Care.comcancelled membership

This website is ridiculous. I have used them to find a housecleaner and was planning on finding a nanny for my son. But one day I was abruptly kicked out of the membership after I had some problem with the housecleaner and told her that I was going to post a review of her on the website. When I contacted them they gave the same generic reply saying that they have the right to cancel membership for any or no reason and they would not tell me why. This made me more upset as I wasn't given a clear and definite answer. Sure anyone can say that they have a right to kick you out and tell me that they don't have to tell you why-legally. But that is plain nonsense. You have an obligation to act fairly and explain for your actions when it affects an individual where the issues are so close to heart. This website is a crook in the realm of people's feelings, they should go to jail in the moral world. Just say the reasons damnit! And let the whole world know the reasons for your actions that affect people's feelings and care for their precious children! This is the world of the internet and free speech!

Jan 31, 2015

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