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I have been buying my cigarettes on line for some time ... from Website is off line now... and my account shows "disabled". There is No response to emails I have sent, requesting refund to my checking account for their double charge!

(This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it). Phone number gets busy signal. [protected]). HUNDREDS have been bilked out of their money! Other friends and relatives are reporting same situation... and NO response to their inquires.

We all suspect the company has gone out of business... and we're left holding the bag. NONE of us are able to contact this company or get any response!

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  • Je
      23rd of Oct, 2008

    my ach check cleared my bank on oct. 10th - priority
    mail was paid and 14 days later still have not received my order. whats the problem? AND WHY
    AREN'T THEY FIXING IT?????????

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  • Vi
      24th of Oct, 2008

    All I want is a refund, taken from my bank the day after I ordered. Never again . Their has to be someway to make them be accountable.

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  • Jo
      26th of Oct, 2008

    i had the same problem, i ordered on oct.1 and was billed twice. i finally received my order on oct 24. i still have to clear up the double billing, they say things will be back to normal on the 3 of nov. i'll wait till then to call. their going from 14 to 20 phone lines so i should get through. we'll see.

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  • Lo
      27th of Oct, 2008

    I too, like most of the rest of you, ordered 2 cartons of Seneca cigarettes and had the money taken from my bank account on 10/10/08. I ordered this product in good faith, and in my opinion, the withdrawal of money from my account without any notice that the product was not in stock and without any e-mail contact to advise me of this situation can be summed up in only two words: Bad Business. NOW there is a Notice advising there will be no Seneca brand cigarettes until 11/03/08. I note, however, that at the time of my initial order there was NO such notice nor advisal, and I was not offered an alternate selection to satisf their debt, as I should have been. In summary, I can only see this company is using MY money in the interim, without paying me any interest nor dividends, nor as much as a Discount coupon off my next order. I can but say this once again: "BAD BUSINESS".

    Lord Sesshomaru

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  • Jo
      12th of Nov, 2008

    I had placed an order for 10 cartens. The took the money October 31. I have yet to get a response from them. Every time I call all I get is music. I had been a customer for almost 2 years and had always gotten order within 3 days. I can not get into account. The site is down I just tried calling 3:30 pm (cmt) no answer. All the other orders had been coming from New Mexico, now they say their coming out of NY. VERY BAD BUSINESS I have emailed various times no response

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  • Ja
      13th of Nov, 2008

    I too have been a customer for a few years. No complaint until now. I recieved an e-mail on 11/5 about part of my order (made 10/29) being out of stock. I have also ordered from - interestingly they have the same NY address that now lists on it's site. All e-mails to both sites returned with Mailer Daemon. I'm thinking that perhaps the companies merged, and they are in transition? If I wasn't a mostly broke nicotine addict - I wouldn't mind the wait as much... Still holding out hope that my order will arrive...

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  • Wi
      21st of Nov, 2008

    Dear Customer,

    By popular request we want to announce that we have opened a new and
    larger customer service facility with an expanded number of personnel,
    and that you will now be able to dial in and talk to a live
    representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for placing orders and
    checking order status! Most of you use our automated website to perform
    those functions, but for those that appreciate the live help you will
    now be able to reach us around the clock. We are very proud to be able
    to offer this vastly improved service to you. Nobody else in our
    industry offers this level of live support.

    Customer Service Team
    (888) 437-9797

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  • We
      25th of Nov, 2008

    Complaint against - 11/25/2008

    I have tried this on two separate Computers, with two different Operating Systems and Hardware, with the same results, so there are no Computer issues involved, in my opinion.

    1. Seemed very legitimate, and set up an Account on 11/18/2008, to have Shipments Charged by ACH from my Bank Account, on a 30-day recurring basis (Order #112173) which states "Expect to receive your order within 7 to 14 days, if your order is not received after 14 days please contact us", but so far they have not even acknowledged acceptance of the order, much less shipped it.
    2. Faxed a copy of their Form (with Bank Routing and Account Number), signed and dated, with a copy of my Driver's License (for age verification), and a copy of a Voided Check, to their FAX Number 1-888-374-5417, the FAX went through OK.
    3. The ACH, for $77.80, cleared my Bank on 11/19/2008 (the following day).
    4. Their Website however still indicates (as of 11/25/2008), one week after the ACH clearing my Bank, that the funds have not even cleared - as pertaining to my order, their Website states:
    4.1. Orders that have not shipped, order #112173, Priority, Approved waiting to be packed, On Hold waiting for Funds to clear.
    4.2. Emails sent to their Email Address ([protected] are not replied to (I have sent several).
    4.3. I even tried requesting an "Email my password" (I already know my password), just to check if I receive a reply, i.e. if they actually send an Email, and the Website replied "Check your Email - we have just sent you an Email with your password. Once you have your password click LOGIN" - however, that Email is never sentreceived, I have tried that several times too.
    4.4. They even have a "Live Call In available 24/7" Link, which doesn't work, however their Telephone Number (1-800-926-6202) does work all the time.
    4.5. They also have a Postal Mail Address "KASP, P.O. Box 365, Irving, N.Y. 14081" - I have not tried to send them letters yet.

    I have Telephoned them several times - they are very polite and cooperative, however I receive (in my personal opinion) a "runaround":

    1. First, when I stated that the funds have cleared my Bank, but your Website says you are still waiting for the funds to clear, I was told that although they went through my Bank, they have not gotten to their Bank yet.
    2. Then when I questioned them further about why does it take so long for an ACH to get to your Bank, it should be virtually instantaneous, then they changed their "excuse" and told me that they are waiting for the "Adult" verification.
    3. Then when I informed them that I sent the Verification to them by FAX on the 18th, and called back to verify that they had actually received it, and was told that they had received it, they just said that they would send a memo to that Department inquiring, and it should show up On Line shortly.

    When these problems started initially happening I sent them an Email (one of the several ones that was never replied to) and the Customer Service person seemed surprised (or should I say “feigned” surprise) when I told her that, although they initially seemed very legitimate, but I was now beginning to think this might be a scam, however I would wait a bit longer to see what happens – this was on the 24th – now on the 25th with their Website still showing the same, I am filing a complaint.

    BTW, in addition I have found almost an identical complaint to mine, about (on, which mentions that they list the same NY Address on their Website, that lists on their Website – very suspicious (it also helps that I have complete dated Screen Captures of about everything on their Website, including my “Account” details, for evidence).

    I am filing this complaint initially to the BBB and, (I've given up on calling BigIndianTobacco again, for the moment, and sending Emails is a useless endeavor) because I will no doubt receive the same BS runarounds, put offs, and excuses, however out of “fairness” I will give them a little more time, before I start filing complaints against them with the FTC, Consumer Affairs, the State District Attorneys, Law Enforcement, and any other Legal entity I can find to complain to, plus in addition contact my Bank to have any “recurring charges” from them denied because, even if they finally do fully acknowledge my “account”, with funds cleared, on their Website, I doubt that I will ever receive anything – there will just be more excuses and delays.

    William Harvey

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  • Tr
      9th of Dec, 2008

    Bigindiantobacco has done the same to me. The 24/7 is just a call center in some other state. This whole ACH thing is a disaster thanks to the credit card companies. So angry I'll quit smoking, that will show someone!

    Here's the WHOIS record (registered with a cell phone?):

    Registered through:, Inc. ( Domain Name: BIGINDIANTOBACCO.COM Created on: 20-Feb-05 Expires on: 20-Feb-11 Last Updated on: 12-Nov-08

    Administrative Contact:
    Wholesale, Crazyhorse [protected] PO Box 106 Gowanda, New York 14070 United States

    Technical Contact:
    Wholesale, Crazyhorse [protected] PO Box 106 Gowanda, New York 14070 United States

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