CanadaVet.comde-worming drug

I recently purchased Drontol from this company and it made my dog puke for a couple days and now she doesn't want to eat her her anymore because she thinks that's what caused it. It really sucked, my girlfriend wasn't even pissed, she just started crying at the fact that i fed her something from a company so sketchy like this. Shame on you, just pull the plug on your business because you're breaking peoples hearts. I don't know if it was expired but whatever i gave it to my dog the day we got it and yeah, so upset with this company. To the person who seems to think they should defend this company because you work for them at the desk doesn't realize the practises they do in the warehouse behind the office and should stop defending this company. Stop calling your company if you're based out of Australia! Karma will get you.

Feb 28, 2014

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