Camacho Auto Sales / Car buying problems

Lancaster, CA, United States
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Bought a car a week after having the car started giving me trouble only had it for a month now the transmission seems like its slipping was told they can get me something else get there and got the run around. They are a rip off i was warned not to deal with them i should of listen.when you buy a 🚗 and paying a car note you want to be comfortable they ### me good but i have the last say trust me God don't like ugly and not to found of pretty they run. A good game but full of lies i put in so many reports within the last hour with so many people but its something called the News and I'm going to make sure that its seen for the sales people that's doing wrong for commission shame on u .. But watch this.. I was told to bring it in and get another car, to sit there n they tell me its out of their hand okay

May 2, 2017

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