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PLEASE READ THIS . This is a very honest Statement I want to share to all :

My father was admitted to CMRI hospital in Kolkata . He was suffering from Sickle cell Anemia and had gone very weak .
The hospital on the day of admission took full care and showed hospitality . But would happen after that we could have never thought .The hospital has shown its reality that it is running a business and are only interested in taking up new patient and sucking money out of them. In this world where doctors are treated equally to God and the profession which they are into should be done with compassion and care is a mere business now. Even Butchers show more compassion when killing an animal.

1. First time, I saw in ICU of a hospital that people are allowed to enter in slippers without any mask, aprons etc. They are allowed to make noises and rush through. Can anyone imagine this scenario where a patient was kept in ventilator.
2. The Nurses used to pinch my father’s body hard to give the oral medicine when he was sleeping. And to the level he got so scared that anyone who touched his body he would open his mouth unconsciously.
3. His hands were tied to sides of bed . This was done to person who was weak to even lift his hand. And tied so hard that blood clotted on the places it was tied.
4. Since he was put on ventilator, He could not speak and did only gestures to explain his needs. The nurses are taught to be ruthless here as they only replied “Shut Up. I Can’t understand what you are trying to say” . Hardly did anyone to take any effort to understand the needs of the person. We could understand his gestures when visiting but the nurses could not.
5. Blankets were mercilessly dumped upon him when he asked for extra one as he felt cold.
6. The blankets were tucked in so hard that he didn’t even have a centimeter to move .
7. The moment he died immediately all clothes were pulled off his body saying that it is hospitals property.

So, there was no care and compassion in the nurses and they were just completing their duty hours anyhow . This was a general complain I got from every other patient’s relative.

1. My father was being attended by a Hematologist who after observing him once, went sick and was admitted to hospital himself. For one week there was no other doctor in his place and hospital took no responsibility to bring any temporary doctors. We kept running everywhere but not a single action was taken. This was the treatment to a patient who was critical.
2. On day 2, my father had internal bleeding which was not even noticed and medicine was administered after 5 hours of continuous blood loss. & This was only done when my mother noticed the blood on bed sheet in the visiting hours. The shift nurses said that she had reported but Doctor (Anirban Chatterjee) didn’t take any action.
3. He continuously administered high dosage of antibiotics that there were big blisters all over body but he did not notice even one. He didn’t even cared to see any reactions on body. Anyone can tell that strong dosage cannot be given to a weak body except the doctor.
4. In ICU, is it not imperative that doctors themselves are supposed to update the relatives about the status . After waiting in hospital for 12 hrs, continuously for 4 days, We could meet doctor (Anirban Chatterjee) after chasing down . Even without seeing the reports he told that progress was not good (More or less like shooing off) . He came on his will and wish to hospital and sometimes did not also. There were so many patients waiting for him but he did not pay heed.
5. He was also under a Gastroenterologist ( Anirban Chatterjee) who from the day of admission told that please don’t keep hope . Isn’t it the moral responsibility of doctors to say some kind words at least to patient and relatives to keep up the spirits. I believe half the magic happens when doctor’s keep the patients motivated with encouraging words.

It is a request to all that, please visit the hospital prior to admitting a patient, Look at the facilities and do a bit of research on the treatment because there are leeches everywhere who want to suck money. My complain is more against the way of treatment rather than the treatment. I lost my Father and he had to die a very painful death . He had walked in the hospital but came out in death bed in a week. I really regret coming to this Hospital It was our bad that he went so weak after bringing here that he was not in a condition to be shifted to other hospital. (Also, within a week 3 other patient in the ICU lost their lives. And Hospital ensured that they sucked maximum possible money by putting maximum equipment’s before he dies )and Please if you love your near and dear ones I will not advise anyone to come to this hospital. This hospital is just another crematorium where money is sucked and people lose their lives. I’ve been to government hospitals but this is way far worse hospital that I’ve ever seen. The ICU where they charged 7000/- per day for the bed is equal to a general ward in a government hospital.
It is a request for the administration to get a reality check of hospital.

Jan 21, 2015
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  • Az
      8th of Jan, 2016

    I want make complaint against Calcutta Medical College Rsearch center. The doctors in the reception and the head doctor they are not worth to become a doctor. I went to Chittranjan Hospital where Digital Xray was done and I had to pay for it which was very reasonable. After the report doctor informed that my Grand Mother has broken his right leg and the treatment could not be done here as the operation machine is not into operation from last 7 to 8 months and they asked me to take her to PG or Medical. Accordingly I took her to Medical and the doctor took more than half an hour to research on report and finally Doctor Kunal youngster and the other doctor who refused to give his name and said that If Ortheopadic Doctor give him permission then he will admit my Grand Mother however earlier he refused to admit later when I went to confirmed his name he refused. The medical hospital is for the people who could not afford going to Nursing Home but the sad part is without source we could not do anything. I had to wait hours and hours without solution. So what's the point for us to visit. The patient will die. We had to run up and down without any help. There is no system. U want you take action against the same. Please call me on 9836208084

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