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I'm highly upset with this rinky dink company. They have condescending supervisors that make excuses and lie to get late charges, even though one makes their mortgage payment ontime. They have switched to a Western Union payment system and shifted the blame on why my payment didn't post, even though I had a confirmation # that my payment was accepted. Carlos the alleged "higher up" lied and said that my bank returned the payment, yet, when I called Bank of America, they said that there wasn't a record of any returns. The [censor] Carlos hung up on me right before he argued why I was wrong and then, talked down to me because I conveyed to him that he was talking like a robot and it sounded like he was reading out of a script. He then, stated that he would "translate" what I didn't understand. I became highly upset because I told him not to talk down to me as if I was an [censor]. He hung up on me without giving me the information of their corporate office and before helping me resolve my issue. My mortgage is now way overdue and Carrington Mortgage doesn't care to collect the money. I will figure out how to write a letter to this terrible company and will complain to the Better Business Bureau on their ill treatment!

Nov 22, 2017
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      Apr 25, 2018

    I too am extremely upset with this company. BOA sold our mortgage to this joke of a company and we have had nothing but trouble since.
    My husband and I both lost good paying jobs in the recession and were unemployed for 4 months. Yes, we did get behind on our house payments and we had to file chapter 13. As soon as our chapter 13 was cleared, they were on us like wild fire. We were in the process of catching up payments, because now we didn't have to pay our BR payment, so it would only take a few months to catch up. (so we thought) We called Carrington to see if they could modify our payments or put the past due payments on the end of our contract, but NO! instead they began foreclosure. We were sent a letter stating that we had to have $8600.00 to them by the 29th of the month. We got the money together and sent it in 4 days earlier than it was due. However, the very next day, my Homeowners insurance called to tell me that Carrington had sent them a letter stating that our house was vacant! What?

    My husband called Carrington and they said they had received the payment, but now our current payment was past due 10 days. Really? I just gave you almost $9000.00. We explained that they would have the current payment by next week. They were rude and not helpful at all. We understand that we will have to pay late charges but we can only give them so much money at once. GIVE US A BREAK!!

    My belief is that since they have already made money on your home, if they can foreclose and sell it, they will then make more money. Or, if my insurance company hadn't called about the "home vacant" letter, they would have been able to foreclose due to not having insurance.

    This place is such a gimmick! NEVER GO WITH CARRINGTON!!! Nothing you can do will ever satisfy them and YOU are the least of their concerns.

    As soon as I can refinance my home with someone else I am out of this company! THIS PLACE IS A NIGHTMARE!!
    Please tell anyone you know that has or is considering Carrington for their mortgage to NOT do it. If your bank sells your mortgage to them, which it looks like many have, re-do your mortgage ASAP with someone else. This place is not for the customer they are money mongers and don't care about you, they are in the business of taking away your home at any cost.

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