Buy As You View / rip offs with bull tactics

United Kingdom

I have been a customer of buy as you view for I've three years now my first purchase was tv in feb 2010 before the first two meter empties it was broken into but I made sure they where payed the correct amount and I arranged with my collector at that time to pay all future payments in cash when he came or over the phone by card he agreed and I have done this for 3yrs plus without any problems . In August of 2010 I received a phone call from b/a/y/v office asking me if I'd like anything else so I got a fridge freezer and tumble dryer and carried on making my payments at the door or over the phone instead of using the meter this as gone on for three years now in march 2013 comes the trouble I rung the office on 28/3/13 my payment was £115 due so I paid them £60 on the phone and told them I was going to bring the rest up to date on Friday 6th /3/13 which they accepted this payment was only split this once due to helping out a family member anyway while on the phone I queried why my payment was so high as I finished paying for my tv in feb 2013 she said someone would ring me the call ended.within 10 minutes of the call I call the collected to tell what arrangements I'd made and he practically bit off my head threatening to come to my house and take the goods he had the attitude of a gangster thug I told there is no way you will enter my house and take the goods and put the phone down the next thing today 29/3/13 I get a phone call from their office of another bully threatens the same thing so I told him the same I have paid for the tv in feb that's finished the dryer I returned last year because I had one bought for me so I only have the f/freezer which I Finnish paying for in August 2013 so now ther story is although I purchased the tv in feb 10 when I did the second purchase in August they are trying to say I started the agreement for the tv again so I still owe on it to August THIS Is NOT true i have signed no new agreement for the tv I was NEVER told I renews the agreement for tv with my 2nd purchase the first I heard of that was when I queried my payments on 28/3/13 and I refuse to let them get away with the bully threats and lies .

Mar 29, 2013

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