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Burn Gym Mohali Experience

My Burn Gym Mohali Membership Experience

Burn Gym Mohali Membership: Easy to Get, Difficult to Handle.

Been some time since I have been going to the Burn Gym Mohali, & the experience has not been what I or most people might have expected. The things promised were never delivered and asking for them made you feel like you were begging for something you had paid a year’s advance.

This is just my personal opinion, and I am writing out of sheer frustration and if you are already a member and stumble across it, you will agree with most of the things I am going to write.

Here are the reasons I joined this gym for:
Proximity: There were other gyms nearby, but this seemed a better option.
Newly Built: Since it was newly built, the equipment was brand new, the staff seemed enthusiastic too.
Fees: According to the space and equipment being provided, the fee seemed reasonable back then.
Nothing else I can think of

After a few months, I came face to face with the bitter truth. It was a bad decision, but once you have shelled out close to 15, 000 bucks, what else can you do besides sticking around. This is what I think of the Burn Gym Mohali now.

The gym is being managed either by IDIOTS or Over smart people or a mix of both. So why would I say that? Visit the gym today, Visit it a week or two after… you’ll notice that all machines have been moved from their previous locations. Dumbbell racks have been placed in the north corner instead of south or east of the gym. Now what I fail to understand is what these ###s are trying to accomplish by doing this.
The space is same, but stuffing in more people and trying to change the location of weights or racks is just a way to fool themselves or prospective members by creating an illusion of openness.

It’s about time the Burn Gym Management stops filling in more members and starts taking care of the ones present.

Spotter and Trainers Training in Gym Hours. What can be more irritating than this one?? You paid for exercising there, & the people who are supposed to be guiding you or training you are busy training themselves, while you wait for your turn… I mean what the hell is happening here? Now the management can plead ignorance in this case, but what about the CCTV cameras that have been placed in all corners of the gym. A person has to be DUMB or BLIND if he is unable to recognize who is using the machines, Members or his STAFF. Also, the service staff loves to make the dust fly with their brooms when members are around. The noise of vacuum cleaner & lousy punjabi songs add to my gymming experience.

The place literally stinks!!! Get on a treadmill, the member next to you is stinking, you can smell it coz the treadmills have been cramped together. The washrooms (so called Spa) stink as well. & sometimes they spray cheap room fresheners which cause sore throat and leave a bad taste in mouth instead of countering the stink..

The equipment has started showing signs of age because of all the WEEKLY SHIFTNG. Barbells are bent in the center and can harm a person more than doing good. Most Dumbbells are loose, & no one bothers to tighten the bolts.

I don’t think writing anymore is going to change anything, so I would prefer to put a full-stop here. I hope someone from Burn Gym Mohali reads this and actually does something about it than conspiring to make the lives of existing members miserable by adding on more members to their TINY gym.
They might get new members, but focus should be on retaining the present members by providing them quality services instead of fooling them with stupid marketing gimmicks. If no one is approaching the management, it doesn't mean they are satisfied, it means they have lost faith in you guys and they know they won't be offered a genuine solution.

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  • Zz
      18th of Apr, 2012

    Rightly said .. i thought i was d only one who felt this :D

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  • Bl
      30th of Apr, 2012

    I totally agree.. this has been the worst gymming experience ever ... No one should ever join this Gym...!!!

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  • Ha
      1st of Jun, 2013

    I agree with you all guys please if you don't mind can y send me your email I'd so that I can contact you all and write a big complaint to iso certification guys who issued then certification to this gyn dear my email is .

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  • Ge
      12th of Apr, 2014

    I agree on same.

    I took annual membership last July. ...went for 3 months...n I got transfered in my company, so 26 sept was my last day of gym there.

    I was told by then centre manager Kuldeep (I guess was his name)...that my membership has been freezed till I join again or I find a member whom I can transfer my membership.

    Today on 12 Apr I'm getting a callcall that my membership is active since then and only few more months left and they were asking me my feedback of my experience there.

    I asked them that whether they have cchecked mymy last day of visit before calling me for my feedback. They were mum.

    Then I told them my situation n they sasaid that this is not the case and previous centre head n manager have been fired as they cheated many people.


    I asked where and I at fault onon this cheat.

    They have no answers.


    Called the regional manager on this...The was also least concerned to listen and said he will check my issue but he didn't ask me my name or any record...II dnt knw what Iis he going to check...?

    Some Mr. Chauhan is regional head there.

    Regarding gym issues...always cramped with ppl...long long
    queues. ...

    Trainers more interested in making more money by making personal trainers. ...n if members not taking personal trainers thenthen they hardly help members.

    My contact I'd is [protected]


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  • Sh
      10th of Jul, 2017

    I totally agre to whatever has been said. All that these Burn Gym people want to do is cheat people. They keep forcing us for personal training and the day we refuse to take it. every trainer will be asked to step aside and they will refuse to assist. I have a membership at Burn Gym Sector 8 and these fools do not know how to treat customers. The customer service is poor. Especially the so called Lady Manager, Gaganika Kapoor. No manners, etiquette to talk to members. No wonders people abuse them and shout when they get saturated with unethical and immoral behaviour. All these stupid people want to do is mint money. The worst Gym. Better not be a member here if you value your money and time.

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  • Ja
      5th of Sep, 2018
    Burn Gym & Spa - burn gym, vip road, zirakpur

    xellnt facilities but studio for fitness classes is running out of space...kindly construct a bigger one asap...

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  • Ba
      19th of Sep, 2018
    Burn Gym & Spa - Vry careless about work

    The trainers are very careless...vry unprofessional...the counsellor of burn gym is un tolerable...
    Vry bad exerience...

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