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I've been a premium Busuu user for a year. On january 25th (about 10 days ago), they wrote me an e-mail announcing that my yearly membership would've been renewed.

Since I don't use the website anymore, I opened my account only to CANCEL my membership in my account settings in order not to be re-billed again.

However, THEY STILL RE-BILLED ME, and ON A DIFFERENT DAY than the one scheduled (I still have the e-mail they sent me). They completely ignored the fact I canceled my membership some days earlier. Funnily enough, my "status" on Busuu still reads "free" (because I canceled my account before), even if they took my money again.

Now, I'll try to figure out how to proceed to get my money back (yearly membership, costed me 90 swiss francs). And also, how can I effectively cancel my membership, in order not to get re-billed one more time a year from now.

If they don't refund me, I'll spread the word as much as I can and advise people not to give their credit card numbers to this website. 'Cause they'll just get re-billed over and over again.

Two attached files: one shows how my status on Busuu still reads "free", the other one is simply the e-mail they sent me, announcing my membership would've been renewed on january 31 (but instead, they billed me today, february 3).

I'll let everybody know how this thing ends, but for now, it looks like a clear scam. I canceled my membership and they still re-billed me and made me a member again against my will.

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    They actually really refunded me, and they did so super quick. Not sure if this post helped or not. But in any case, I'd like it to be removed...appearently, it was just a mistake, and is not a fraud unlike I was saying.

Feb 03, 2016
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      Feb 03, 2016

    I'm now having an e-mail exchange with their customer service. It appears they will refund me after all. Let's see what actually happens.

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