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Fake I should know

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Fort Myers, Florida
United States
Hey i figued i should let everybody in on a little secret, i ended up working for this stupid company for 3months before me and about 7 other people got layed off, well now i will hopefuly put this place out of buisness by letting all you jabronies in on the scam, first the top of the command is ragen st. Peter, this dip ### thinks he is cool or something he needs a reality check this is a huge scam, once you see the credit card number on the website and your like you know what let me cancel this bs, well when you do that the information that you put in all gets recorded and it goes to an autodialer and thats why we begin to constantly harass you to join up, it doesnt matter if you have a 2008 bmw or a 1970 toyota camry they will try to get you signed up, once you pay the 99$ and you go on the website to check all your free parts you start to realize hey nothing here fits my car, by the time you call back and ask for you money back the most you'll get back is 75, then they will tell you ya you can get a bodykit for going to 5 shows, yea riite first off the first show you go to is like a reasearch you dont even get a part for going to that show after you do your research then you can begin to get a crappy part or decal, then you have to go to like 3 more shows before you can even start promoting for the bodykit so basically you have to make it out to like 10 car shows for the bodykit minimum, now the scam is this that no normal state will actually have these many shows in a year i barely hear of 2 car shows a year in any state, basically i'm just letting you all know that if you sign up for the 99 dollar fee your a f'n ###. Here is the rundown of the convo you will be hearing lets pretend you have a 95 toyota supra and your name is bob, hey bob this is martin with carsponsors.com (Me) i'm calling because i wanted to see if we could help you out and try to get your application approved. (You) okay cool man what do i gotta do (Me) i just have to ask you a few questions, first have you done anything to your vehicle? (You) no? (Me) oh thats okay our sponsors love to work with stock cars, it gives them a lot to work with, now do you like going to car shows and events? (You) yea i do (Me) perfect thats how were going to get you set up with those "free" parts, all we ask you to do is go out to local car shows and events pass out some flyers and do a little promoting, the more promoting you do the more free parts you'll get (You) cool (Me) so what kind of modifications would you like to do if your car got fully sponsored (You) i want rims, a bodykit, and some performance parts (Me) cool man we can def help you out now if you are sponsored your going to be sponsored by over 30 companys anywhere from performance parts from jdm, aem, fadanza, all the way up to vertical doors!! (You) awesome man (Me) yea now i have to get you over to my approval agent he will be deciding if you are approved or not if you are approved there is a one time fee of 99 dollars which will lock you in to all the 'sponsors', now im going to write you an excellent recomindation bc your car has a lot of potential (Bs thats what we say to everybody) . . . Now this is the time where you get transfered over to the approval agent "eric" or maybe "luis" or another douchebag that they hired. Now when you speak to the approval agent the only thing stopping you from getting accepted is the money if you have no credit card or debit card or something thats when they say okay buddy i'm not 'allowed' to hold your application so see if somebody can help you out and if you can use there card or something give me a call back when you get that and ask for the approval agent. To make a long story short dont waste your time or money there is no point in giving these fake ### ### a penny of your hard worked money. Ps the person that calls you gets 5 dollars for everyone he signs up and the "approval agent" gets like 10 dollars so no wonder they harrass the ### of you they are getting commision out of it!!! Also sorry to anybody i signed up ;x i was just doing my job.
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A  23rd of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes
i agree. i was also a former employee of this company...nothing but some old fat ### trying to scam anybody just to make a quick buck!!
D  19th of Mar, 2009 by    -3 Votes
That "ex-employee" up there is martin. He was fired from the company with others for lack of program knowledge and lack of productivity. Yea, of course the company pays its employees, so what? The bottom line is if you promote and take pictures verifying promotion, YOU WILL RECIEVE YOUR FREE PARTS. If its something simple it may say go to 2 carshows, go to the 2 shows and do your thing promote and take pictures, you get it for free. If its something more expensive, like say a full custom bodykit, bodykits.com requires you go to like 5 shows. Turbo is like 10 obviously because its very expensive. Thats just to name a few of the many products available. The company will approve you if you have a vehicle they can help you with and you are willing to promote. If you dont have time to promote the discount you get on this stuff is crazy! There are so many lies on the web from ppl that were just to lazy to promote enough to make it worth their while, so now theyre mad that they didnt benefit! The companies that carsponsors get to sponsor you MUST get sufficient promotion or why would they wanna give you something for free? Anyhow, no company likes to terminate employees, but that doesnt mean you should make up lies because your angry. In addition, he tells how the phone call works...So what? Of course there is a verification and approval proccess, they have to make sure they can help with the vehicle and that you understand how it works.
A  20th of May, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Honda1020, you know your comopany is BS, that's why the Better Business Bureau gave you a D- from the 178 complaints in the past 38 months. Go get a REAL job and stop misleading peopl and taking their money, its not nice ;D

D  5th of Nov, 2009 by    0 Votes
Ok I am with Honda1020 on this, they have turned my car completely around and its just from me doing all the work on my side, and going to shows I was going to go to anyways I made my 99 dollars back 10 fold in one year. I don't even work for them, I am just a customer and I think losing your job and being butt hurt about it is no reason to try to lie and slam them, they are a great company and help people build there dream cars. I think you should just get off your butt and find a job and stop trying to hurt the company that let you go for very good reasons apparently.
N  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +4 Votes
Honda1020 and sponsoredbig probably got paid just to write that ###.
N  25th of Nov, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Well I almost fell for it. I did check out the better business bureau before googleing the web site. I guess a good rule of thumb has always been " if it sounds to good to be true it probably is" . I would like to thank people for submitting there thoughts an oppinions on this matter. Everyone is in-fact entitled to there oppinion. I am glad that the internet gave me the opportunity to research it a bit more. This company did not get good marks from the BBB. They had alot of unresolved complaints. In fact this company is listed with the BBB as an Internet Shopping web site. What does that tell you.. There is a good chance that there is no free lunch... again thanks to all who submitted an oppinion on this site and all the others..
N  27th of Jan, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Well hopefully people would figure it out when they get to the bottom of the page and it asks for their credit card #. Why would they need your money if big Co.'s like AEM is going to pay for you to market their products. HINT! There is no reason they should charge you to be used as a billboard. If say, AEM thinks your a good investment and they give you parts to promote them, then you basically work for them and they pay you in parts. Be carefull people scams are everywhere.
A  30th of Jan, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Simpli I will not do it. The thing that stop me was the credit card issue. You give that up and get ready to get rapped.
A  2nd of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I myself have gotten a lot of ### letter scams telling me to send money with no info or return address a lot and I have been lazy and have not reported them but I feel like every1 is only out for money and how to ### people. The last thing I came across was a signed certificate that stated that I had to pay a small fee and was also given a 2, 000, 000 check along with it, all over these papers it said and I quote "This is a Guarantee" ~~~to collect money that's supposed to exist " and the best part was on the back it had the terms n conditions stating that it was only used as a sweepstakes and nothing was guaranteed and it even told you the odds of winning... I immeditely called my mom n she checked BBB n they never heard of any such company...

Hi my name is bill
I'm only 24 from philly and I can tell you the only thing that is free is the air we breathe, sex, life and death.
Even the churches and schools expect any 1 who shows up to "help others"
motherf***ers should pay us for all the crimes they get away with, scamming, stealing, molestation, abuse,
But if a normal person (meaning that you don't work there) does sum of the same crimes they basically get sent away while the people making all the cash are basically hopping around like there untouchable and that's all I gotta say...

Always check for a return address, a company name or logo, a phone number, or email or some for of contact instead of sending your money to a P.O. BOX n bumblef**k
A  11th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I got sponsored for fishing and for low level sponsorships you get a major discount on gear. I didnt have to pay anything I just sent them an email with my tournament record and told them I was interested in their company. Boom Level 2 sponsorship 50% off gear and a big cash bonus and possible full sponsorships if you win a high level tournament. THAT IS HOW SPONSORSHIP WORKS proof at monsterrodholders.com team member Joe Chase
hell I was sponsored by a skateboarding team 5 years ago and they gave me free crap just because I was good at it
D  17th of Feb, 2010 by    0 Votes
I currently work for Carsponsors.com and I would like to let everyone out there know that Carsponsors.com is NOT a scam. You don't believe me? Call me at 1-866-923-5893 and I will explain every detail about the entire program to you. You have nothing to lose... call me and ask any question you want about our company and I will gladly let you know the truth. If you still don't like the program... hang up. You'll never know unless you ask!

Sarah : )
A  16th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
I ended up buying into this B.S. as well and I even purchased somthing through the discount parts option and I gotta say the discounts aren't that special ( like 20-30$ off ) and I'm still waiting for the part. They say it takes 3-5 weeks to receive your order and we are well pass that. I tried to call and find out what was up with my part and the lady tells me she can't help me that I have to send an email and wait for a response. It was probly you Sarah. Anyways, I finally get an email back (weeks later)saying my part was shipped April 21 and now it's May 16th and still no part and I've asked for tracking like 4 times and they still have not provided me with tracking. Let me remind you that this is somthing I paid for, not somthing I was trying to get sponsored but somthing I paid for with my hard earned cash. So before you dump your time and money down the drain please think about the problems I'm going through and remember I'm just your average Joe, not someone who has worked for the company and was fired and may be out to get them. Or someone that works for the company now who was told by their boss to post a number to call so they can talk you into joining. I'm just Someone who wants their part so I can be done with this B.S. Company.
Even if it's not a scam, I feel ripped off.
A  7th of Sep, 2010 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
suck my balls sarah. your only saying that so people will call u and u will convince them to sign up and u will get paid. [censor] off u whore
N  15th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Woah! Thanks guys! And sarah, suck a dick. Anyways, i was literally a click away from falling for it til i thot gee, i should see if anyones had any problems with this site, just to make sure. Sure enough, whammy! No chance. Thanks for your help, you might be ripped off, but atleast you can go to bed knowing you saved a hardworkin american time and money. Thanks. And again sarah, suck a dick, and dont forget to cup the balls.
A  17th of Sep, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I was also about to buy into this before I read this... as soon as they told me it was $99 to sign up... I knew that "free" carsponsors was [censor]... I even told them I don't go to carshows nor was I willing too start and they told me it didnt matter i was still approved ([censor]) they just wanted their $99... what car company would give people free [censor] for not doing anything... and i agree.. Sarah suck a dick... start with mine
A  5th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
I'm not going for this gimmick after seeing all the negative feedback...God knows I want to believe it's true, but I'd be crazy to after seeing all the red-flag signs! I've had the same experiences dealing w/ these folk you guys have, and haven't given them my money yet, and don't plan on it! I realize that if it were legit they would still probably charge a fee for rendering services in helping promote one's own car to these aftermarket supply companies, but it's obvious this is one "company" that's NOT going to do that! In fact, I find it hilarious that the email I got had the SAME phone number as the one listed above for the woman named "Sarah". Well, idk who "Sarah" is but some of you may find that the same number is used by a various amount of other female names, including the one I got, "Kathy B."...hmmmm, and that was supposed to be her own personal number according to her email...I'm...I'm...I'm hurt =*(, she lied to me apparently! LOL, please don't fall for this trick folks! I know a couple of people personally who already have and I'm afraid that they're in for a rude awakening when they realize they've been duped! Why the BBB or some court system, etc. can't have these folks sued to the point of taking down their site and "company" totally, is beyond me, should've been done alooooong time ago!
A  17th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Well now im [censor]ing pissed. same damn thing just happened to me yesterday. Im 15 and i spent my 99$ for this stupid [censor] [censor]ing scam. that just goes to show that people will do anything for your money. i had kathy b. or whatever the [censor] her name is. this [censor] was set up quite nicely though. sounds professional and looks pro. i guess they set up phones and websites with my money and all the other people who have been [censor]ed in the [censor] by this scam. im pissed and my parents are gonna be [censor]ing pissed. im taking my 96 firebird and building it from the ground up whether i have to pay out the [censor] for it or not. [censor] CARSPONSORS.COM and all the people who comply with it. take it from a 15 year old and everyone above. dont give your money up to this [censor]. its not worth it. spend ur money and [censor] you know you'll recieve. thanks carsponsors.com, for destroying my dreams and taking my money. [censor][censor]s...
N  18th of Nov, 2010 by    +2 Votes
here is a better way. does anyone have any parts for a 1990 chevy k1500? its got a 350 and a 5 speed. stock wheels and tires and no lift. so if anyone wants to give me any parts or give me a discount let me know. this has got to be better than going through car sponsors.
D  24th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
lolz ...We all want this to be true that we could get sponsors for our cars. Well the truth is that this people from CARSPONSORS.COM dont care about U or your car and take it from me a guy that loves cars and want a career customizin cars. If you are checking CARSPONSORS.COM is because you love your car and want your car to be in magazines and car shows well i dont know about u guys but Im sick of all this scams why can there be a real car sponsor a company that really loves doing this and deos it for the love of cars I mean we love cars we love that feeling that you get when you work hard and save money for a new part for your car dont try to take advantage of us just because we are car guys. Im tired of this fake things and if you are with me we could do all this our self if we all get together we could make our dream cars our selfs [censor] sponsers this is the FUTURE we got youtube/google/facebook/myspace/twitter ext. If we want people to see our unique cars all we got to do is get together and do our own free page Im only one person with a simple idea but i need all your guys help spread the word and give me ideas we could do it. CONTACT ME AT : SPEEDTECH101@AOL.COM or go to http://www.facebook.com/SpeedTech101 and look for me on youtube SPEEDTECH101
A  20th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
funny i spoke with kathy b also... and i also as stated above was called without giving my card info, and was told 30 sponsors were waiting..and i had to lock it in within 24 hours or they could not hold my application. Ive learned with previous experience, if it sounds to good to be true, it most likely is. meaning its a scam...always research a company on the internet before working with them, we are in an information age, and we have the resources to find these things so do it...way to many people scamming now a days lol

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