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1 United States is essentially an appalling scam. After reading many reviews about this company on several pages I decided to do an investigation to see how much of this was true. It was all true, every bit of it. I myself was tricked with the bait and switch predatory auto renew billing tactics. Here is a list of issues that many parents and babysitter have.

1- Auto renew billing that is hidden in small grey font. Sign up for one month at $35 and pay for the rest of your life trick.

2-Termination of both parents and caregivers accounts with no refund or explanation.
Many parents find themselves terminated with no refund and banned from the community for writing an honest accurate review on a caregiver without malice or slander. This keeps the pages of caregivers free from negative reviews. (Only a few negative reviews are allowed of no importance.) If a caregiver should report a parent they are also removed from the community to remove the issue, which is easier the dealing with the issue.

3-Unsupported an unverified background checks on caregivers.
Background checks are provided by an outside company that clearly stated they are not responsible for any accuracy or completeness since no ID is ever seen by anyone. The caregiver punches in a DL# from her home computer. Anyone can use any Id to pass a background check.

4-Unverified qualifications and unverified references from caregivers.
Qualifications are not verified at all in anyway not even CPR or first aid. References are provided by the caregiver by forwarding the parents email that they previously worked for over the computer. Any fake email can be used then verified by the caregiver with her own computer.

5--The fake check scam is a daily occurrence on American caregivers are being scammed out of million of dollars across the country. is well aware of this. This is happening because hires anyone to work in the office for low pay. Americans information is being sold internationally. has 13 million accounts in 16 countries. The scams are coming in from the other countries and all over the American boards. does nothing to monitor the international accounts as a whole whatsoever.

6-Fake review boards.
Many parents and caregivers try to forward accurate reviews to boards like " reviews" top of the pile when googled. Only to find out that the review will not post.This is because owns and operates these boards and will not allow any negative reviews. Glassdoor, Indeed, are also fake review boards.

7- The BBB.
BBB will accredit any company that pays $500 a year for a BBB membership. The BBB will not post many bad reviews and award an A rating to any company that pays the fee. gets to monitor anything written in by customers to the BBB for that fee. The BBB is also a fraudulent scam organization.

8-Rude and obnoxious customer service center.
Many people have written on many of the complaints boards that if anyone calls in for any reason other to forward a payment they get the snarky rude, condescending sing songy voice with an boilerplate response. We At reserve the right to not refund your money and have the right to remove anyone at any time for any reason or no reason. We do not Care about any issues anyone has. allows minors to babysit. Do I really need to say anything more about that? misrepresents its self on TV as a safe and verified community of parents and caregivers by advertising background checks and reviews. Many parents ad babysitters have written in about how deceiving the commercial is. This should not happen not be when dealing with children lives.

Apr 27, 2015

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