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Watch your back if you have GE Money Bank's CARE CREDIT card. They give you three months without interest and if you don't pay off the "promotional amount, " they will charge interest on each individual promotion, not the total amount due. Say you ran to the vet three times in two months and couldn't pay off any of the "promotional" amounts. As each promotion ended, you'd pay interest on it. So, instead of a 19% interest rate, you'd be paying 19% three times. Talk about crooked.

They also stiff you when you make an internet payment. My payment was due on the 28th, which was a Sunday. I made my payment on Saturday the 27th but it was not presented to my bank until the 30th! This is supposed to be an electronic debit, which means it's paid when submitted. GEMB wants to make you pay late fees, so they submit it four days after the payment has actually been made. You either get on the phone and hope you can hammer some sense into them, or pay a $39 late charge.

One last thing. If you use a credit consolidation service, GEMB will not change their due date for anyone, including the service.

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  • Ai
      Jul 15, 2009

    One thing you should remember about electronic debit is that most businesses won't debit your account until the next business day. So if you pay on a Friday Saturday or sunday, they should at least credit your account on Monday for the payment.

    If you know your payment is due on a certain day, plan accordingly! If you try to make a payment the day before over the internet, then you can't complain when it doesn't post to the account the next day. If it going to take four days to post, pay it 4 days before or even 5 to be safe! That is how most online payments are.

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  • Bu
      Aug 03, 2009

    When you make an online payment through the company website, the amount is automatically credited and an authorization code is provided. Last week I paid my friend's Care Credit bill on a Saturday (the payment was due Sunday). The transaction did not show on her bank statement until Tuesday, however, however, Care Credit showed the payment as on time and credited on the day the payment was made. Some of us play the money game very close to the line, which is why it's a lot easier to use a debit card rather than sending a check 7 days before the due date. I actually had one payment that I send 10 days early and was told that it was never received. It wasn't! I got a copy of my check from the postal service about two months later saying the envelope had been damaged in transit and they had destroyed the original check. I got the problem cleared up with the credit card company by sending them a copy of the check and the note from the postal service, however, I think that dealing with these guys over the internet is a lot faster.

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  • Ha
      Aug 24, 2009

    I just recieved my Care Credit card in the mail. However, before I decided to use the card I thought I would do research on the card. It appears that all providers have their own rule. I need dentistry work done and one oral surgeon told me that I could not use the dental card with my insurance card, another told me that the work to be done had to be over 500.00 to use the card. I was a little frustrated until I made one last call to another oral surgeon and the representative told me that depending on the plan you choose I would have to pay it off in full to not receive interest. if It is not paid after 3, 6, 12 or 18 months (depending on which I choose) after my that amount of time 18 months of interest will be added to my account all at once. (not by each month but all at once at the end of the trial period. I am truely glad that I can cut up my card and close out my account before its been used.

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  • Bu
      Apr 16, 2010

    The latter statement is correct, and they'll charge you for *EACH* visit separately when it comes to the promotional period and interest. Be very, very careful with this card or it will put you in the poor house long before the dental bills do!

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