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You heard from me today at I was the one who waited on the phone for over and hour because there was a line of people like me on the phone the first of this month. That must be a great job for your reps. they must really appreciate your way of doing business. We spoke about how you auto-renewed my account. You did refund me because you saw I never even was on the site for a while. Who would think that when you sign up for a one or three month membership that you would be auto renewed after that time? Before you say, read the fine print or downgrade or whatever hoop you want to tell me to do.. we all know that auto renewal programs are sleazy ways to get people to give up a month or two of fees before they see what happened. And by then they are either embarrassed by their lack of reading the fine details or don't bother to follow up. Congrats you've stolen thousands if not millions I'm sure, in money from people who would not think in a million years that a company providing care would do this. Why would a company set up from moms was it, do this auto renewal bs? Why not be straightforward, and let people know in large writing upfront that the 3 months will be charged over and over AND send an email when it is coming due AND a receipt. I will tell you why as a small business owner, only sleazy companies deal with auto renewals and hiding things that need a magnifying glass to see.

Google reviews to see what people are saying. The trust is now gone. To top it off the service is not at all helpful. I had perpetual job seekers who just liked to post profiles and interview with no intentions of ever working.. And that was just a couple responses anyway. I had a lot better luck with friend and family referrals.

Time to close. You got greedy fast. The trust is gone. I only feel sorry for those who are at this moment being ripped off without knowing it.

Linda M

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  • Kr
      26th of Jul, 2012

    Hi Linda M, I am a Member care representative from I do apologize for your experience on our site. The memberships on our site are subscription based, so they automatically renew until canceled. It is listed in our Terms of Use, but it is also listed on the payment page, and then again on the confirmation page after the payment has been made. On the confirmation page, you have the opportunity to set up a reminder that sends an email notification seven days before the account is set to renew. When you want to cancel, you can do so on your own under your ‘Profile and Settings’ page, or call/email into us to request the cancellation. I do apologize for your wait time when you called in for assistance, and we have worked to make this a more efficient process for our customers. Again I apologize for your experience, but hope you were able to find suitable care.

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  • Da
      4th of Sep, 2015

    I find the subscription process to be highly deceptive. Unlike a magazine subscription where you receive something each month of tangible value. Your subscription offers "site access" which requires the customer to unlock the value first. This flies under the consumer's radar. Let's face it Care.Com knows that it's easier to "get paid" when the customer is looking the other way. Companies like that do not "affirmatively transfer value" to the customer should only offer subscriptions with "affirmative renewals" (explicit customer consent at the time of the renewal). Auto renewals should be offered only if the company can find a way to verify "affirmative value transfer at the time of renewal or a recent pattern of value transfer." In contrast, if a customer subscribes and does not log in again that customer is highly likely to be unaware of their subscription and should not be a candidate for renewal without affirmative consent. All customers appreciate value transfer. That is why we spend money;-to receive the value that businesses create. Customers feel cheated when value transfer does not occur and such can the case be when "value" is replaced by "access to value." That is a fundamental difference! claims they are honest in giving consumers notice in an email. One email? How many emails does care.Com send that go into the spam folder? I can't even count. One email in an ocean of junk email is not a notification; it's a message-in-a-bottle. Sure you'll find it...eventually but by then it's too late.

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  • Li
      8th of Feb, 2016

    Please add me to the list of people who find and their auto renewal policy sneaky and deceptive. This policy is out of alignment with the brand, which will ultimately backfire when customers overwhelmingly feel cheated. Personal, I sought the services provided by during a family crisis when we realized my mother in law required immediate care and we were thousands of miles away. I was definitely not scouring the website for the small print. I have been saddened to read many complaints from customers who incurred not only the unauthorized charge, but overdraft fees when these charges hit their accounts. It certainly adds salt to the wound that this practice is employed by a company that publicly claims to care. The thousands of complaints could easily be avoided with a simple reminder of renewal email, but then that would cut into a revenue stream that is counted on to achieve fiscal goals. Why start a company based on caring, then treat your customers with such disregard? One day they will cheat the wrong person and a class action law suit will inevitably be started. I look forward to this day.

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  • Ch
      30th of Apr, 2016

    I did not use in nearly a year and then today I find that a week ago they charged my credit card nearly $170 for a year's subscription! Not only is this practice unethical, but it's illegal in the state of NY as we require a customers’ express consent before charging them for a renewal. I was not notified and I certainly did not consent to this charge. It's the weekend and I can't get a hold of customer service, but I fully plan to have this charge reversed. More importantly, I plan on reporting them to the NY attorney general as the notice burden of the service before the renewal. This is such a crummy practice and the states really should intervene.

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  • Sh
      17th of Apr, 2017

    Add me to the list of those scammed. I signed up for one month of service, and later found $500 in charges on my credit card. Unbelievable. Never, never, use this horrible company. TOTAL SCAM!!!

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  • Ve
      2nd of May, 2017

    I agree on the Negative comments above. I am an IT Professional but somehow missed this auto renewal thing, very bad for a company that has such a reputation. Such a Greed is unbelievable. And there is no way we can talk to Customer Service over the phone, you go into loop and end up with all automated messages.

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  • Dr
      17th of Sep, 2017

    Shame on me for having this happen to me several times over the years - AUTO RENEWAL hidden in the webpage - BURIED settings, difficult to find, and obviously in order to bilk customers for millions.

    I was charged hundreds of dollars several years ago and just discovered another 3 month autorenewal - after my complaint to "support" to refund my unused balance of the $78, the "NO REPLY" auto-mailer spawned "Your account has been successfully set to downgrade at the end of your current billing cycle on 12/10/2017, and your credit card will no longer be charged. Until that time, you still have full access to all the benefits of your Premium Membership."

    NO way to contact a real person. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM. I will NEVER use this site nor recommend it again!

    I will be contesting the credit card charge. This is FRAUD. Many have wanted to start a class action suit - is there one yet?
    Dr PK

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  • Se
      29th of Sep, 2017

    I too join the group of people that have been cheated by I signed up for a month and have been charged for 6 months - without my explicit consent. When I complained, they returned fees for 1 month. How does justify stealing people's money like this? Such unethical business practices must be stopped. They offer NO option to only use the service for a month. On top of that, sends a barrage of spam that forces you to click over to the site and they claim that to be utliization. I am extremely disgusted by these shady and unethical business pracitices. Shame on you, You claim to be helping people but are really just crooks. My email address is [protected] if you care to investigate.

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  • Bu
      10th of Dec, 2018

    Count me in. I am another victim of the auto renewal. There needs to be a lawsuit.

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