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Complaints & Reviews

misrepresentation and lack of response

i found my home advertised as going up for auction when I actually own it outright and taxes are paid in advance. I have a tenant in the property and she reported this to me in a panic. There is a picture of the house on Trulia, and their site refers to Realtytrac as the provider of the information. Realtytrac denied providing the information to Trulia, stating that they had another home on my street for auction, and Realtytrac stated that i would have to contact Trulia to straighten this out. I have also written to Trulia, but have not heard back. And there the house sits "up for auction". How many homes are they advertising that are not being forclosed on. See Forclosures: Jefferson Ave Langhorne, PA #[protected]

  • Ne
    nelly nell Apr 28, 2009


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  • Re
    RedJ76 May 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Realtytrac offers a free 5 day trail. I canceled the free trail within 5 days but $59.95 was still charged to my credit card. I called and thy claimed I signed up for coaching and didn't cancel it in the time. They did agree to refund my credit card for the unauthorized charge. However, you will not be aware of the unauthorized charge until you see your credit card statement.

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Listings that it won't display; SLOW SLOW SLOW

This is without question the single slowest and useless site I have ever encountered. It advertises itself as having lists and listings for over a million foreclosures, but when I have entered the address for houses that I know are in foreclosure - such as my ex-wife- it usually returns a screen that says - and I am NOT making this up - "Bummer. We don't have it. But we're adding new properties every day." BUMMER?????????!!! B.U.M.M.E.R. ??????????????????????????????????????????????? What kind of amateur website sends out an error message "BUMMER" after charging $60 per month for a subscription? What's even worse is that I have view properties on one day, only to have REALTYTRAC not have the ability to display the property the next day. That time, the web site 'thinks' about it for 5-10 minutes, then comes back with yet another error message about REALTYTRAC no being able to display the property. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!! THIS IS A MONUMENTAL RIPOFF!!! The site is 99% useless. It's the slowest site I've ever encountered, data is outdated and frequently innacurate, and most times it will now show a property on the map but not allow you to actually look at the details. REALTYTRAC is a complete waste of time. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO REALTYTRAC.COMedy. They SUCK SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

Refuse to refund, bait & switch

I agreed to a seven day trial with RealtyTrac. First, the promised information was not there. Secondly, when I went to cancel, I could not log in. I called and got an answering machine and no one called me back. What a nightmare. I am referring them to my state consumer protection board if they do not refund the entire amount that they charged to my cc after they were given appropriate notice. There was an article written by The Oregon Herald, a major newspaper about these people in 2007 where the reporter came up with the same problems. Interesting, isn't it?

Internet Scams

I never used this website a day in my life, nor did I subscribe to them. I just found out after looking at my statements well after over a year. They have scammed me out of well over one thousand dollars. I want a full refund.

failure of costumer service to correct problem

On March 13, 1020 I tried a 7 day free trail with realtytrac. I recieved a printout that was not very useful to me so I canceled the next day with Danielle. I later found that realtytrac Coach is putting a charge of 59.95 on my credit card. I called to cancel again and recieved a credit for april but not for March. They are piggybacking web sites and tricking you into charges. Then when you use costumer servcie to correct the problem they are less than helpful stating Realtytrac and Realtytrac Coach are not affilitated. It looks to me like both are operated by the PEI company in Utah. I would like to join the others in some sort of civil action.

  • Br
    BRobinson Dec 05, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. saw my account with Coach and told me Coach is a 3rd party affiliation. When I called Coach they claimed I didn't have an account and continued to charge me. I am filling a credit card dispute. good luck!

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Billing for service not rendered

There has been multitudious complaints raised about customers of RealtyTrac cancelling their subscriptions and thereafter having a charge appear on the credit card in the amount of $44.95 from a company called RE Promoter.

This happened to me.

When I went back to review my email cancellation acknowledgement from RealtyTrac, the email addres for support/ billing questions was [protected] This would imply some connection between the two companies.

Nevertheless, RE Promoter denies anything but an advertising relationship with RealtyTrac.

You must be persistent to get a full refund from RE Promoter. When I emailed them, the email reply was that they would not grant a refund but would cancel my service. Of course, I never signed up for the service and so from my standpoint there was nothing to cancel.

Next, I called customer service. "Jeff" told me that he was authorized to rebate two charges for $44.95, although three charges had already been billed to my card. I thanked Jeff for this, but told him I wanted a full refund. He told me I would have to submit a form to the billing department. He emailed me the form, which I completed and returned.

Next, I sent an email to Dave Rogers at RE Promoter. I got Dave's address from another post to this site. "Jeff" did not offer Dave's contact informtion to me.

Dave's contact information is:

Dave Rogers
Client Relations & Services Director

Next, I sent a letter to Dave Rogers explaining everything that had happened.

I received immediate action from Dave. Dave agreed to refund to me four payments. I was only aware of three, and I guess the last one will be on my next statement. To Dave's credit, he stepped up and offered to refund all four payments, not jsut the three I had asked for. This was the honest and right thing to do, and Dave did it.

So, if you push hard enough, you should get a complete refund. While Dave was good to work with, I do sympathize with the comments of other posters who point out that RE Promoter is aware of the methods used by RealtyTrac to channel business to RE Promoter and RE Promoter continues to advertise/do business with RealtyTrac. They benefit from all of the consumers who don't notice the unwarranted charges to their credit card and give up too easily in their quest for a refund.

So, while Dave did offer to provide me with a full refund, it is a poor reflection on RE Promoter that one has to go to such lengths just to receive one's money back for a service that one never subsribed to. How many people who are fraudulently billed for the service stop at the receipt of the first email saying "no refund, but we will cancel your service", and are willing to just cut their losses at that.

If RE Promoter had integrity as an organization, it would empower its customer service department to deal with the RealtyTrac problem in a forthright manner and offer an immediate refund. Then, RE Promoter would end its relationship with RealtyTrac because of the unethical manner in which RealtyTrac steers "subscribers" to RE Promoter.

As for the practices of RealtyTrac, nothing good can be said about a company that steers unwitting customers to a new service that the customer did not knowingly sign up for and provides the new "service" provider with their customer's credit card information. This is unconsciousable, and I hope the State Attorney General in California puts RealtyTrac out of business and its management behind bars.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Info for a FULL REFUND

I experienced the same SCAM. And exhausted all avenues to get my refund. I am going to share with you 3 contact numbers that you need to HARASS for a FULL REFUND. Carbon copy all of them on your correspondences via email. If they get enough of these requests they will have to change their deceptive business practices. They were getting ANNOYED with my persistance! They are quite aware of all the complaints. And Yes I received a FULL refund!

Rob Loschiavo
RealtyTrac Inc.
[protected] x122

Daren Blomquist '[protected]'

Dave Rogers, Client Relations and Services Director for REAL ESTAT Promoter


  • Lo
    lorna williams Jun 24, 2009


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  • Sc
    Scambargo Jan 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stay away from them! They will charge your credit card every month and you won't be able to contact them. Even if you will they will hold you on the phone for hours without any results. Check your bank statement!

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PEI Coach Network sign up

I too was stupid to sign up for the trial subscription to RealtyTrac to see if they really did provide additional foreclosure information not available elsewhere - not really, just packaged a little better. I got sidetracked and was a day late in canceling the trial subscription so I figured I had wasted $49.95. To my surprise my credit card also had the additional $59.95 charge from PEI*Coach Network . I immediately called the phone number on the credit card bill and fortunately there were no problems in canceling the (real estate advisors) subscription as well as submitting a refund request. I went back to the site and went through the signup pages again up to the payment page and carefully read the Terms of Use and did not find anything that hints at signing up for another service. Hence I do believe there is some misconduct involved in this automatic signup. The RealtyTrac Terms of Use does state "Member who posts Member Content on the Site or any RealtyTrac-controlled or sponsored website, including without limitation, properties for sale, hereby grants to RealtyTrac the right to distribute, by e-mail or otherwise, all, part or a modified version of such Member Content to any third party, including any media RealtyTrac may deem advisable in its sole determination for marketing purposes." --i.e. a pretty stong anti-privacy statement.

  • No
    Noya Mar 28, 2011

    I too noticed the billing was different from what I expected. I did sign up for the RealtyTrac Coaching program, but my credit card statement said PEI Coach Network. I found out that there is a separate billing for the coaching programs by PEI. They refunded me for the month for the confusion.

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unauthorized withdrawls

I went on realty to search for homes they offered a free 7 day trial period. they said as long as i cancelled within the 7 days there would be no futher charges.that was 2 months ago and now in december my bank account was charged 2 different charges one for 49.95 and one for 44.95. i received my email stating my confirmation of cancellation on the 6st day of my trial period and my bank will not do any thing. i need them to stop taking money from my account i went back to realty trac to try to cancel again but now it wont let me in it says i have to reregister with a different card and i refuse to do that. please help me get them to replace the money that they took from my account and stop any future withdrawls.the emails have been erased but i do have copy of bank statement that i can fax or copy and email account is [protected]

  • In
    Inga Jun 08, 2009

    Realty is the most sophisticated theft vehicle on the net. I am a realtor and suscribed to their services. What a mistake! They charged over $500 to my credit card well over the time when I demanded via email and phone for them to cancel my subscription. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these theives. Hear me now or suffer the consequences!

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Fraudulent Release of Credit Card Information

Like may other unsuspecting previous subscriber to Realtytrac, I just learned that REALTY TRAC releases your credit card information to third parties without willful or explicit authorization.

I canceled my subscription to Realty Trac in April 2009. In May 2009, I was billed by both Realty Trac for $49.95 and discovered a new charge of $44.95 by a shadow company of Realty Trac called REPROMO in LAS VEGAS NV (REAL ESTATE PROMOTER).

I have since learned that this company uses your credit card information provided by Realty Trac upon canceling your Realty Trac subscription without your explicit written or verbal consent.

While I do not recall ever selecting the option for this service, nor would I have selected this service had I been provided the opportunity, it appears that Realty Trac is responsible through either deception or unlawful representation.

While the Realty Trac billings stopped, this shadow company has continued to bill $44.95 per month.

I have contacted my Credit Cards fraud unit and am filing a complaint with the BBB. Unfortunately, I am stationed overseas in the military which complicates attempts to resolve this issue. I am contacting the SJAG office for further action.



  • Ki
    kissassony Jan 06, 2010

    STOP! Contact Real Estate Promoter before calling out the National Guard. Read:

    After contacting my credit card and an attorney, it was suggested that I attempt to contact the company. Several days later (it was the holidays) I was able to get through to a Real Estate Promoter representative. He was polite, courteous and understanding, and listened to my complaint. It was a real person. He then sent a form to "request credit" from their finance department, and a significant number of the charges were credited.

    While there remains question as to how and why I came to be signed up for their service, they took immediate action to resolve the dispute.

    I later received a polite and lengthy e-mail from Rob ([email protected] or 949-502-8300) explaining their concern over the allegations initially made, their services, and offering to assist me in rectifying this problem. He closed the e-mail on a positive note and expressed his sincere respect and appreciation for our military soldiers (which further put my mind at ease concerning all this, no pun intended).

    After all my actions and research, I now am convinced Real Estate Promoter is not randomly charging unsuspecting consumers, as many of the complaints I have since read against Real Estate Promoter allude to. In my research, the company appears to offer a viable on-line Real Estate service, albeit not one that I would require.

    The problem appears to be in the process for termination of services with Realty Trac. During the cancellation process (and if your computer settings default to an active field), you AUTOMATICALLY are electing a trial subscription to REP, which after the trial you are charged 44.95 unless you also terminate that election during the trial period (30 days?). If you are signed up for Realty Trac, be careful when you stop their service and keep an eye on your credit card statement.

    I will continue to resolve the matter directly with Real Estate Promoter and will follow-up if anything changes.

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Fraudulent Charges

I was charged 44.95 in October and November of this year, after cancelling my Realty Trac account, they gave my Credit card Information to a 3rd party Real Estate Promoters without my consent or authorization. I prompty closed my account and disputed the charges. When I called Realty Trac they had the number and a whole spiel lined up for Real Estate Promoters. It was extremely disheartening. I have been charged nearly 100 dollars in the last 2 months, I even had my cancellation number for Realty Trac. I really hope that this can be resolved. But after reading other posts I highly doubt it, but I know I never authorized these charges. Realty Trac even asked if it was possible I clicked on this link on the second page since this other company advertises on their site. I only put my CC info in once, and read the cancellation policies for Realty Trac, I never even saw anything for this other company. I can't beleive they have been able to do this for months without be prosecuted for fraud.

  • Da
    Daren Blomquist Dec 02, 2009

    This is Daren at RealtyTrac. We do alllow members who sign up with RealtyTrac to opt in for a free trial to the services provided by Real Estate Promoter, which we believe are very beneficial for many of our customers. Real Estate Promoter sends several e-mails to those who opt in during the course of the free trial to ensure they are aware of the service and make full use of it.

    That said, we want to resolve this situation for you. We will need more information to look up your account. Please contact me directly at [email protected] or 949-502-8300 x115. You can also contact our customer service department at 877-888-8722.

    Daren Blomquist
    RealtyTrac Marketing Communications Manager

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SCAM!!!! but i had it fixed!

I signed up and cancelled my realtytrac acount within 1 day. A few months later my account showed a charge of 44.95 on the 3oth of Sept and also on Aug 30th. I had no idea what it was!! I called the bank and disputed it (Chase sucks) and they said it was my fault and I had to call the company that charged me--although it was completely unauthorized. Of course I researched it online to see what the hell Real Estate Promoter is and the first thing that came up was "SCAM!" I called Real Estate Promoter to yell at someone and surprisingly they cancelled my "membership" whatever it was... and said they'd refund me the two charges within 3-5 days. The guy kind of sounded like this happens all the time and even called it an accident. So then I called RealtyTrac to file a complaint and let them know they are part of a scam. The customer support guy couldn't have cared less and they are more than aware of the problem but it is "our" fault not the company's. So beware! Do not sign up for Realtytrac!!!

  • Press Nov 06, 2009

    As a representative of Real Estate Promoter, I want to inform you of what takes place with our online trial offer and respond to the complaint that was filed.

    Real Estate Promoter is partnered with several companies. When a client signs up for a free trial with one of those companies, before they finish registering they are presented with our offer for a free trial of our Real Estate Promoter Investor Business Center. All terms and conditions are clearly stated on the opt-in page. The client has the option of clicking “Yes, continue” to accept the offer or “No thanks” to decline it.

    They are emailed a confirmation of their order with their new Investor Business Center information. The client can then use the website free of charge for a specified period of time, after which they will be charged a monthly fee to continue using the site. These terms are clearly stated on the opt-in page. If the client contacts our support department within the free-trial period to cancel their account, their account is closed without charge.

    If you, like lmmason, signed up for our free trial but then find you don’t want it after the free-trial period ends, please call us and we will work with you to help you get your money back and avoid future charges. Our customer-service representatives are helpful, friendly and quite understanding. We always do our best to help our customers and we promise to treat you fairly and kindly throughout the refund process.

    Please call Real Estate Promoter’s support department at 801-705-5325 or toll-free at 800-665-7495 to work out a solution today. We are confident you will feel satisfied with your experience speaking with us.

    Real Estate Promoter Support Department
    [email protected]

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  • De
    Destanee2 Nov 25, 2009

    I too had the same problem. I cancelled my free trial before my time was up. It was not like it was a week later, it was 2 MONTHS later that my charge came up. So it does not make any sense that we would not cancel our memberships! I definitley cancelled mine, but got a charge 2 months later. It is a scam!!!

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  • Fr
    Friar Tuck Dec 23, 2009

    This company clearly exists to extract a monthly fee from unwitting credit cardholders, as the "opt-in" is far from clear when the "free trial" offer pops up as part of the registering process. I'm sure for legal purposes they do actually offer the serivce they advertise, but I imagine the main job of their costumer service reps is to refund charges from irate customers who didn't realize they'd signed up for their services. Reatlytrac is harming it's own reputation by partnering with a company with such deceptive sign-up practices. As many report that they received no confirmation emails from the company, I would not be surprised if such conformations exist, they are designed to end up in spam folders.

    They will apparently, refund at minimum two billing cycles worth of charges with no questions asked. I've included a screen cap of the "opt-in" page so that others can make their own judgements as to clarity.

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I did sign up with Realty Trac for the discounted 7 day trial and cancelled in the same day via their instructions because the information that was given was the same that I found on my own. After the 7 days, I was charged the full price. I called and spoke to a customer service representative, who insured me that I would no longer have an account with Realty Trac which was almost a month ago. No where did I read they would be passing on my account information to another company. Now I am being charged by Real Estate Promotors for information that I DID'NT want, have not seen any info on and DID'NT authorize. Now I have the hassel of getting back my money that I did't willingly give out.


Please do not use this company for any services. You will be linked to Real Estate Promoter and charged a monthly fee of $44.95 at least. It appeared on my statement as 1323 Research Way with a phone number of [protected]. You will get an answering machine at this number. The only way I reaced any one at this company was to go to their web site and call the customer service number. The person I spoke too claimed I had to click on their link on this web site to get their services. Beware, because I certainly did not do this intentionally, or I would have cancelled it out immediately. Beware of hidden charges and cost with Realty Trac links!

  • Dr
    Dr. Rob Omri Nov 15, 2009

    Many of my friends and I have lost a lot of money on this scam by Realty Trac and Real Estate Promoter. Real Estate Promoter charges your credit card when you think you are signing up for Realty Trac. There is a top law firm investigating a class action. If you have been unfairly charged, want to collect damages and teach these greedy companies a lesson, please send me your info or email to [email protected]

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Resolved fraudulent 7 day free trial

I tried to create a 7 day free trial account to use realtytrac, a website which provides information about foreclosed properties on the market. My acount never worked, and I have never logged successfully logged in to the website. You are supposedly able to cancel your subscription on line, but I could not because my login didn't work.

The 7 day trial lapsed and I called when I noticed the $49.95 monthly charge on my credit card. I was able to speak to a representative after just 5 minutes or so to cancel my subscription (although they charge a $5 fee to cancel by phone), and then I was transferred to another line to speak with customer service representative about my refund and waited on hold for over 2 hours before I was allowed to submit a request for a refund. No big surprise, They have refused to refund the full amount although I have never used the service, not even once.

Do not use this service, they are out to rip people off. And at a quiet $50 a month, they are making a bundle.

  • Ku
    Kurt D Mar 28, 2009

    Continue to charge after free period. Very difficult to cancel. No answer when phone is called.

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  • Us
    USArmyWife May 21, 2009

    I signed up for a free trial but at a site of another name. I used it for a few hours and found it useless. About 3 days later I sent an email to cancel it.
    WELL! I found charges of $49.95 for the last two months on my bank statement for RealtyTrac. I started surfing to find if anyone else had complaints and I found a whole world of them, particularly since Jan 2009. One site said not to hesitate to file a complaint with the Fed. Trade Comission and gave the phone #.
    I called RealtyTrac, tried to remain calm and use textbook customer conflict resolution language, but I ended up losing it with the first man, then requested to speak to his supervisor. I did also end up swearing quite profusely at him in the end. You see, they try to trip you up, asking, "Well, what email address did you send the cancellation to? Do you have a confirmation number?" Yes, I did, but it was under a site called ForeClosureStore and they simply said they did not have any idea what I was talking about.
    Thankfully I had read up enough to learn that for the past few months, someone has been operating in the 'Foreclosure listings" business, gathering information under several business or website names, and sharing the info. Then of course, when people complained, they simply denied any knowledge of it.
    Cool as I usually can be in conflict resolution, I just knew that these two guys were sitting somewhere in a boiler-room or apartment, practicing doublespeak, and showing up with sites for a few days and then disappearing with the info. A lot of folks posted that they have filed cases with several states' Atty Generals, and then of course the FTC. I told the men this, that I knew they were phishing or trading info, that it was a scam, that it was OBVIOUS that I didn't use the site they were billing me for, had never heard of it. Of course they said they had never heard of the site on which I had received a cancellation number. It was meaningless to them.
    I was losing it, which of course puts someone in the position of weakness. But I finally begged them, Look, guys, I am a military wife, I am seriously ill, and I have to move my family cross-country in a few weeks. Please, Please do not phish me!."
    After 30 or 40 minutes on the phone, with me refusing to back down, refusing to concede that I had in any way shown a desire to have their business services for $49.95 (!!!) per month, insisting on a full refund (I believe the exact final words were, "I want my back immediately from you scammers and I am calling the FTC immediately") suddenly...the guys says he will refer my case for review to their refund department and I would receive notification in about 3-5 days.
    As soon as I hung up from them, I called the Fed. Trade Commission, where a very nice lady took my complaint and took it very seriously. She said there is a huge rash of scamming like this due to the bad economy. It was as easy as pie to file a complaint over the phone, and I hope everyone who has a problem like this will do so.
    Today, on the 3rd day, I received an email saying that I would be getting a full refund. ~whew~
    And NEVER will I EVER sign up for anything again under a 'free trial and then we will bill you" kind of deal. Not for anything!! If I can't get it at Wal-Mart ot Sears, I just don't need it.
    Good luck to everyone.

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  • Fl
    Flacah Oct 08, 2009

    same thing it is a ripoff

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  • Fl
    Flacah Oct 08, 2009

    Im agree 200 % the site it is NOT GOOD

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  • Ne
    newmember101 Feb 10, 2010

    This is a fraudulent company that also charged me after I cancelled my subscription prior to the free trial expiring. I very much encourage a lawsuit and investigation because this should not be legal.

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  • Te
    Terrilee Fitz Mar 20, 2010

    This company is a total scam. I tried the 7 day trial also! I wrote them and told them I was not interested as the service provided nothing for me. and not only have i have charged EVERY month $69.99, they gave my account number to another company which also charged my account $49.99 for some report I never wanted!! Trying to get them off my account has been impossible! no return calls, emails, nothing, i'm thinking I have to cancel my card to get them off! what can I do?

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  • Sa
    SamIam2 Dec 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Realtytrac is full of sneaky underhanded people who have no confidence in their product. They profit off people forgetting to cancel their "free trial." If they actually had a good product to sell then people would naturally buy their subscription and they wouldn't force their "free trial" subscribers to fork over their credit card numbers.

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  • Kw
    Kwallace Mar 06, 2011

    I am in the middle of a dispute with this company also. Unfortunately, I did not discover the fraudulent activity on my american express card for over a year. Am Ex is conducting a fraud investigation right now and I will take the advice mentioned above and report them to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Resolved Unauthorized billing

Realty Trac shared my information with another company and charged my card 49.95. unauthorized charges.

  • Mh
    mharring Jul 05, 2009

    RealtyTrac will misinform you about your free trial expiration and then charge you the full amount. Stay away from this scam.

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  • Ro
    rosal Dec 19, 2009

    Realty tract also charge my credit card for 4 months even though I cancelled my membership 2 days after viewing their 7 day free trial. Also, they want me to cancel only via their website, but their website does not give a confirmation number of cancellation at all and when I try to call them, they won't answer. I was just surprised all of a sudden after 4 months that I was billed each month and when I tried to complaint they ask my confirmation number which they did not give. Also their houses value are not foreclosure price. They are indeed overpriced.


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  • Mi
    michelle b 90 Apr 08, 2014

    I've never even used them, but just received a 49.95 charge on my account. They have no record of my email address, yet they charge me? How can this be! I will never see that money again I'm sure! I don't know how they got my information. Beware!

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Resolved Misrepresentation

I am disputing this transaction because I tried to cancel my membership on the 7th day of the free trial. I received a call and email on instructions on how to cancel my account on the e8th day. Additionally, I received a call from a Realty Trac representative that was
Trying to sell me goods and services unreleated to what the free trial was offering.
The solicitation was for entering a training program to either buy short sale home and use realty tracs legal services to make the purchase or become a research person to get money for finding houses for short sellers. The advertised product was simply what I though was the reputable statistical real estate tracking company. Since I only used the free trial for 7 days and get a delayed response in cancellation, then a call regarding a product and service that they are selling that had nothing to do with my free trial and they go ahead and charge me $49.95 for service that I tried to cancel in the appropriate time frame, I will dispute this transaction for misrepresentation of the Services rendered as well as many sources of documentation regarding complaints against this company for misrepresentation. I was unaware of this until I noticed that my credit card was being charged for one month of service that I was misled by their claims of service.

  • Fb
    fb993 Apr 13, 2009

    It is too bad realtytrac pesters you with phone calls on upselling. But cancelling shouldn't have required an email for further instructions, you could have done it. The terms of use for them is pretty clear that you have to cancel before the trial membership.

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  • Mh
    mharring Jul 05, 2009

    RealtyTrac deliberately tries to mislead you by giving you a trial expiration date several days after the real date. Then it fails to send the confirmation email. Then it charges you for a full month. It's a scam to feed their cash flow needs that needs to be exposed. Their listings are fairly worthless.

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  • Fl
    Flacah Oct 08, 2009

    AGREE 2000 %

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  • Mo
    monkish Oct 10, 2009

    I never signed up for a free website and they say I did. I canceled the realty trac and I thought every thing was ok. Then we noticed they were still charging. I sent an email, letters I did not keep the first postal receipt thinking that would be enough the magazine still keeps coming!!! The post office said send a return card they sign and refuse the mail. Again this month they sent that foreclosure report!!! I thought I was just paying to see the houses on realty trac and really it was some dumb website. I have two businesses that have company sites. I bought a personal site from Go Daddy long after I quit Realty Trac. f I needed a site I would have signed up for one. They should have access to show I never went to any such account. Now Citi Chase wants me to respond. Does anyone else think a class action suite might get them to quit? I will make a page on my site for complaints about realty trac. We get a free call to a lawyer with my legal plan. Let's get them to stop ripping people off! Actually just go to the contact us or blog to let me know how they ripped you off!!!

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  • Va
    VAG1955 Feb 18, 2010

    Same deal here, I signed up and cancelled right away. I called the line and they told me no further charges would be made. I was continually charged $44.95 after speaking to someone from January to July of 2009. When I called them when I realized I was being charged ( my error! for not paying more attention!) I was bounced around, treated rudely promised a call back from the Manager, Michael, ( it never came!) and only refunded $44.95 for one month. This is after they had taken January through July out of my checking account. I am now writing the Attorney Genearal and hopefully that will help.

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