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California Psychics


scam / fraud

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 312 votes
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Contact information:
California Psychics
Los Angeles, California
United States
Phone: 1-800-773-3428
This company hires people claiming to be "psychics", "mediums", "channelers", etc. Their primary goal is to keep a customer on the phone as long as possible to collect their money and ultimately, be promoted to the next higher price per minute rate. Some of these "psychics" keep notes and reference them by asking your name and birth date again when you call back, some will even ask you to call back within a week while they "pray" about your matter. Three quarters of this company's psychics are flat out frauds. If you take the time to read a lot of their "Testimonials" you'll figure out that a good part of the testimonials are their own employees that answer the phone when you call in with a question or a recommendation or to schedule a call back.

It's truly sad how they're allowed to play with people's emotions when they're down and out only to take their money while laughing all the way to the bank. There really should be a serious investigation of this business who claims it's for entertainment purposes only. I sincerely hope that this complaint will be looked into.

Thank you.
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A  30th of Nov, 2009 by    +5 Votes
I Agree that the California Psychics is for entertainment only. Don't spend your money on this site. I did and regret it. I have spoken to many of them for the last 3 years. My own fault and choice. But they are 50-50 accurate. For that I don't need to call. Keep your money. Pray to God for guidance and wisdom. He is the onlt one that knows the fiuture.
N  30th of Jan, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@drr And He's not going to tell you the future...
N  18th of Dec, 2009 by    +5 Votes
N  30th of Jan, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@CaliforniaPsychics You're not real bright, are you?
N  9th of Feb, 2010 by    +3 Votes
I was sort of looking for more complains on this company but couldnt find any, I have used them once, am not sure if I should do this again. i DONT like how they charge per minute, some of them charge over $5 a minute. maybe I should become one lol.
A  25th of Feb, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Stay away from California Psychics!

Any information you provide them, such as credit card info, names, dates of birth and any questions you ask are not secure. Any records that are kept by the psychics must be returned to the company after termination; so beware.

They are only in the business for the money and do not respect nor value customers or their sub-contractors, who are the psychics.

While earning money is fine, they possess an inbalance in that the almighty dollar rules over caring for the hard working psychics (some of them, not all) who are truly gifted and tell the truth.

The majority of them tell the customer anything to get them to keep calling back. That is so unethical..

The site, www.ripoff.com did have several complaints against California Psychics two weeks ago, but they suddenly 'disappeared' and the site claims that section is under construction.
N  14th of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I agree about some of the readers on that site. There is a very gifted new psychic who is blowing up their site. His name is Leo and he is the real deal! Also, the best psychic list that is the real deal is Bob Olson's Best Psychics. He is a former investigator and psychic medium who was scammed at a very challenging time in his life. He dedicated this site for people like us who are searching for the real deal. Try Cheryl Anne McGill! You will write to thank me for this incredible psychic medium. Also, check out ask1radio because they have a great show that showcases real psychics. Hope this helps everyone.

N  30th of Jan, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@ACAC What Koolaid are you drinking? No such thing as real "psychics". I bet you believe in bigfoot, ghosts, & the Amazing Kreskin...
A  22nd of Mar, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Did you notice that california psychics does not post any comments regarding negative feedback by clients. Other sites such as psychic source readily do this and it is very helpful when selecting a psychic for a reading. There are some gifted psychics on this site but it is a 50-50 chance.
N  8th of May, 2010 by    +4 Votes
Total scam. I wasted my money on one reading...thankfully it was only one. That was my first and last time I'll use a psychic hotline. While I'm sure there are actual psychics on there, I'm not wasting my time, nor am I desperate enough to try out a new reader (I already have a couple I occasionally go to). You are much better off getting a reading from your local metaphysical bookstore. At least their rates will be cheaper because you are more than likely giving your money directly to the psychic (i.e., no overhead fees).

Look, I understand that everyone is to make a quick buck, but taking advantage of people who ask for clarity and comfort in times of need does not sit well with me. A good psychic will help motivate you to improve your situation and empower you, not give you vague answers about your future and make you dependent on them. I can only imagine what kind of karma they're building up for themselves. Yeesh.
A  10th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I totally agree about California Psychics as I tried them once and basically, the psychic tried to run up the time and on top of it she more so tried to play psychologist and be an actual reader. And being a tarot reader myself I know alot of them do take notes and will even discuss certain people who call in (especially if a person calls in every so often) with other readers that way the calls are typically scripted. Like for example if a reader tells a caller to call back in a few days, that reader may discuss your case with other readers on the site so that when he or she calls back they have your information already...it's nothing new. I also agree that it is totally wrong to play on a person's emotions for material gain and defeats the purpose of what being a psychic is...they're vultures if not more than anything.
A  4th of Jul, 2010 by    +5 Votes
California Psychic readers are total SCAMS! No they do not allow negative information to be posted because they know that they will lose business if you really knew how bogus their "psychics" are via real feedback. Very unethical. How can a reader be on a site for 1 year and have 9 feedbacks? Don't ever use "Madison" or "Darcy" on that site... HORRIBLE!!!
N  27th of Jul, 2010 by    +2 Votes
WWW.YOURPSYCHICINFO.COM >>> THEY ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE WHO ONLY WANT YOUR MOINEY AND THEY PREY ON THE ELDERLY, MOSTLY OLMUCH OLDER MEN!!! located in dallas, texas. ...psychic has got many different names she goes by. my grandfather got scammed big time while going there and he felt completely helpless while seeing this woman PSYCHO!! BEWARE FOLKS!!!
N  1st of Sep, 2010 by    +2 Votes

I've noticed these posts are from a few months back. Has anyone tried California Psychics recently. I just tried them a few days ago out of curiosity. I've tried a couple of the new readers because the first reading I didn't like so they put me through another one. I tried to find more reviews on the psychics I read with but couldn't find ones except for the ones on their own site. Do you think they post those themselves? If you have used this site recently as of 2010 can you please share your experience? Thanks.
A  4th of Sep, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I used California Psychics the other day and it was not that great of an experience and to be honest, I think they script read; also when I submitted a complaint to them they just returned it as though it was sent to the incorrect email address.
I do believe that on most sites readers write their own reviews or like on other sites such as Keen (and I know this for a fact) readers will read other readers and leave "positive" feedback, etc. and I know all of this because I too am a reader which is why I no longer read on sites because most are unfortunately scams and I do not go by most of the standards that other readers and sites use as well I blow the whistle on alot of them. They treat their customers horribly and only feed false hope, etc. to drain money...don't do it.
There are probably only 1% of readers who are genuine out of 99% so please watch yourself.
N  30th of Jan, 2017 by    -3 Votes
@projectbluelight "To be honest"? If you have to state that, then I have to believe that at any other time, you are being dishonest. What a world...no wonder you people call "psychics"...you don't have the intelligence to make it on your own...
N  4th of Sep, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Hi Projectbluelight, Can you send me a message and let me know whom you've read with at California Psychics if it was just a few days ago? I got this psychic who asked me quite a bit of questions, then based on my answers to her questions she'd answer me. I wanted to read with someone else but then someone customer service referred me to her instead. I'm wondering if you read with the same person. I don't think I'll call again but out of curiosity I'd like to know whom you've read with on the site although I'm kind of concerned about something she said so I'm hoping she is a fake. Please do message me when you can. Thanks.
A  12th of Sep, 2010 by    +4 Votes
I think the comment from DRR is the best... all you can do is pray to god for wisdom and guidance.

I was calling california psycics for YEARS and let me tell you NOTHING they have ever said has come true. I'll name some very specific things that was said by many different psycics:

- They said that I would be dating various girls in my life by certain periods, this did not happen with any of them.
- One of the one who has the highest rating on the site and considered to be the most accurate (I cant recall his name unforutnatly) was very specific about the career I was going into, and that I would eventually move from Canada to live in washington state for a few years and named an IT company. Well, realisitcally that was about 3 years back, didnt happen in the time frame and in fact I moved in the exact opposite direction out east to Toronto to open my own business.
-- Most of the psycics have been very clear and said I'd be living out on the west coast, well again didnt happen I'm here living in Toronto (Which for those of you who arent familiar is far out East) and have no plans on moving ever.
- Many gave very similar and specific time lines, none of which came true, for career, finance or romane.
- Many of the psycics themselves say that they are for entertainment purposes only
- They just give me generic advice.
-Many of them are listed as astrologers but when you call they dont do astrology. The call center will reiumburse the money for that though.

And in all honesty folks I've tried a few different sites, such as keen.com, and its the exact same situation. I dono if theres real psycics out there anymore, I really used to believe in them hardcore but not so much anymore, and that's just based on my experiences here. Thats why I agree with with what DRR said, just pray to God for guidance. Work hard, make goals and do you absolute best. I realized when I put away the phone and stopped calling psycics, and made the decision to make my life happen, things just really began to unfold. Took lots of hard work and effort but I think that's the best way to deal with things.
A  12th of Sep, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Here's the thing... I actually have a friend that worked at a phone sex line who fully admitted that many of the people who worked at psycic lines, also worked at the phone sex lines.
Scary thought I know, but its true I'm sorry to say.
N  13th of Sep, 2010 by     Best Advice +6 Votes

I believe there are a few good psychics on California Psychic that are legit and will not hold the phone with you and waste your time intentionally. Then again, I have read with some of their "best” and have not been impressed. I do not recommend anyone to call a psychic repeatedly.

In 2009, I called so many psychic hotlines that I max my credit card limit. I had developed a psychic dependency and it embarrassed me to the core. Some psychics were literally predictors, milking me dry. Using words of caution just before our time would end. I had a psychic that wanted to sell me a bloodstone for $300 dollars and another that wanted to charge me to lift a curse, and sell me expense candles etc. Thank goodness, I was not that vulnerable to purchase any of their tools.

One day I was reading my notes from previous readings and I realized that I have been paying for the same predictions repeatedly for the past two years. I finally had enough of my impulsive spending. I wrote a note and posted it on my bedroom door that read, "Learn to trust your own intuition.” Now, I do not have the desires to get a reading every time something goes wrong. I find patience to deal any situation head-on and wait for the aftermath or the next assignment.

Now, I pray daily for guidance and go with the flow. I gathered like-minded friends for support and began writing my thoughts in a journal. I exercise, read, and meditate more than I had in the past. Today, I feel empowered. I have always known that we are capable of living a six-sensory life. Now, I encourage everyone to use his or her own intuition.

It saddens me that legit psychics lose credibility by working on psychic hotlines. It also saddens me that psychics want popularity on psychic hotlines so they lose all boundaries to make an extra buck a minute.
N  13th of Sep, 2010 by    +4 Votes
Hey Limelight,
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing, reading that, all of that was me too, maxed my credit cards etc and same results as you. Nothing to be emberresed about, a lot of us have done the same thing
A  22nd of Oct, 2010 by    +3 Votes
Hi Limelight -- Thank you for your empowering and enlightening post. So many of us have been there -- it's an awful feeling turning our inner power over to a voice on the phone. When I wasn't trying to control my destiny through another person's power and just allowing life to come to me, so many doors were opened. It seems that the more we try to control someone or some situation, it's pulled away from us. As I write this, I'm heeding your advice, trusting my own intuition and ending my co-dependency.
D  25th of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I've actually had really great experiences on California Psychics to be honest!! My favorites are Leo, Lonnie, Michelle, William, Venus, Abrielle and Berlin!! They have all helped me through a lot. They were all pretty consistent and so far several predictions caught me by surprise and came true!! Word of caution...you have to be very selective about who you read with. I have had a few bad reads...follow your gut and hang up. The downside is they are expensive...not a good habit to develop...but when you need confirmation or clarity...it is a great service to have available. Good luck!!
N  30th of Jan, 2017 by    -1 Votes
@CR, Amh "To be honest"? If you have to state that, then I have to believe that at any other time, you are not honest, right?
A  4th of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I spoke to three different people and I got three different answers. Actually, the first one was good, only good. They are very nice to you as a new customer, but if you have a complaint, forget it, not matter what they say. They'll try to fix it, hell no they won't!!! They are out to make $ period!!! Don't be duped. You'll never again get the good psychic they hooked you up in the first place - forget it. Spend your good $ elsewhere.

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