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Cablevision Of Morris County / contract break

1 Morristown, NJ, United States
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I signed up for the triple play. Converted my internet and phone service. It was a couple hundred dollars to do this. I agreed to the terms for one year. I have one cablebox, for premium channels, the remainder of the tv's are directly hooked up to cable and receive basic service. Last week a couple of my family members complained that they no longer could view programs on The Travel Channel and TLC. There was a message that a cable box was now required. I called Cablevision. They confirmed that they converted 10 channels from the normal line up to digital and for $7 a piece per month I could get cable boxes to view these channels. I reminded them of their commercial where they advertised that the cable company would be converting digital signals for the homeowner so there was no need to buy new digital televisions. Thye didn't recall it. Also I feel like I was sold a bill of goods in that I signed up for a year of the triple play, based on the service they were providing (programing included). They changed the terms and now want another $28 a month (for 4 TV's) from me so I can get the same service I signed up for. I explained I thought this was fraudulent advertising on their part. They didn't see it that way. I had hoped to hear from someone else within a week or so, but did not. Guess I will be switching to FIOS.


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