I signed up for a premium membership. I tried the site out for a couple days and not displeased with the site, I wasn't really thrilled with it and had decided to cancel. In the timeframe from my signing up with and the date of my cancellation, Busuu agrees to refund you your initial payment fee. I had trouble navigating the site to a cancelation tool, furthermore a cancelation toolbar that included the refund. SO what did I do? I wrote Busuu to inform them that I wished to cancel my membership and be awarded my refund. Their response, and I'm paraphrasing; "Sure thing sir, we will absolutely cancel, and you will receive your refund, please keep us in mind for all your future language learning needs!" They gave me my refund and I figured; 'Ok, case closed'

Great, No problem!
WRONG! continued to bill me for three months! Sure, I guess I should have payed MUCH closer attention to my online banking before I found out that they were billing me for three months instead of nipping it in the bud after the first charge. But thats just the point, they should have never charged me.

So I wrote them, explained the situation and it fell on deaf ears. "Sorry pal, I guess you didn't read the fine print" Paraphrasing again.
I supposed I didn't cancel the correct way? I mean they understood the first time when they refunded me.

Don't waste your time with this site. Seems like they'll do anything to keep your money, even if it means ripping you off! Get rosetta stone, pay once, get what you pay for. If you have a problem with their software, Im sure they stand behind it. Not pick dollars out of your back pocket after you tell them you don't want their service anymore.

Apr 14, 2015

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