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I am in the same situation as a previous posting. See below: The only difference is I was signed up longer and charged more money. I have already contacted the BBB and received a note back from that they weren't going to do anything about it. I wonder how many others are being charged for access to a service that they no longer need and aren't being properly notified each time they are charged? I wonder if they audit themselves on any frequency to see if they are taking advantage of people? I hope others read this posting and the previous one posted before signing up with
Posted: 2012-03-26 by tomaa

Unauthorized Re-occuring Billing
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I used in august 2011 and subscribed for a 1-month membership for $29.75. After finding a babysitter for my son in two weeks I cancelled the membership. I read the "small print" of the subscription agreement, but was not "smart enough" to check my credit card statement for re-occurring charges. Only today (March 2012) I discovered that my request was dishonored and have been charging me for subscription. Total of $245.00!!! It is outrageous! The account that I have is "basis" - and free no credit card information or billing information was stored on the account. It seems that I am not the only unhappy customer that had similar experience with It seems now more like a credit card fraud rather that just putting the subscription terms and conditions in "small print". I am requesting a full refund of $245.00 for all unauthorized charges. In general it is not acceptable to renew a 1 month membership. If someone signs up for just 1 month it means that he/she does not need the service any longer. Renewing that type of membership is absurd.

Feb 15, 2013
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  • Do
      Feb 23, 2009

    I purchased their service for one month at a rate of $25. Not only did no service provider listed on the website respond to my inquiries about me purchasing the services they advertised, continued to charge $25 each month thereafter. They refused to refund any money and stop the withdrawals from my bank account. I notified my bank which opened an fraud investigation and also filed a police report. I got my money back. If you are a victim of this, please do the same.

    I don't recommend their services, which have absolutely no value. Also, they literally steal your money.

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  • Lb
      Jun 23, 2009

    I went on this site to find nannying jobs and although I messaged over two dozed families who were seeking nannies on the site, I never got one reply. Something about this site certainly does not add up, as I find it impossible that not one person would respond to my messages.

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  • Fu
      Mar 30, 2010

    I joined to look for a sitter and paid their $30 fee so I could run background checks. After I finally found a sitter who wouldn't disappear on me, I downgraded to Basic which was supposed to be free. Their site said my account was successfully downgraded to Basic. Now almost 2 months after the fact, I was somehow magically upgraded to Premium again and they have charged me twice in one month. I'm filing a report with my credit card company and have requested that close my account.

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  • Ka
      Mar 31, 2010

    Hi, I work for I'm sorry you had a negative experience and I'd love to see if I can help resolve the situation. Please contact me at [protected] and we'll do our best to fix the billing issue quickly.

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  • Pr
      Aug 24, 2010

    I own a boutique nanny agency and this is the issue with these website agencies. No one is available to assist their clients with a grievance or complaint. We take the time to match clients and nannies. Not every nanny is a good fit for every family and vice verse. We wouldn't tolerate a nanny not contacting a client or if a client isn't interested in a particular nanny, then we know why.
    As a nanny or a client, consider using a traditional agency to assist you in your search.

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  • Ca
      Feb 12, 2011

    Sittercity is a scam, Babysitting jobs are false advertising, they lie and say they are matchmakers, but they are not, Parents dont even know you exist if you are not on the first page results. It sucks, save your money, before using them and protect yourself from Identity Theft. Complaints keep coming and coming from my friends. Do not use sittercity.

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  • Jt
      Feb 27, 2011

    We signed up for a one-month "subscription" to look for a housekeeper. $30 which was fine. Now months later we find that our one-month "subcription" was not a one-month subscription, but rather a permanent subscription with one-month billing. We have contacted the company in an effort to get this resolved.

    You cannot tell someone they are getting a one-month subscription when it is actually a permanent subscription with one-month billing. It is misleading and leads to this very type of issue.

    If they really wanted you to know what you were being charged, you would receive a monthly email from them of the charge. No emails of the like have come since the initial welcome to the program.

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  • Rn
      Feb 28, 2011 offers 3 Premium level subscription membership options: monthly, trimonthly & yearly that are detailed on our enrollment page. All Premium subscriptions are automatically renewed until canceled, which members can personally do within their own account at any time during their membership or by contacting our Member Care team via email or phone. While upgrading to a premium level membership, all members agree to our terms of use which state: "The subscriptions of Care Seekers will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration as the subscription term originally selected, at the then-current non-promotional subscription rate, unless specifically notified otherwise. To cancel your subscription, contact Member Care or edit your account settings. If you cancel your subscription, you may use your subscription until the end of your then-current subscription term; your subscription will not be renewed after your then-current term expires. " I do apologize for any confusion regarding our terms of use and encourage you to contact our Member Care team via email at [protected] or via phone at [protected] if you would like to discuss your account further.

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  • Sh
      Apr 13, 2011

    Same as other people who have complained here. I registered for a subscription. Knew that it was an ongoing subscription, but immediately went into my account settings and set it to expire after 1 month ($40). Just checked my credit card statement and in 2010, for no apparent reason, started charging me again. I have sent a note to the site and I've disputed to my credit card company. In the meantime I'm out almost $500. Shame on me for not looking at my cc statement, but at the same time, how would I know when they never alerted me to the fact that I was receiving some type of service via email!!

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  • Ma
      Apr 20, 2011

    Hi, this is Martha from It seems like you took the right steps to downgrade your account so I'd like to review it and get this resolved for you. Please send me an email at mfan[at] with your information and I will contact you ASAP. I apologize for any inconvenience.

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  • Da
      Aug 27, 2011

    My wife visited the website a year ago looking for information on sitters. She provided a credit card for what she thought was a one time charge. We never used the service even though she did recieve emails from (which never stated ongoing billings)... A year later I'm going through credit card statements and I see this reoccuring charge that neither of us knew about.

    While some people may in fact use their service, I would bet many people are blindly paying the monthly fees and actually getting nothing in return!!!

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  • Ma
      Aug 29, 2011

    This is Martha, Member Care Manager. I'd be happy to assist you/your wife with her account. Please feel free to contact me at [protected] or send me an email at [protected] ATTN: Martha

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  • Pi
      Dec 10, 2011

    I signed up for one month of service from to find a dog sitter. The next month, Dec. 2011, debited my bank account for another $35 even though I signed up just one month. I reported the company to the BBB and am alerting my bank to fraudulent billing to stop it. I recommend no one use this service. The company clearly hopes people don't catch they're being billed. Obviously that's true. I read a woman who was billed by Care. com for two years and didn't know it. Crooked company.

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  • Ek
      Feb 02, 2012

    Why did you willingly give your credit card number without finding out EXACTLY what it was you were signing up for?????
    Sorry, your fault for being so naive. When asked for credit information turn around and run away. NEVER give out your credit information until you are positive of what you are buying. Why did it take you an entire year to catch it?? Another mistake.
    Check your statements EVERY Month and obtain your credit report every year. Law says you can have one free report, from each credit rating service, of which there are three. But do not sign up for credit watch. Go through federal government website to find how to obtain these reports. I hope you have learned a lesson. i am sure if you read the fine print on sites that want you to sign up for something you WILL see that they will continue to charge until YOU cancel.. I hope you are a very young couple and just don't know any better.. Good Luck in the future.

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  • Tr
      Mar 20, 2012

    I should have read these a few months ago. I had the same challenge that it looks like many others have had. I signed up for one month of service through After a couple of weeks I found care. That was a few months ago and I just noticed that has been charging me every month since. When I signed up for one month, I thought I was signing up for one month, nothing more. They are now unwilling to credit back all the money they stole from me.

    I would warn any person thinking of using this site. They are shady in how they unfairly charge people. The number of complaints on this site looks like this is not an isolated incidence. Instead it is proof that this is common practice for them.

    Do Not use unless you want to be taken for a ride.

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  • Gi
      Mar 21, 2012

    Hi Traci422, I apologize for the experience you had, as it is never our intention to mislead our members. states clearly on the payment page that "All subscriptions automatically renew until cancellation" so that members are aware that it is a subscription service. Once you upgraded, you received a confirmation page that reflected the charge, and it again stated that your account would automatically renew until canceled by you. You were then given the option to "Set a Reminder, " which would have sent you reminder email leading up to your automatic renewal date if you chose that option at that time. For future reference, once you have upgraded to our Premium Membership, you can also simply downgrade your account to a free basic membership at any time. To do this, simply scroll down to "Membership Information" under "My Profile and Settings." Once you are there, click on "Downgrade." This will set your account to downgrade to the free membership, but will keep your information in our system so that you can log in and upgrade anytime. This process is detailed out in our FAQ page under "How do I close my account?" It sounds like your billing has not been resolved, so I encourage you to contact us again at 877.227.3115 and we would be happy to review your account again. Feel free to ask for me, Gina, Member Care Supervisor at

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  • Jl
      Apr 10, 2012

    To EKL..let me tell you how easy it is for them to get away with this. First, they tell you that you are signing up for 3 months..that is what I did. Who would think that after the 3 months membership that they would bill you for another 3 months without, sending an email, or a receipt. They hire a sleazy auto renewal company whose job it is to steal one or two months of peoples money until they realize what is going on. Who would think would run a business like this? I thought it was a business set up by moms to help others...not..

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  • Me
      Feb 19, 2013

    Hi tomaa and onukac,

    I am responding to you as a representative from to try and clarify the issues that you had experienced. I am very sorry to hear that you both had negative experiences with our site. does have an auto-renewal policy that is highlighted on all of our subscription pages and as well as in our Terms of Use. It is a policy that all of our members agree to upon enrolling. It is required that members cancel their subscriptions when they are done using the site, which can be done online, over the phone, and/or through e-mail. Ultimately, is a subscription service much like many of other online companies. Subscriptions are generally operated as an automatic renewal until cancelled. I do apologize for any misunderstandings of the subscriptions you had purchased.

    Warm Regards, Member Care

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  • Ch
      Feb 23, 2013

    Go f yourself, representive. You know your policies stink and the fact that you do not send out billing emails is intentional, to take advantage of people who forget to downgrade to free membership after they no longer need your services.

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  • Ra
      Jul 26, 2013

    i had same situation happened, only i found out in 8 months.
    I think this must be illegal. No notifications of charges to credit card. I totally disagree. This policy must be illegal.
    Its like a magazine subscription, they don't renew itself right!
    I will never recommend this site, and will post my dissatisfaction in many sites too.

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  • Ch
      May 27, 2014

    This company continues to charge me even though I cancel --they will not give me a cancelation number--they say they will send an email confirming the call. They do not. Then the charges start up again
    . I do not notice the charges initially, because my husband pays the credit card bill. I have been trying to cancel since 2011.

    Can someone start a class action lawsuit against them???

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  • M1
      Jul 18, 2015

    It is astonishing what is doing! I signed for a 1-month-service and just noticed now, 9 months later, that they have been charging me 2 charges every month since then! One charge is for $20 and another one is for $39. This is daylight robbery and unethical business. I agree with those above that is misleading in their business practices. I have now paid more than $500 dollars for a service I have not even been using!!!
    Has anyone had any luck with getting their money back?

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  • Ho
      Feb 24, 2016

    I've never experienced such stealthy billing and a poor technology platform that is badly supported by difficult-to-reach and unempowered customer "care". The dispute process is ridiculous. I've never found suitable care at all, either. I don't see any value. Given the billing experience, I'd never trust to connect me to childcare. Very disapointing company and experience.

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  • Wc
      May 02, 2016

    I bought a "1 month membership" at in august of 2015 and they are still billing me to this month.
    Now They say that they are a subscription service company. That I had to go back and cancel the service before the first month ended. "1 month membership" is false advertising. what they are claiming is that we are buying into a subscription that gets billed monthly rather than a one time, 1 payment, "1 month membership”.

    If they were honest, they would state right under "1 month membership" this is a subscription that will auto-renew every month until it is stopped. If my options are to buy "1 month membership, 3 month membership and 6 month membership" and I select "1 month membership" I expect to be billed once for the month. and I expect my paying membership to end 30 days from that day. Not to be taken advantage by reading big on the page “1 month membership” leading me to believe that I am paying for exactly what I am reading, which for 1 month.

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  • Ra
      Jan 23, 2017

    This site is all about conning people out of money. you sign up for one month and they will continue to take money from your account every month.
    I have looked in more detail on the uk website and it does not state anywhere that even after the advert has expired they will continue to take money from you.

    this site is a con and if anyone wishes to take a group action in the uk please email me on [protected]

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  • Ly
      Jun 05, 2017

    someone used my credit card and opened a separate account from mine using a totally different name and either doesn't get what happened or will not remove the charges. There was a recurring charge since November! There will be complaints to better business and my lawyer will be working on it. They simply cannot charge my card if its not me. I had another contract going on under my name at the same time

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