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DC, WA, United States Review updated:

Misrepresented caregivers, fake checks, fake reviews, unauthorized billing, unsupported background checks. I looked into this after realizing the caregiver I hired was a homeless drunk/drug addict living in her car. I reported this to and they terminated my membership 15 minutes later.. I just opened my credit card statement today and realized they billed my for another 2 months after they closed my account. I called said they did not bill me and to take it up with the credit card company? What? I have the statement right in front of me! Its not a credit it is a charge. It says (Not care. Pet. Or for $39 billed last month and this month. I was terminated 3rd of april and billed twice.

I spent some time yesterday on a investigation on this company and this is what I discovered: is essentially an appalling scam.

Auto renew billing buried in a lengthy disclosure in very small print in light grey font that can be barely seen. Any company that needs to do this is not a reputable company. provides no statements or e receipts. Reputable companies have clear and transparent billing and give monthly receipts to the customers email if requested. (This is illegal in some states.)

Termination of both parents and caregivers accounts for no reason. This is because will not allow for any issues or complaints. If anyone should call the customer call center, use the report button or write a negative review on a caregivers page the account is closed 15 min later and an auto generated response it sent out to the email that the account was terminated with no explanation. Only complaints of little importance are let through. Like no call no show. It is much less costly to close an account than investigate one for legal reasons.

Unsupported and unverified background checks on caregivers. uses an outside cut company for background checks. This company stated to me. "we are no responsible for any accuracy or completeness of any background check since no id is seen by anyone. The caregiver can punche in any dl# she wants from her home computer.

Unverified qualifications and unverified references from caregivers. Qualifications on caregivers are not verified on caregivers what so ever. After many emails from and questions this rings to be true. No cards from cpr or first aid or verified education is checked out by A caregiver can present her page with whatever information she chooses. References are said to be verified by However this is also false because the caregiver forwards the references her self over the computer and can forward any email or phone # she chooses and verify the information herself. One phone call attempt is made by to contact a reference.. Many parents do not answer the call because its automated with the long pause like a sales call.

The fake check scam is a daily occurrence at American caregivers are being scammed out of million of dollars from scam artists. is in 16 counties and apparantly has over 43 million accounts open. will hire anyone in the office for low pay and this has snow balled in to americans personal information being sold from country to country by dishonest employees. The fake check scam is now the most popular scam in american with most of the money lost coming from

Fake review boards and the bbb. Many 4 and 5 star review boards at the top of the pile when googled along with mom blogs sponsored by are fake review pages. They are owned an operated by and will not allow anything bad to be said about the company. If you put in your 2 cents on any of these boards they will terminate your sign up. The bbb will also not allow for many bad reviews or complaints to be forwarded. pays the bbb $500 a year for membership which allows to hand pick reviews and maintain an a rating. Sitejabber and reviewopedia will not be bought off and have accurate reviews like this board.

Rude and obnoxious customer call center and minors babysitting.
Many customers have written in how rude, condescending with a broken record like attitude ringing off boilerplate statements is the normal for them."we at reserve the right to remove anyone at anytime for no reason or any reason and not refund money. Refer to section 5 in our disclosure for the same statement. We know there are plenty of minors as well as illegal activity. But we dont care. allows minors to babysit for strangers in their home. There are plenty of desperate single moms out there that will send their teenager daughter out to make fast cash. No background checks or even last names are provided to caregivers on parents.

May 14, 2015
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  • Su
      16th of Jul, 2015

    I spent four months nurturing several relationships with families as a care giver. I secured several positions, a few part time and one full te position with a wonderful family. After four months of dedicated nurturing and rapport building arbitrarily terminated my account with absolutely no reason whatsoever. Not only did they terminate my account but they sent emails to everyone I ever had contact with telling them they terminated my account and for their safety do not contact me or have any dealings with me anymore!!!
    I COULD NOT believe they could do this to me without reason or explanation. Every time I would send an email demanding an explanation all I received back was repetitive emails stating their genetic policy that reserved the right to do so.
    I am convinced all they were doing was getting rid of established caregivers to make room for new paying customers.
    They completely destroyed my livelihood without reason. This site is appallingly corrupt and vicious. To destroy my character and my livelihood with no reason is just WRONG! They should be shut down and charges brought against them.
    Does anyone know how to initiate a Clasd Action Law Suit? There are thousands of complaints against these unscrupulous thieves. Something must be done to shut them down.

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  • Ch
      22nd of Aug, 2015

    It is a well known fact that if a babysitter does not keep her membership current with paid fees, Carecom will terminate the membership if traffic is still occurring on the page with messages. You are right...once a babysitter stops paying the fees she is kicked off if messages and booking keep rolling in. is an unethical company that operates one inch from breaking the law in many ways. uses predatory advertisements and billing tactics to rope peolpe into the scam.

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