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I was employed last 3 months. In that time I was taken advantage of, taking care of 2 kids. An agreement was made when hired and the mom broke every agreement as far as time, pay. I bought food and clothes took care of kids 16 hours on a weekend day with no extra pay. Was getting salary but what she originally told me was not what was. She would not pay me on time telling me her husband didn't send money and make me wait extra week. Second time she did that she said I was difficult as I wanted my pay. She refused. Took me all weekend then she only gave me half saying I had to wait for rest. I quit that day. She text saying she owed me nothing wasn't giving me the $200 owed me. I guess she got a hold of care and care never contacted me to question or even to tell me they took my account. The mom and care are in defamation of character against me. I have witnesses who cab verify what the mom had put me through till I just quit

Apr 11, 2017

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