[Resolved] Capital Resorts GroupI did not receive my gift

D Nov 28, 2017

Info at 14:52, Nov 14:
Thank you for choosing to chat with us. An agent will be with you shortly.
Info at 14:53, Nov 14:
You are now chatting with Janet.
You at 14:53, Nov 14:
Janet at 14:53, Nov 14:
Please provide your Owner ID and name -
You at 14:53, Nov 14:
How are you Janet
You at 14:53, Nov 14:
I do not have an owner ID
Janet at 14:54, Nov 14:
I'm good hope you are -
Janet at 14:54, Nov 14:
if I could have your name
Janet at 14:54, Nov 14:
to pull up your account
You at 14:54, Nov 14:
I am not an owner, I am an aggravated customer whom visiting a 90 minute presentation and was promised a gift but unable to receive it
You at 14:54, Nov 14:
I have been giving the round around for assistance in this matter
Janet at 14:55, Nov 14:
can you advise where and when
You at 14:55, Nov 14:
I went to the Ocean View villas in June 18, 2017
Janet at 14:55, Nov 14:
I can sent an email to my supervisor
Janet at 14:55, Nov 14:
and your name and phone #
You at 14:56, Nov 14:
On father day. After the presentation I was given a certificate for dream vacation weeks supposedly a 7 day accomodations
You at 14:57, Nov 14:
Our names are Errol and Yetta Legier contact email is [protected] and phone number is [protected] and [protected]
You at 14:58, Nov 14:
I tried to redeem the certificate and book a 7 day vacation as promised in Florida and was asked for a $454.00 payment . This is unacceptable
You at 14:59, Nov 14:
I have relentlessly emailed Samantha Lopez, Reservation Manager to no avail. No responses
You at 15:00, Nov 14:
I can forward you the email that Samantha sent to me if you like?
Janet at 15:01, Nov 14:
At this time there is no need - I am forwarding this to my supervisor and someone will reach out to you...
You at 15:03, Nov 14:
Thank you Janet. I have been told this is the past and still no one returns calls. I am so heartbroken, as I was looking forward to taking my grandson to Orlando Florida once in a lifetime experience and thought this was a dream came true
Janet at 15:03, Nov 14:
You have my name - my direct phone # [protected] opt 1 ext 7649
Janet at 15:04, Nov 14:
if you do not hear from someone by 11/22/17 please feel free to contact me
Janet at 15:04, Nov 14:
I will resend my email
You at 15:05, Nov 14:
thank you so very much for your patience. I just want to be apologized to for misleading information to reel people in to hear a presentation, but forfeits the gifting.
You at 15:06, Nov 14:
we spent 3 hours of Father's Day at the Ocean Villas, only to be lied too.
Janet at 15:07, Nov 14:
Your welcome - I hope you have a great day!!
You at 15:07, Nov 14:
you too!

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