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Riviera Beach, MD, United States Review updated: has yet again shut me down for no reason..At least a supervisor emailed me and it was not auto generated this time. The gave a long winded no reason. I have generated 1000s of dollars for this company over the years in premium memberships, preferred plus background checks, and getting parents and caregivers to sign through networking sites that I use..I had over 1600 parents on my contact list and over 5000 views on my page, 21-5 star reviews and professional references. So why was I shut down? I was shut down because does not want anyone to do well on this site. They do not want you making money and standing out from the pack. They assume you are doing something wrong if you are a success..They want all paying customers to sit quietly in the corner and have no opinion while they rape your credit card with their predatory billing practices. I am much smarter than the clowns at the so called customer service care call center..Its a joke and laughable.

Dec 19, 2014
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      20th of Dec, 2014

    I wanted to let everyone know that does not monitor the site for anything other than foul language, personal email addresses and promoting other companys. They could not care less if a profile is fake or if a scam, pedo or illegal activity is going on. Its up to the customers to report this activity. Caregivers dont need a valid id or anything to get a profile up and running..Put in any info with any phone and your up and running..Even running a background check is not cross referenced..the caregiver can use any ones id she wants. No one verifies the pic or cross references anything. The caregivers references are verified by the caregiver can just answer and secondary phone as a parent and verify it her self..and send out a fake email and just email back as a it really useless information.The whole system is fake..Parents are led to believe this a safe sit for children when is clearly not.

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      13th of May, 2015

    I have been investigating this company slowly now for years. This is an unsafe kids for kids. Money is all this company cares about as long as they are the ones making the money and not the caregivers..its crazy. 2 American families have come home to dead babies and both their accounts were shut down with no refund or explanation, just an automated response the the emails. Predatory auto renew biilling off of parents makes up 90% of the money makes..

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