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Always looking for the perfect purse, I ordered the Butxon bag from their website. What a mistake! Every step lured me into a bait - and - switch. Sure, I decided to get the better bag for a few dollars more. Sure, I wanted expedited shipping. Only I didn't know where I was in the order process or how much I had spent or what I was getting.

What I got was screwed. I called the company when I found out I was charged $75 for a $20 bag. My only recourse was to return the bags when I got them. Yes, BAGS. Because I didn't upgrade to a better bag (which is what I thought I did), I got the upgraded bag and the regular bag!

I refused the bags, sent them back and eventually they refunded my money. Well, some of it. Their expedited shipping costs were astronomical. Never was any indication given as to how much the shipping costs were during the order process.

In short -- if you want this bag, get it off Ebay.

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  • Ma
      Nov 21, 2008

    I ordered the bag same deal ended up ordering two bags and after I've read about this I'm really worried if I'll ever get mine!
    Been waiting 4 weeks so far.

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  • Ga
      Aug 12, 2009
    Buxton Bag - Deceptive business practices
    Buxton Bag
    United States

    WARNING: DECEPTIVE COMPANY! When you order on the website, they will offer you a supposedly upgraded leather model for an extra $10. DON'T DO IT! I did and instead of upgrading me, they charged me for 2 bags: 1 regular and 1 upgraded one. I immediately phoned the toll free number and was told to phone back on a non-toll free line the next business day. i did to try to correct the error but they said the bag had already shipped. That is a lie. They said once i received the two bags, to send one back and i would be credited, although not for the return shipping. when the bags arrived, they were identical (i.e., no upgraded leather). I sent one back with a leather demanding a refund of the upgraded bag but they only credited the cheaper bag and refused to credit any shipping costs even though it was their deceptive ordering instructions that caused the error. DO NOT PATRONIZE SHADY BUSINESSES LIKE THIS!

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