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Canon USA / warranty coverage

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Phone: 1-800-828-4040

Upon returning my 7 month old Canon Power Shot SD1000 digital camera to Canon's Factory Service Center for repair of unknown problem (the camera just stopped working), I was informed that the camera was being returned to me "unrepaired". As I inquired to why the camera was not repaired, the response was "Beyond Economical Repair". What does that mean? Since the camera was well under the warranty time limit. As I spoke to the Representative from Canon on the phone to inquire as to getting a replacement camera since the repair was "Beyond Economical" I was then informed that there is evidence of moisture inside the camera unit, and no explaination as to how that happens, when it had never been exposed to water or liquid (it was sitting out on a picnic table when it stopped operating). They could not tell me as to how the moisture got inside and had no answer to my question "Can environmental conditions (ie:humidity) cause this alleged moisture?" Their response was "we have no idea of how the water damage happened, you were the one in possesion of the camera at that time".
Canon is obviously hiding behind their "umbrella" warranty exception and claiming so called water damage in lieu of repairs.

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  • St
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    My 3-mo old Canon sI5 stopped working for no apparant reason; I turned it off and then it wouldn't turn back on. Same story, same words as others I've read. Sent it back to factory. Factory claimed water damage, they took pics, etc., said moisture voided warranty. I was informed that the camera was being returned "unrepaired" because it was "beyond economical repair". Their response was "we have no idea of how the water damage happened, you were the one in possesion of the camera at that time", yada, yada yada. In the 3-4 mos we owned it there was no direct exposure to moisture, other than household humidity, outside humidity (not rain!!), hand moisture, etc. It is clear to me that there is a design/manufacturing defect in this camera which makes it susceptible to corrosion. This problem is probably due to poor/contaminated materials in the electronics, internal electrolysis, poor sealing of camera body. There seem to be hundreds of this specific complaint on the internet. Since we know corrosion is not instantaneous, it probably took the 3-4 mos I owned the camera for it to fester and short things out; in other words it was already corroding from the day or even before the day I purchased it thru AMAZOM. Canon seems to be hiding behind their warranty to not repair/replace/make good to customers. The bottom line here is that I am out $350. after 4 monts, and the camera stopped working 1 day into an expensive 4- day vacation. Through their actions, Canon has basically said "tough luck", but "we value you as a customer" - give me a break and THANK YOU CANON FOR THIS WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE ! I WILL MAKE SURE TO PASS THIS ON TO FRIENDS & FAMILY !

  • Al
      23rd of Mar, 2009
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    Incident - with Canon-Israel
    On February 26 2009, I made an order of Canon EOS 5d Mark II + Canon EF 16-35 f2.8 L II lense + Canon BG-E6 Grip + 3 Canon LP-E6 original batteries. Mr. Arik Fogel who took my order and is the marketing manager, promised me that I will get all my items whithin 14 days. My order number is: 269630 and I had to bag Mr. Fogel, for several days, to email me a copy of my order. But this is just the start. On March 10th, Mr. Fogel called me and asked if I agree to accept my camera out of a KIT-Box of another customer's order - so that I will get the camera body and the other person gets his lense. I agreed and was instructed to show the next day to collect my items. Next day I called to reconfirm and was told that my delivery is not ready. Since March 16th untill today, March 23rd, I am calling, emailing and leaving messages -- but no one calls me back and they literally ingnore all my attempts to try figure what is the status of my order.
    Damage Resulting
    I am in the dark about the status of my order, while my payments are executed to the benefit of Canon-Karat-Israel. I need the equipment on time for work. I have to go abroad soon with this equipment to guide students of photography. Canon-Karat Israel are responsible for all of this, they simply humiliate me as a customer. Thank You, Sincerely Yours Alik Shahaf

  • Ho
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    CANON PIXMA MP850 MFC 4-in1

    The support for this product from Canon has been the most HORRIBLE experience I have ever had with a new product and it was supposed to be Vista Compatible. Canon insisted that I was the only one with this problem. I am including some information from the web PC Advisor and Guess what; I am not the only person with the (“The driver supported by this software is not installed”) problem with the MP navigator. Canon could not and would not fix the problem, Canon develops the drivers, and I doubt they are tested on multiple vista systems. They wanted me to reinstall Vista on my system, Sorry it is a new system no printers, scanners, copy or fax machines have been installed and this was the first. After about 30 hours of removing and installing the software and drivers, editing the registry and starting over not less than 5 times, Canon support said SORRY we can’t fix it, call Microsoft, call Dell and what good would that do, they don’t develop the drivers. They just wanted someone else to fix their software so they don’t have to deal with the product and it would have been at my expense. I will not shop for Canon products anytime soon.

    I purchased the EPSON WorkForce and it IS VISTA COMPATIBLE within a few minutes all was operating properly.

    I think I will sell my Canon rebel xt Eos digital camera on eBay and get a Nikon, the Canon multifunction printer did not recognize the Canon camera. I am worried what might happen if I ever need support for my camera from Canon. I do not think they even care.

    I've recently bought a new PC with windows vista.
    My printer, bought about 12 months ago is Canon Pixma MP500.
    All is linked up - and I can print from the canon, but today (first time), I tried scanning and got the following message.
    MP navigator - 'The scanner driver supported by this software is not installed. Install it and retry'.
    I have after a phone downloaded the appropriate driver but I'm still getting this message.
    Any advice please?
    Wed, [protected]@16:43
    Go into Device Manager, uninstall the drivers for the scanner and unplug the usb connector, plug the usb back in and turn the scanner on, let windows find the drivers.
    Wed, [protected]@17:11
    You could also try Start and type Problem into search then open "Problem reports & solutions"You should get a link if your problem with cannon is still listed.
    Wed, [protected]@22:18
    Canon have released VISTA drivers for your model. go to- click here
    and look for MP drivers.

    set a restore point before you uninstall the old drivers and reinstall the new Vista drivers.

    Finally, my system is XP (with a Canon printer) so I cant claim I have used these drivers. I will get my Vista system next week though.
    Thu, [protected]@20:33
    Thanks for all your responses.
    I carried out all the above over the past two days. If fact twice!
    It is still telling me that the multifunctional printer/scanner/copier I have is not compatable with Vista.
    I've contacted Canon - what a waste! Probably Vista will be just as interested.
    Any other ideas or solutions will be gratefully received otherwise it looks like I have to buy a new printer - and I'm not happy!

  • Je
      26th of May, 2009
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    I purchased a Pixma mp500 at Staples in Penticton, B.C. We were told that the system could print pictures on kodak glossy paper, 3x5, as a cartridge to hold the paper was comming on the market soon. they showed where to insert the cartridge that holds the paper and that it was going to cost around $150.00. Indeed it is not now or ever going to have that cartridge. We were lied to. The other problem is the highly expensive cartridges for printing dry out before you even use them. Once the orange plug is pulled and they are installed they evaporate, which makes this one of the most useless printers I have ever bought as well as one of the most expensive. I bought my daughter a Kodak Easy Share Printer from Wallmart for $70.00 and she has not replaced her cartridges in two years. I on the other hand Have had to spend 25.00 a cartridge x 5 for magenta cyan yellow and two blacks, that evaporate. When I contacted the staff at Staples, the manager told me to use recycled products that it would save me half of the cost, HOWEVER, it would excempt me from any warranty. My point, it does not matter if it is recycled or not, it is evaporating and they should recall this highly overrated and expensive piece of junk. I will never buy anything from Staples let alone Cannon Crap.

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