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CareCredit / Don't Trust Them! Unbelievable Problems!

1 Salt Lake City, UT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 800-365-8295

We had an account opened in 2006 to pay for dental work. We paid the complete $1500 balance off in full ahead of schedule in 2007. This account was in perfect standing, no lates, zero balance and they hounded us to use the $1500 of available credit every month. So we didn't use it for a while but then our dog required emergency surgery and we spoke to carecredit on the phone and they referred us to a vet that accepted them for payment. My regular vet did not take carecredit. So they tell me on the phone on 10/28/08 that yes we had $1500 credit and get the procedure done at their approved vet, interest free for 90 days. I get to the vet and explain that all work is contingent on CareCredit and please verify it first. Well the receptionist just nods and assures me its all fine no problem. Then I come to get my dog after they do $1000 surgery and my card is declined! CareCredit then says they had closed my account back on 9/30/08 due to inactivity. They didn't tell me this the day before and the website didn't say anything but the opposite. In fact I had a print out of my account from that day 10/31/08 which said $1500 avail credit to use. Well they were idiots and so was the vet and suddenly since I could not pay them, my dog was held as ransom for payment. It took me 3 days of screaming before they finally gave me my dog back. CareCredit is still an issue to be resolved. I would never trust them or there website or there phone reps and supervisors. Worthless bunch of idiots. As for the vet, he lost all my respect when he could not see it was not my error. He was unreasonable and very uncaring. The care was substandard once they found out care credit declined it. They treated me like a criminal suddenly. I wrote them a check finally and got my dog back. They wouldn't discuss details of surgery with me, no aftercare instructions, no pain meds, not even the biopsy results that cost me $136. They charged me full bore on there kenneling and even for taking dog to potty. I felt that the receptionist should have confirmed the coverage as i asked her to do in the first place. They accept no responsibilty and carecredit is now claiming we can reapply for a new account. Not approved. Another glitch they can't explain. So after I got my dog back I put a stop payment on check. I hope the vet takes me to court. I don't want to rip anyone off but I felt they could work with me to settle the problem with carecredit. They are all unethical ruthless greedy and have no clue.

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  • La
      21st of Nov, 2008
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    EVERYONE that is having unresolved problems with GEMB needs to file formal complaints with the
    Federal Trade Commission AND Office Of Thrift Supervision

    GEMB abuses its customers and its processes for billing and payments are broken - to non existent.

    They need to be investigated by the US Government regulatory agencies and the only way to do that is to bombard these agencies with complaints.

    FYI - they are also cutting everyone's credit limits to only $100.00. So a lot of dept stores will lose a lot of Christmas business this year because of GEMB.

  • Cm
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I applied to CareCredit in Jan07 to cover orthodontic work. In mid-February I received a phone call from the CareCredit GE Money Bank collections department, notifying me that my account was past due. I told the customer service representative that the account was brand new and couldn’t possibly be late. I had not used the account yet and I had not yet received a statement. She verified my address, etc. I continued to receive phone calls from CareCredit collections dept over the next few weeks. I told them I still hadn’t received a statement and asked if I could view the statement online. They said I was not allowed to create an online id to view my statement since the account was in default. I worried it wasn’t really them, but a phishing scam so I refused to pay via telephone.
    Eventually, I received my first statement. It was dated March 3, 2007. The account was delinquent and overlimit (with fees). Furthermore, my interest rate went up from 11.9% to 28.990%. I tried resolving the issue via letters and phone calls, but had to give in and pay what they demanded for fear of reporting to a credit agency.
    Finally, I paid the balance in full and demanded they close my account. A year later, I received a letter from GEMoneyBank stating THEY are choosing to close my account and have reported it! I'm furious!! It was MY decision to close that account!

  • Ma
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    Federal Trade Commission doesn't care. They are government hacks.

    EMAIL this lawfirm: James, Hoyer, Newcomer, Smiljanich & Yanchunis, P.A.
    TO: Kgibbs

    The tag line should read: Complaint against GE Money Bank for CareCredit- Deceptive practices

  • Co
      30th of Jun, 2011
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    Care credit customer service reps give bad advise. dont care about the customer.

    I applied & got approved but wanted an increase so i was told start a completely new application with my co signer. i started a fresh application and hit the submit button my accident. i immediately called to cancel the app. I was then advised to reapply again with another fresh application. So this three application on my credit. After i got declined for the last on, i wondered if it had anything to do with me having so many accounts with them. I spoke with several customer service reps and non of them could answer my questions. Come to find out, they never cancelled the first one. So im think that is a reason why i am not getting approved for the one with the cosigner.

    Its frustrating, bc now my credit is affected. I got declined and i think their advising had something to do with it. Theyvarent professional at all, gave bad advice and dont care about my concerns all while advising me in a direction that is messing my credit up. im frustrated.

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