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I have read several complaints that are very similar to what recently happened to me. I'm just happy I'm not the only one. I had been a member of for close to five years if not longer. I had found several families I have worked for over the years via Very recently my needs changed to only wanting to find something part time so I went on to update my information. The only thing I changed was my bio, as I now had more and different experience to add and my address as we've moved. I applied for what seemed like the perfect position and when I logged back in to follow up my account told me I needed to upgrade in order to allow the family to respond to me. So I upgraded and spent almost $20 to do so. As soon as the charge went through I get a notification that my account was terminated. I read through the reasons why this could happen and I in NO way had violated any of the rules. I tried to reach out at least for a refund which, they said they put through but tolde my account termination was final. It's really awful to not look into any matter further to protect those who've been members for a long time and really relied on the site to find work.

Jan 16, 2019

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