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Brisbane, Queensland, AU
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I am very unhappy with the service that we received from car rental republic, I had booked a vehicle with them for our trip to brisbane in may, paid a deposit, and after receiving an email which clearly said confirmed, I left it at that, but I like to be organised and called in to thier customer care on the day before we were to arrive to confirm our booking, and the person said its all good we will have a vehicle ready for us... We arrived at brisbane airport at 5:00am on the 26th of december, with 3 children expecting to have a vehicle ready for us, I called the number on my booking, to be informed that did have not got a vehicle for us. And was told to wait until 8:00am at the airport.
Anyone travelling with children would know that waiting at airports can be quite challenging!!!

So we waited... To get a very snotty and unprofessional person saying that they did not get a confirmation reply (Which they never did) and I did not respond to it...
I mean do you not follow through with a booking (That had an actual money deposit paid) via a phone call if an email was not responded to???
At that stage there was still no answer to have a vehicle supplied (At 8:15am)
I then decided to try one of the other car hire a vehicle from avis, and they were fortunately able to hire a vehicle out to me, however at a premium price (Being booked on boxing day without booking in advance) as to where my budget was blown out the water, putting a major damper on my holiday that had already cost me a fortune.

Have a very good think about choosing this company before you go on holiday, they may be cheaper, but at the end could end up costing you double what you were budgeting, and end up spoiling your entire holiday...

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Mar 07, 2017

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