Camping WorldI would consider this unethical business.

Last week I was at the parts counter on another issue and i ask if they had and Wingard Traveler Satellite dish for dish. The associate went to the computer and came back with yes we have 3. I had to make an install appointment over 3 weeks ago because they were so busy.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Goodyear, AZI went in today May 7 2017 to pay for the dish and the lady went to the computer and came back with the same answer yes we have 3. The associate was gone for some time and returned saying Im sorry but we do not have any. Two of them have customers names on them and I can't find the other one. If 2 are spoken for and 1 is missing how can you 3 on hand? I have to cancel my appointment that took all most a mouth to get. I have been a member for many years I Good Sam Insurance through you I have road side assistance.

May 07, 2017

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