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I am a real estate agent in a mid-sized southern city. I have been working directly with a client for over 4 months who was being considered for a position with a large international company with a facility located in my market area. The company uses Cartus as their relocation firm. I had been introduced to my client through an acquaintance employed by the company.

When the employment decision was finalized my client called me to set up a schedule for starting to look at homes. While on the phone with my client I received a call from a Cartus representative who left me a voice mail stating I would have to register with them to assist my client. Oh, they also wanted me to agree to pay them a 37.5% fee as a condition of registering. I told them I wanted to check with my client's employer to confirm what they were telling me before registering.

Long story short - the employer informed me there was no requirement to register with Cartus to assist one of their transferring employees, nor was there any requirement to pay them any registration fee. A subsequent discussion with Cartus revealed the 37.5% fee they wanted me to hurry up and agree to was actually a overly generous referral fee for a client referral they did not give me.

Watch these shysters. They will do or say anything to generate income for themselves, even when they have provided no services to warrant a fee.

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  • So
      Mar 28, 2011

    Thank you for this information. The same is happening to me right now. I am a real estate agent and they are calling me everyday to try and get a fee. The client has been under contract and is ready to close. Cartus has done nothing at all.

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  • Na
      May 02, 2012

    I was helping my parents to buy a house, and had offered an agreed price to the homeowner, but Cartus Relocation suddenly jump in and claim that they have to sign the contract with me before I sign the buying contract with the homeowner. So, basically, what they are doing seem to be, using my money to get the seller selling the house to them and then resell it back to me with higher price. They don't even need to do anything, all they did was jump in and claim. What a shame. Anyone who want to sell their home or buy a home need to be FAR FAR away from this crook. It is a ripped off for both the homeowner(seller) and the buyer.

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