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I went on this free site to see how it worked. I got a background check, used the free services for a few months and then closed the account, because it wasnt anything i needed and they wanted to charge for everything including opening messages . Account was closed Oct 2015 as far as i knew. I check my credit card for taxes this year and my husband brings this $20 charge to my attention that he thought was for a DR office or something. I called and it was charging my account for a PREMIUM Service !!! I was livid, I sent a email and they said they would refund my last month charge and that is it. I told them i thought this account was closed, i didn't even know i had a service so why would i have called to cancel. Long story short after several calls and emails nothing was done and i feel that this site is making money by controlling canceled accounts. I hope everyone stops using them and that one day a mass lawsuit happens and they get what they deserve.

Feb 2, 2017

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