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Career Network / Scam and cheating

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While investigating the continued contact and fake job postings on craigslist from Career Network, Inc. reps, I decided to pretend to be an employer and sent an inquiry to (another front contact, that's how they operate, but if you always look at the Terms & Agreements it always shows CN or Career Network as the real comany behind the fake web pages), I received a failure notice, not surprised because they do not represent an employers, even though listed on their web pages (I keep wondering why some of these employers aren't doing anything, Target, Allstate? etc. that's my next reporting step).

The failure notice came back amazingly with a real person's name on the return email and not the lilaccareers. Yeah! Fraudsters are stupid, they eventually show a trail and get caught. I used to help investigate and gather data for a lender for loan fraud investigations so I'm very internet savvy and able to 'connect the dots' so to speak to find information. The return email on the delivery failure notice (I've copied below to show my legitimate claim) is Alexander Simon.

I searched for Alexander Simon Career Network, but got all of these its for Alex Simon linked to Talent Network, Inc. yet another same to defraud parent of money pretending to be an on-line agency representative. Same scheme, different subject. Further searching shows a Lou Pearlman behind another fraud scheme and an 'Alex' named with him with a foreign last name, but it may be the same Alex, as the schemes/scams were the same. I'm hoping the legal agencies are working on this, as it is not just getting information they are asking for money. Note: Career Network, Inc. was charged by the FTC in 2001 for the same thing. Article is on the FTC website, and I also spoke to them on the phone. Very interested to hear my information.

Everyone needs to report to real legal authorities when they have solid evidence, as well as on blogs and complain to the job boards and websites. Craigslist appreciates our help, they do want only legitimate people, but this is bigger than they are, we can help.

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  • Va
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    I have applied for several job postings through this website, and received second emails from them asking for more information if I am interested in the positions. I uploaded my resume, and gave reference information. I didn't suspect anything, because many of the questions are the same as I've seen on other job search engines such as and Career I even googled the company name before doing much through them, and didn't see anything that made me think they were a scam.

    But, when I began getting second emails on EVERY application I made, I became suspicious. And I was asked to input my references for each position applied for as well. I just googled them again, and saw this link to the ripoff website, and a comment made just this week by someone else. So - now I am very disappointed and worried about the information this company has on me, and the information they might have gleaned from the 3 people I sent as references.

    If any one else has used this company in their job search, you should probably stop! Let complaintsboard know - and the FTC, as it seems this company was charged in 2001 with scamming for post office & government jobs.

  • Ra
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    It's unfortunate, too, but there's nothing that you can do to change the info you have them. I did the same thing and, luckily, I gave only people from my last job as references and I used the business phone and email for all of them. At least it won't infiltrate their personal lives and at least they didn't ask for SSN's.

  • Ca
      30th of Nov, 2009
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    yea, for those of us who are trusting or not real savy on this online job hunt it is an eye opener! If I had not read lots and lots of articles on legitimate sites I would have been easy it is I still find myself having to look up any responses on this site as well as others...just cuz it's not here doesn't make it real! Do your homework! Google the companies and see if the info matches with what is on email...lots of times will not...try looking up on BBB or chamber of commerce in that creative but be safe!

  • Bu
      21st of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes Check this video out on Career Network, Inc from a local florida news station..
    Also check out the FTC case against Career Network, Inc. in 2001
    They have many many alias's and multiple websites and continue to scam fake jobs online to get and sell your private information. BBB rating for Career Network, Inc. is an F for a reason check this link to BBB below. Why can't they be stopped? has 293 consumer complaints and
    [redacted].com has 1, 030 complaints of Career Network Orland, FL who changes their name and moves their address(Merriville, IN/St. Louis, MO) often. CareerSite.php has another investigation going on. How do we stop them? They own so many many online job search web sites. run by who is owned by Career Network look on their front page?

  • Dr
      21st of Jul, 2012
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    hmmmm... thanks for posting this

  • Bu
      21st of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    You are very welcome. I hope someone can stop this. I spend the greater part of my day just trying to avoid companies like this while doing a job search.

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