Canada Goosepaul warranty supervisor

bought my Canada goose Lorette parka jacket last year. A button had fell off, so I took my jacket into Yorkdale to put in a claim. The man that was helping me out said that down felt low so he asked for them to check that too. After 4 weeks I recieved an email that my jacket was not fixable and they would be replacing it, but they didn't have the same jacket. So they asked me to pick another style. The thing is that I wanted the same style and color. I spent 1000+ on a jacket therefor I wanted the same one because I liked the fit of it. I called Canada goose and they put in a request and said I should have my jacket in 3 weeks. After 3 weeks they said the only had my jacket in green or red. I didnt want a green or red jacket if I wanted a green or red I would have picked that color out to begin with. So I checked online and In the store and my jacket was available there.. so I called back Canada goose and told them my jacket was available online and in store, I don't know why they couldn't just send me one.. but they couldn't do that. So then they offered me my money for the jacket without the tax even though I bought the jacket from them. Then he's saying that the tax goes to the government and blah blah blah.. then I said I'm going to report you to the better business Bureau. Then he quickly put me on hold and come back and says we will give you the tax back. The only solution was to get my money and order it again. Now the price of the jacket went up by 45 dollars.. after 2 month of waiting for my jacket, I felt like I was being ripped off. So I called back explained my situation was pull on hold for 40 mins then I got hung up on. Then I called back asked for the girl I was talking to but they couldn't transfer me, finally got a supervisor on the phone and his 2 options were I can give you $995 with out the tax or $945 with the tax. I laughed and told him option 1 was not an option because it less money and option 2 still doesn't give me enough money to by a new jacket. I asked if I went ahead and bought a new jacket if they could give me an my 45 dollars back for all the delays and inconvenience. Paul the supervisor still said no, well then i was upset so I said that I was going to take my story to the media because with was not fair to me. He put me on hold and came back and said he will call me back in 2 days to give me an answer. 3 days later finally got the call and said I can pick up my jacket at Yorkdale. Yorkdale is out of the way, but at this point I just wanted my jacket. I told him the only day that I could go was on Monday he said that shouldn't be a problem I emailed Paul Friday night to let him know that I will be going Monday to pick up my jacket on Monday I emailed him in the morning again to make sure that my jacket was going to be there when I arrived at the store the managers at the store had no idea. I had told the people in the store what happened and I showed the manager the emails of me and Paul going back-and-forth she apologized for the situation they only had one jacket left in the jacket and it was defective so therefore I did not get my jacket on Monday the manager at YorkDale Anna was really nice she took down all my info and told me that she was going to UPS my jacket to me so I would not have to make another trip to Yorkdale. I then contacted Paul because I was upset that he did not communicate with the manager at YorkDale to put a jacket on hold for me. On Friday and Monday I had sent him two emails to please to make sure my jacket was going to be on hold. I called and emailed after I left the store. He called back four hours later and apologized and then blamed the situation on YorkDale he did not want to take responsibility for forgetting to communicate with the store.
I email later in that night because I felt really upset that I had to go through an emotional distressing situation that caused me time, Money, and anxiety.
I asked for a gift for my son. No response to my email. Anna from the Yorkdale store called me and told me my jacket arrived and she is shipping it out and texted me the tracking number. I finally got my jacket after months of dealing with this situation.
Be aware if something happens to your Canada goose jacket you may not be able to get the same jacket. It is not a lifetime warranty, Canada goose customer service has 1.9 out of 10 rating online for a reason.

Nov 27, 2018

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