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I signed up for to find a babysitter for my 2 month old daughter before I go back to work. I had picked the free option so luckily no money was involved, however, the same day that I signed up I received an email from them stating that they were terminating my service. There was no reason listed just that they reserve the right to terminate whenever they feel like it. As much as I am disappointed in their service I am glad that I discovered this before I trusted someone from them with the care of my child.

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  • Rn
      Jul 27, 2011

    This member joined the community as a free basic member and was removed from the site that same day for a Terms of Use violation. takes the safety and security of our site and our member community very seriously and, based on the Terms of Use that each member agrees to, reserves the right to remove access to the site. She is welcome to contact our Member Care team at any time to discuss her removal from the site.

    Director of Operations,

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  • Mo
      Mar 23, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    Having just been peremptorily terminated from, for no violation of terms of service, I find the above customer's complaint very credible. I posted an ad seeking pet sitters for my pet-sitting business. That is all I did. For this I was terminated without explanation. Some months back, I tried to change my profile as someone OFFERING care, to include pet-sitting. All in all, just sucks. They have really crappy to nonexistent customer service. Their approach is not welcoming and helpful but arbitrary and punitive. I would recommend people avoid them entirely.

    Geoffrey Smith

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  • Gi
      Mar 26, 2012

    Hi Geoffrey, thanks for your comment. We found an account in our database that matches the information in your profile and it looks to still be active. We were unable to locate an account that has been closed. If you are having trouble logging into your account or received an email about your account, please feel free to contact us at [protected]

    Kristen MemberCare Representative

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  • Ch
      Apr 11, 2017 Hi Kristen - I also had my account terminated and NEVER received an email stating the account was terminated. I have been a member for 4 years and have not had any problems. I am very dissappointed at the service.

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  • Te
      Aug 03, 2012

    Paid for premium membership then tried to post several ads for my special needs child which were not approved. When asking what was the issue with the ads, their customer service would only reply with a list of their rules. They would not explain which rule you violated. Additionally tried to contact over a dozen care providers directly and it seemed all our messages were blocked because we received no answers to those attempted contacts. My most recent message to them was to tell me what is wrong with the ads or close our account and refund the money we paid them. Still waiting to hear back from them.

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  • Ra
      Sep 21, 2012

    I have recently found myself unemployed due to myself moving to San Diego Ca, from Connecticut and I was searching for jobs and remembered I had a care account and set out to possibly find employment. I emailed several people in need of child assistance and then I get an email saying that my account has been terminated for no reason. I am not sure why this happened but I would like some answers.

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  • Er
      Nov 18, 2012

    Case Number: [protected] Erin B

    I was recently, as of today, terminated from my account for reasons I know were because of a former member creating an account and spewing lies pertaining to my account. gave no reason to why my account was terminated, and I was just one day shy of being employed. I will not allow my reputation to be tarnished, nor my employment to be jeopardized because cannot investigate, Like Ebay does, a customer dispute. I filed a Police report against this crazy employer and somehow the lady gained an account to tarnish my account. I have worked so hard to keep this account, and made friends with so many members. Now all those that have had direct contact with me have now been notified as if I am some Villain. should really look into their policies and re-evaluate their priorities. My account should never have been deleted due to something another, or any member can make up due to their dislike because I was unwilling to be Verbally abused.

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  • Li
      Oct 08, 2019

    @Erin M. B Basically same thing happened to me. I applied for a job late Friday evening for the following night. I simply asked where did they live? The next morning I got a reply about 7 am I was at work so I replied back at 10am. They then stated please don’t take this personally but I already sent a bad review about you because I THOUGHT you weren’t going to reply back. I didn’t except a job nor back out on any job, I just didn’t reply back to her as fast as she would have liked. I told her I was confused as to why she would do such a thing. He explained she has had bad experiences when it comes to people ghosting her. I apologized for her experiences but that had nothing to do with me. I had told her I messaged her about a few of her other job posts and didn’t get a reply. She said she was the employer and was arrogant to think she should have to reply to me! Next day, my account is terminated. I did nothing wrong and she does not know me. I have excellent reviews and work with several families from And I was in the top 5% for my location. To be terminated from someone’s false accusations who does not know you and not having any proof other than just a comment from someone is just wrong! I make a living from babysitting and now I do not have my account. Very wrong!

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  •   Nov 19, 2012

    hi care .com
    i have a profile on youur site and it sucks to know that i havnt reviced any respond from any family on your site .and after reading all these comments i wonder if you guys onky keep the ones you feel like keeping .

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  • Mo
      Mar 22, 2013

    Totally agree with above posters. The site is a rip
    Off and dangerous. We had one person steal from us several no shows and when we complained we got dropped too. I think they don't like complaints because it makes their care givers appear limited in quality_which they are. I was actually told by their employee that their background check is limited to non existent and they only check records that are public and readily accessible. The fact that there is an option for "accepts non cash payment." Also suggests they know most employees don't want their income reported. I had several tell me they couldn't work if we reported income to the IRS which we do. I'm a lawyer and we just like to do things legally. One applicant didn't have a work visa. And one told me about an existing warrant - she described as a "raw deal." How can a child care website miss a warrant? Wow.

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  • Pd
      Oct 04, 2013

    I'm glad I found this site, and saw I wasn't the only one with extremely poor results from I signed up for two days ago and paid $40 for premium service. Last night as I was responding to the dozen or so job inquiries I received throughout the day, I was "removed from the community" via an automated email. I called customer service twice, and they just kept repeating they can cancel an account for any reason or no reason. They email me a list of possible reasons an account could be removed (none of which applies to me what-so-ever), and said there is nothing they can do. In my opinion, is a complete rip-off / scam. Its unfortunate, because we had begun communicating with what seemed to be good potential sitters. My advice is to RUN AWAY from as fast as you can. Cancel a paid membership[ with out any explanation? The good news is a business run so poorly won't be around long. I smell a lawsuit in their future!

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  • Ch
      Jul 02, 2019

    @PDELKN Just had the exact same experience, my wife and I posted for a nanny and paid for an account and we were kicked off. How does a couple trying to hire a nanny "violate the terms of service" of the site? Isn't that what they are for?

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  • Co
      Apr 24, 2014

    I had been a long time member of, on there as a babysitter/nanny. I never had any issues more than 1 bad reference from a woman because I quit her and she was upset. I had deleted that account and created a new one, which I have had for several years. I was looking mainly for an in-home nanny job, but also offered care in my home. I interviewed with a man and his wife who came to my home. After about 20 minutes, the man mentioned that he was an electrician and if I needed services to keep him in mind. I now know that I should have kept my mouth shut, but I started to say how we had just bought our home and the electric was a bit different and I gave him a few examples and I would keep in mind. He never actually looked around nor had proof of any problems. The next day I received an email from that I was terminated. I knew right away that it was this man that filed a complaint. He assumed that my house was a fire hazard even though he didn't have proof nor ever used me as a sitter. I tried asking for the actual reason that I was terminated and they said they had the right to terminate for any reason without warning. I think that it is ridiculous that a good member can be terminated just because a paying member tells a lie about them. There isn't even a way to tell your side of the story. They just don't care. They give the paying members, looking for a sitter, the benefit of the doubt and the ability to terminate or write a bad review for the sitter, yet the sitter has no option to say anything about the family. There has been many times that it would be beneficial to see a review about a family before someone goes to work for them. This site is a rip off and it sucks that I am banned, yet the man is still on there looking for care after a year. Basically anyone can get someone terminated, they can just make up a reason. I am hoping to file a suit against this site, let's make a petition and work on it together.

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  • Am
      Jan 27, 2015

    Today I RECIEVED an email from "Jill" at saying my account has been terminated and they wouldn't and had the right not to tell me the reason. It just so happens that this happened two days after I gave the third babysitter hired from their site who did not work out, a complaint for several last minute cancellations which forced me to miss work/take my 4 year old son to work, and lying about her whereabouts which showed damaged credibility. My intention was to give her a low rating, not to hurt her, because initially I was really excited and liked the girl. However, to help other working mothers who rely on this site to pair you with reliable employees to avoid people with bad work history. Just as a former employer would do if a future employer called. It isn't right or lawful that a company doesn't investigate both sides of an issue before deciding on termination. I am livid that my conversation with a representative not only gave me a headache as she just repeated their unlawful terms of service over and over again, but she also couldn't guarantee that a supervisor would call me back to further discuss this issue. (Even though in one of the posts responding to complaints above says you can call the company for help after receiving a notice.) I am a television news reporter and fully intend to investigated these non-disclosured termination practices after someone has paid for the service. Care dot com...I'm coming for you. I have relied on this service for years, and while it has provided me nothing but duds in the babysitting department, it is still an option for additional help in a jam that I would have been able to have. And the fact that you don't "Care" about the working mothers, elderly, and small business owners looking for help, that you would just terminate service for no reason, is wrong, and I will make this right not only for future users, but my own account. Even if I have to expose this site for what it really is, and make crumble from bad business practices.

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  • An
      Apr 27, 2015

    I just wanted to say I have first hand knowledge that the com response team that makes rebuttals on customers comments are told to LIE by Parents will write in a say that their account was terminated for no reason. Care. com will say not its not your wrong..ridiculous lies that anyone can see through. reps are coached to lie about many issues on these boards and they even take a class to know how and when to lie and what boilerplate auto response should be written for each complaint. is a very fraudulent dirty, dirty business that has the worst reputation for NOT CARING about customers and being a greedy unethical business that promotes unverified, and unqualified caregivers. Kids are being abused and neglected and scams are running rampanrt on allows minors to babysit. Its a circus.

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  • Ha
      May 23, 2015

    I also joined and began to complete my business profile on May 18.
    On May19th they sent an email about considering the premium service which I felt was a good option as i growing my in home business from 3 children to the licensed 6 children^^. 3 Children full time in my home IS A BUSINESS. On May 19th they sent a "marketing solutions email-to encourage me to buy a premium membership, which did as I will be looking to add 3 more children. On the 21st send s a welcome "Your Featured Membership will be active soon!" email, and notifying me the Profile would be live in about 1 business day. On the 22nd I get two emails- "Did you sign up as a business in Error" and "Removed from the Community". OK. Maybe I made a mistake somewhere signing up? in their email to me it says " We encourage you to join as an individual provider instead of a business." Ok! Let me go do that then. NOPE- the system refuses to allow me create a new profile in ANY way. I almost had to giggle that they insist in their email "service providers are pre-screened by our Care Force team." Pre-screened? Are they sure? Certainly does say in their terms they can terminate without reason. In my experience pre-screening usually looks for proof/ verification in some manner. The Care-force team could have at any time asked for faxed, scanned or any verification about me or my business they wanted. In any case, I will be super cautious joining any more "eggs in one basket" business referral services. This has been a learning lesson. A quick search on " terminated membership" or "Complaints and reviews", I would have seen there are literally hundreds of unhappy customers =(

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  • Ni
      Mar 02, 2016

    ref [protected]

    Totally agree, I was just terminated. Less than 8 hours after signing up, paying and looking for someone to help clean our home, I'm terminated. I got two immediate responses (which shocked me) and I've scheduled to meet with them and then bam...terminated? What the hell? So now I've gotta wonder what has done and whether or not they've scared away two potential options to help clean my home.

    Am I going to get my money back?

    I realize that anyone with a computer and Google can find anything to substantiate what they think...but this really is legit. They should be shut down. Turns out they have a horrible reputation for doing just this.

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  • Bl
      Mar 05, 2016

    Agree with these comments. I'm a nanny that had used the site for years with no issues. I had a bunch of awesome reviews that people I'd worked for had left me. I had connections, the whole nine yards. Then, out of the blue one day, BAM! Account terminated. I'd done NOTHING to violate any user terms on their site. It's true, also, when you call them that all you'll get is a runaround. They say nothing but repeat their terms of service over and over back to you. It's such bull!! And talking to a supervisor won't help, if you can even get to one. I've NEVER in my life seen a company that even tried to get away with what they're doing. I was happy to see that their BBB rating is going down and I hope it continues to until they're completely shutdown. Save yourself some time and don't sign up for EVER!

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  • Mm
      Jun 17, 2016

    I too was terminated and told via email that I had a previous account with I wrote back that I did not ever have an account with them...could they please check their records! NOPE they are standing by that I had another account and am 'not who I say I am'! First off that is slander. Second, I find it interesting that as a housekeeper and recently went on a job where the woman was intoxicated and I left that a few days later I am terminated. I have the right to leave a job if I feel my security is in jepordy (which I did because the woman was getting loud and sloppy). I believe this woman contacted out of embarrassment that she was drunk in front of me and spoke ill of me. Rather than getting all sides of the story they lie and terminate me. This is no way to do business. I have not decided as of yet how to handle this situation. As the wife of an attorney this is not sitting well with me or my husband.

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  • Sa
      Sep 06, 2019

    @MMMinPB I have just had this happen to me! I've been a nanny for 12 years with 5 star reviews, and they terminated me. I do not know of a company that will not give you a reason "as per their policy". I asked if they have a legal team and they gave me an email; [protected], but after reading these complaints, I'm sure I won't hear back.
    Surely, you have a right to know, and dispute???? This is my main source of income, and I am devastated and appalled they refuse to help.
    What can we all do????

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  • Mm
      Jun 17, 2016

    Also, since is on the stock exchange...I believed in this company so much that I bought stock. I am considering selling my stock in this company since there seems to be a horrible way of handling 'terminations' This seems to be an ongoing problem that does not want to read it over and over...that you get a perfunctory list of TOS. It's not's not good company policy and it's bottom line NOT MORAL!

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  • Ki
      Oct 07, 2019

    @MMMinPB Yes! They are horrible. I myself, as of today, just experienced their horrible means of handling account terminations. They sent me an email about a week ago requesting that I submit a background check. I followed the prompts and received a confirmation email thereafter. I then get an email yesterday stating that my account had been closed because I did not take action to a previous email they’d “sent” me regarding my background check. I replied to that email stating that I never got the email about my background check. The rep told me that I was given 10 days to review the report and if there was no response then my account would be closed. Well, long story short after talking to 3 different reps and one rep from Sterling Talent (company who handles their background screenings) I was told that they in fact “sent” the email, I “opened” the email and that there is nothing they can do no matter what I said. They said they have strict policies about these type of situations and that I will no longer be able to use their services again. I hung the phone up because it was obvious they didn’t care about what I was telling them and that they were not going to do proper investigation. I had my Care account since I was 13 years old and I am in disbelief seeing this is where the company is at with customer service. However, I am glad I didn’t pay for anything during the time I was a member.

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  • Cu
      Jun 28, 2017

    We successful located our nanny from and she was wonderful! When we tried to hire a new nanny after she gave her notice we had been terminated. We tried to create another account since would not give us any reasons for the termination. The second account was declined. I guess they keep your ISP address and any efforts to create an account will be declined. Anyway, this is a terrible practice. We are a good family and paying customers and the fact they give you no reason for the termination other then their safely policy is really sad. We are parents looking for a care giver nothing more. Thanks for nothing and simply repeating your service standards.

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  • Wh
      Aug 24, 2017

    I created an account (or forced to give my name and email, maybe even address?) so I could browse at the site and look for a pet sitter. I did nothing on the site except browsing - at caregivers in my zip code and their profiles to see what options are available. I didn't post anything or provide any additional information about myself or what service I'm looking for. After browsing for a little while I decided that I would come back to the site another day to make decisions about the subscription. But within 12 hours after first visiting the site and creating an account, I received an email stating I was removed as a member. I was confused, and out of curiosity of what kind of error this must have be, I tried to re-create my account to log in and was rejected automatically by the site. WTF? I have no criminal record and have excellent credit history - not that I had provided the personal information required for them to run those checks. Why am I being rejected to just using their site? This is so stupid and annoying.

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  • Pi
      Dec 20, 2018

    My account was recently terminated by I paid for premium membership yesterday. They took my money then today at 7.25 P.M. I receive an email stating that my account has been terminated and that reserves the right to do so without any explanation which is absolutely mind blowing and disgusting if you ask me. Knowing that this is the scam or method being taken by I do plan on initiating legal actions because all of my references, credit card information, including social security and driver's license information was on file. There was no warning of any misconduct on my part just an email that my money had been taken and I was terminated. The individuals that I booked babysitting appointments with plan on taking legal actions as well because they know my character. As a NICU nurse my license as well and records have been verified by the state to be free of any illegal activities or misconducts so this is why I am taking legal actions against.

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  • Sh
      Dec 27, 2018

    Thank you Pink2Linda, for sharing your recent-experience with the UN-Caring Customer Service Folks at

    My wife had been a Premium-Account Member of for the past 4-5 years -- she renewed her Premium Membership on Dec 20th, 2018 - Payment Processed, but on Dec 23rd, 2018, she was unable to access her account. Thinking that it might be some Site-Wide Issue with Account-Access, I tried the FREE-Account I've had with CARE for the past 5-6 years - I was able to login to my FREE-Account, but my wife still had No-Access to hers. I sent an e-mail to (explaining the access-issue with my wife's account), the next day, I discovered that I could No Longer access my FREE-Account.

    I called (was on-hold for what seemed like an eternity), and eventually spoke with someone named Nilo. Nilo had a "Thick-Accent", and was very hard to understand - he told me that both my wife and my account had been terminated, but that he was unable (not allowed) to disclose the specifics on why CARE had arbitrarily-terminated our accounts. I explained to Nilo that my wife's account was a Premium-Account that she's just renewed, while mine was a FREE-account that I hadn't accessed for over-a-year (before logging-in on Dec 25th, 2018, after my wife's access to her account failed).

    I further explained that there is absolutely NOTHING in CARE's "Terms Of Use", nor listed in their "CARE FAQs" -, that would constitute a Valid-Reason for deleting our accounts.

    I ended my conversation with CARE, declaring that the manner in which CARE Treats it's Member is NOT something that a "Good Business Model" would favor/encourage, and that ANY issue alleged/imposed on one member's account should not IMPACT another member's account (especially one which isn't frequently-accessed -- mine)

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  • Bt
      Jan 16, 2019

    I have read several complaints that are very similar to what recently happened to me. I'm just happy I'm not the only one. I had been a member of for close to five years if not longer. I had found several families I have worked for over the years via Very recently my needs changed to only wanting to find something part time so I went on to update my information. The only thing I changed was my bio, as I now had more and different experience to add and my address as we've moved. I applied for what seemed like the perfect position and when I logged back in to follow up my account told me I needed to upgrade in order to allow the family to respond to me. So I upgraded and spent almost $20 to do so. As soon as the charge went through I get a notification that my account was terminated. I read through the reasons why this could happen and I in NO way had violated any of the rules. I tried to reach out at least for a refund which, they said they put through but tolde my account termination was final. It's really awful to not look into any matter further to protect those who've been members for a long time and really relied on the site to find work.

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  • Aj
      Jan 18, 2019

    I'm currently not working and I have been looking for a job for a couple months now. twice I have tried to create an account with the first time I was able to be on the account for about a week and then I was all of a sudden terminated. I wasn't told why which I think is completely ridiculous due to the fact I think I should know why my account was terminated. I created another account last night and I tried using a different email. I actually got many responses from families needing nannies. I had a phone interviews set up and face-to-face interview setup for next week. Then decides to terminate my account AGAIN? How am i supposed to get into contact with those families now? How do I know that my account being terminated didn't scare them away? like I said before I'm currently not working and I'm trying to find a job for myself, and now I can't even do that because has nothing better to do then terminate accounts for no reason. I am not happy at all with this site, and I’ve read online numerous of complaints about the same thing happening to many other people, and it’s completely ridiculous. I really thought is supposed to help people find jobs, and they are honestly just making it difficult.

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  • Sh
      Mar 09, 2019

    Deleting an account "with or WITHOUT a reason" is a terrible business strategy and I hope you make amends for the many lives you have impacted. Many nannies, including myself, have used your site exclusively to find families to provide care for and our removal (without an appeals process) directly impacts our livelihoods- Shame on you Care!

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  • Ha
      Apr 15, 2019

    Same thing happened to me. I have been paying for a premium membership for years. We have 2 special needs kids and use a lot for extra help at home and when we travel. We hired a nanny for a vacation in Las Vegas and she canceled at the last minute ruining our vacation. We were able to verify that her reason for canceling was untruthful. We want to be able to at least give her a review so that other unsuspecting parents can be forewarned, but it seems does not "care" to have both sides of the story, nor do they care to have reviews from members who had a bad experience with a nanny. They would rather terminate your account, no questions asked.

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  • Al
      Apr 25, 2019

    So, all I had was a "free" account. I was not aware of any false information on my registration.
    Yet, I had an account canceled. I tried to log in with another e-mail address, registered under the exact same information (I honestly don't remember when I registered it...) and it, too, was canceled.

    I had a third that I had forgotten about.
    Changed the password on April 23rd, 2019.
    Checked my e-mail on April 24, 2019 and the account...was canceled.
    "Terminated", as they put it.

    What in the hell is wrong with this company?

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  • Do
      May 05, 2019

    This is a large a collection of the identical complaint. Class-action lawsuit worthy, with desperately trying to lay the blame ANYWHERE but on their irresponsible, unethical selves.
    My termination story is the same. Without reason. Top caregiver. 2 years. 5 reviews all 5 stars, worked for 7 families. Just trying to get ahead. They are horrible. Stay away from this shoddy organization.

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  • Do
      May 05, 2019

    @Dom F In fact, if you're interested in pursuing group litigation, contact me at [protected]

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  • Do
      May 05, 2019

    @Dom F My email: (remove spaces):
    d o m I n I c c a r e at

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  • Bi
      Jun 22, 2019

    @Dom F well...unfortunately, we all waived that right when we signed up... Terms of Use
    Last Updated: May 02, 2019


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  • Bi
      Jun 22, 2019

    I really wish I had read this before!
    I paid for a background check and premium 6 month membership looking for jobs, and one of my profiles (for childcare) were denied. I looked it over several times, could find nothing against their guidelines or terms of service.

    When I couldn't figure it out I went to send the care team a message...and my entire account was closed!

    I sure hope I see a refund for the premium and background check ASAP.

    I'm a professional and I wanted to take jobs on the side while saving up for a modest goal. At no point was any behavior, actions, profile information, or any communication with anyone unprofessional, misrepresentational, or inaccurate.

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