link on their site to identity theif crimes. You can email them as well. This is a classic scam where you have sent your information online to someone and these people have it.WHATEVER YOU DO, DONT SEND THEM A PENNY!

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      Apr 26, 2011

    I Applyied for a cash advance. They had a Law Firm Call me saying that they deposit $300.00 dollars into my account. They told me I could settle out right now for $1, 000.00 Dollars. They said they Deposited this money into my account on May, 2010.. I called my Bank where they said they deposited... And Nothing There...They Are A Fraud Company Trying To Get Money Out Of People...

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      Jul 09, 2011

    Dude, it's a SCAM call. If they call you again just say to the caller, "I need your full name & company's address so I may provide it to my states's Attorney General's office with a formal complaint." More likely the idiot will just hang up and won't ever call you again. LOL

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      Jul 17, 2015

    I received an email from the florida attorney general saying they are investigating me for not paying back cash advance usa. Then the email went on and I feel it became threatening. The email was not addressed to me nor was it dated. It also wasn't signed by the attorney general. The man who claims to be an attorney in the office is named Jack Wilson. He was suppose to have sent it. The phone number on the email is suppose to be that of the florida attorney general office. I did some checking and the phone number comes up in new jersey.

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