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Cambridge Who's Who / Scam!

1 KS, United States Review updated:

I was on LinkedIn and saw an ad for "successful women" and how they should join the Cambridge Who's Who. The application was free and costs weren't mentioned anywhere. I filled it out and nothing happened. A week or so later, I received a call and was asked to interview for the directory. I agreed. Throughout the interview, the woman kept complimenting me. I'm a young professional, and have only worked in my industry for two years, so I was flattered. But the compliments kept coming, and it started to seem like the woman was sucking up. I was then "accepted" to the directory and out of nowhere, she asked how I'd like to pay. She seemed annoyed when I kept asking for her to explain the charges. Finally, I said I would have to call back. Once again, she seemed annoyed and explained that they weren't allowed to let this take up more than one phone call (very odd). I called my mom, who is an employment lawyer in Missouri and Illinois. She was in a meeting, but after I quickly explained it to her, she said don't do it (since that day, my mom sends me similar ads she gets from other companies that are identical to Cambridge). I called Cambridge back (because during the initial flattery, I had given them my card information) and explained that I had decided not to use their services. The same woman became very angry and explained that my profile had already been created (weird) and that she couldn't reverse the charges. She kept offering me different deals, which was another red flag because if she could offer these deals now, why did she say there were no other options? She clearly had to ok to offer them. Anyway, I kept saying no and she finally put me through to customer service. The new person first congratulated me (at this point it was annoying) and also kept trying to make deals. She added that if I didn't accept now, there was no way to apply again in the future. Being a nice person, I decided not to say that I didn't care and simply stated that it wasn't the right time financially. She became very irate and started questioning my finances and bragging about what a great deal it was. Finally, after 10 minutes, I said no (for the 100th time) and she said "fine, bye." Not only was it rude, but it stuck another red flag because what business operates like that? I called my mom back and she told me about these companies. She explained that the best way to really network is with companies that actually meet in person... and to never do this with a company that is only online.

Sorry for the lengthy explanation, but the point is that you should not use this company and also, even though they say it's non-refundable, if you act quickly, they might not have charged your card. If they have, just call your bank!

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  • Bv
      23rd of Jun, 2011
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    This was my experience too. Saw the ad on LinkedIn, did the free application and about a week later received a call. Gave a little more information, she was very complementary and then drop the $799 bomb. I should have asked more questions but I was getting close to being late for a meeting so I quickly decided, OK, this would be a good idea. Later that night, I thought more about how this transpired and was very uncomfortable. I called back the next morning and the woman I spoke with originally said she could not help me and transferred me to customer service. There that woman kept dropping the price - even offering a deal I didn't qualify for! How can you offer a deal I don't qualify for! I simply said that I had a very simple request - I wanted to cancel and not be charged. She said it would take 10-15 business days to credit my account. I called my credit card company and had them put a watch on that charge to make sure it is dropped.

  • Ni
      31st of Aug, 2011
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    Your stories are so much like the one I just went through. LinkedIn should be more vigilant about protecting its users. I too, was flattered at first, and then they laid on the pressure. She wouldn't let me call her back or anything. I did finally cave...paid $99 for a trial one year membership. I should have looked up the company BEFORE giving them any information. I tried calling back but as you have stated, they don't answer. I already emailed them a notice of cancellation, and contacted my credit card company. I feel so naive!

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